Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 172 The Problem of Wine

"Xiao Langjun, I'm back, and this time I got three masters of winemaking from the outside, this is Master Wang, this is Master Ma, and this is Master Sun.. They all make wine with Hu, and they will make A few different wines. "

A few days later, the housekeeper brought the person and said it was retrieved, but it was actually bought back. If it was n’t bought, it was n’t a deed, Yang Heng would n’t want to use them. This housekeeper knew Yang Heng's idea, and all do it according to his ideas.

Yang Heng doesn't pay too much attention to the confidentiality of technology. It is necessary to allow these technologies to help him, especially Li Er's favor, which can be discussed, which is even better. Therefore, once new technology is available, it must be Keep it secret first, and when the benefits you need are enough, slowly spread out.

"Also, Xiaolangjun, do you want to bring the wine here, or where?" "Just get here." "Well, guys, hurry up and bring those wines up Slower, but do n’t break the jar. ”The steward scolded the housekeeper and brought in the wine.

"Xiao Langjun, look, this is the wine you want, but there are too many types of wine outside, I only buy you a few kinds of drinks with representative surnames, you see, this is Sanle pulp."

Sanle pulp. This is Sanle pulp. Yang Heng was a little excited. Although he went to the restaurant many times, he didn't drink any Sanle pulp.

"Xiaolangjun, this Sanle pulp is a very rare kind of good wine. It is a sweet wine. Naturally, you can't compare the kind of wine you make, but this Sanle pulp is also the best of our Datang. A good wine. It is said that this wine comes from Persia, but now we can also grow three kinds of fruits to make this kind of wine. Because these three kinds of fruit all have a Le character, this is called San Le Jiang. "Sure enough, after a long experience, Yang Heng always thought that what kind of low-degree spicy wine is San Le Jiang, the result turned out to be fruit wine .

"Is it just these three kinds of fruits?" "How can it? Of course, there are still certain steps, and you have to marry people to get ** in order to make Sanle pulp."

Oh, I see. Yang Heng nodded and thought to himself that this is actually a kind of fruit wine.

"Also, this is the wine of Xiaolang Junte's famous place. These wines are fine wines from Gaochang. It is said that only Gaochang has grapes." Well, in a word, it made Yang Hengxi want to brew. The thoughts of wine, among these wines, only the wine can be made by the simplest method, but now with these wine-making masters, it is still possible to make some wine songs.

"Well, housekeeper, write it down and let the merchants who go to the Western Regions pay attention and bring back a few grape branches before the spring of next year." You wouldn't say grapes. "" It's grape branches. I want to grow grapes. "

"Shh, Xiaolangjun, forbid." The steward told Yang Heng not to say anything, but turned around and looked around. "Fortunately, there is no one outside, Xiaolangjun said everything Very important thing, Xiao Langjun can use grape branches to grow grapes. It is really the star king in the sky who descends from the heaven. The king ’s fairy art cannot let others listen to it. "Look at his meaning, even right The princess was guarded.

"Okay, I've written it down. Since I want to get it back, I'll get some more grape branches, Gaochang grape branches two camels." The steward said as he recorded.

"How can you explain the need for grape sticks? Ah, if you have it, Xiao Langjun needs grape sticks for wood burning, and you can make a dessert with grape flavor." Well, the housekeeper was so considerate, he even took this All these excuses have been figured out. However, this explanation is very reasonable. Now many people in Changan know that Yang Heng likes to make some bizarre dim sum, so it is also appropriate to use grape branches as firewood for dim sum.

"There is this kind of wine, Lihuachun wine." "Ah, is Lihuachun wine, is it made of pear flower?" Yang Heng exclaimed, as if he had heard of a kind of wine called Baihuashu. Is it now? There is wine made with flowers. Oh wrong, Baihua Brew is the wine in mythology, but there are still some flowers in the future with flowers and food, such as peach blossom wine, Baihua wine.

"No, no, Xiaolangjun, you didn't understand that this pear flower spring wine has nothing to do with pear flower, but just said that the wine was named after the pear flower was ripe."

Oh, it turns out that it is related to the season, Yang Heng is a little disappointed.

"And this, the cave wine, the next, pomegranate wine, bamboo leaf wine." The housekeeper reported a lot of wine, and Yang Heng did not mention it.

"Xiaolangjun, this pomegranate wine is a fruit wine." Yeah, Yang Heng's meaning was seen by the housekeeper. He can understand that Yang Heng needs a fruit wine, otherwise he won't talk about any wine alone. One wine, pomegranate wine, is the last fruit wine, and the ingredients are also very easy to find.

However, Yang Heng didn't like it. Why, he didn't know how to make this fruit wine, ah, by the way, wasn't there a master of winemaking?

Maybe someone said, is n’t Yang Heng making wine? What kind of wine is that, but it is a wine made by distilling some inferior wines on the market after some distillation. Careful people noticed this.

"Yang Heng, our uncle, is a bit inauthentic. He bought so many inferior wines for what to do, but I haven't heard that he drinks alcohol for his followers. It won't be this kind of bar for uncles. It seems, There is no transport of distiller's grains in their home. "First, Li Er first discovered the problem." Come, tell me about Yang Heng's wine making. "

"This boy, he won't be a bar made with this inferior wine. You guys, give me a good study. You must study how to make these wines strong and clear, just like water. That ’s the real water wine. ”Well, a few old drunkards are also pushing some winemakers at home to improve those inferior wines, but can they improve them, maybe they can, who knows Yet.

"Xiao Langjun, you call us." The three winemakers have long been cleared by the housekeeper, so they followed Xiao Langjun.

"Yes, the three of you, talk about your own skills." "My surname is Wang, who will make grain and wine. It can be said that I will make most of the grain and wine on the market." Yes, this is a talent, After that, Liquor made him come, "Yes, young people don't make wine songs, it seems that Master Sun will make wine songs."

"Yes, Xiao Langjun, as Master Wang said, I will make wine songs," Master Sun said very little, just said such a sentence, and will not say more.

"Master Na, how about you?" "Oh, I only make some fruit wine, but I don't make sanle pulp or wine, I just make some common fruit liqueur."

Master Ma was a little embarrassed, and even the other two felt a little disdainful of him. "Okay, I don't have any fruit wine." Yang Heng took a photo **, this one became, this white wine, fruit wine, once the grape branches are brought back, if the grapes are grown earlier, then the wine is also Yes, isn't it all?

"Xiao Langjun, you really need to make fruit wine, but the small fruit wine is not too delicious, and some still have some sour taste." "That's not better. By the way, make some fruit vinegar. "" What, fruit can be vinegar? "Everyone was a little surprised, this is the first time I heard it.

At first glance, Yang Heng saw that these people came from ordinary people. At most, they have made wine in some small businesses. They haven't seen some things, but it doesn't matter. In the future, they came to their two knife skills. , Plus Yang Heng's memory of the two knives, that is the result of four knives, only better, but not the best.

"Okay, you all go down, you are all ready. Next, we may start with winemaking, butler. You go to prepare some necessary food, and some fruits are also collected. This is the right time." (To be continued.)