Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 174 The First Water Well

The housekeeper is digging the well, and Yang Heng has also begun his construction work. .

The work of digging a well is very simple. First of all, a place with a diameter of about four feet is dug out. When the depth reaches seven or eight feet, Yang Heng's special cement pipe will be put down. This cement pipe has four feet. The diameter, now Yang Heng made these things feel better, more than three feet in height, in order to be strong, Yang Heng also specially thickened the thickness of this cement pipe, a full three inches thick, once the cement pipe started After entering, there is a small one who can dig in the cement pipe. Someone on the top pulls the excavated soil with a basket head. For the safety of the person who digs the well below, he also wears a bamboo weaving safety. In this way, even if the basket head falls down and hits the head, there is not much to do. Even, Yang Heng also set a few copper nails that can hang things around the cement pipe wall. When the excavation reaches a certain level, Height, you can also hang a few ropes on the copper nails, and leave only a mouth that can make the basket head up and down, so that the basket head will fall down with the soil full of the basket head, and it will not affect the people below damage.

The person pulling the rope on it is not directly pulled by hand. Yang Heng has designed a large hoe, which requires the cooperation of several people to dig the well. There is naturally a cement pipe falling down from the basket. After the person below digs out, the cement pipe will fall due to its own weight. If it falls to a certain depth, a section of cement pipe will be added. Unless there is an overall collapse, there will be no danger. For the lighting below the well, Yang Heng uses the reflection of several copper mirrors to light, so that nothing will happen because of the burning fire. The phenomenon of drying up the oxygen occurred, and in order to ensure that the oxygen is sufficient below, a small oil lamp needs to be lit. Once the lamp goes out naturally, people will quickly sit in a special basket to pull it up. , And then inflate or inflate until the environment is suitable for the next person, and will dig again.

If there are accidents under such tight protection, it can only be said that the will is so.

What about Yang Heng? What does he need to prepare? What he needs to prepare is to build a wellhead for pressurized water wells, and some water pipes. This wellhead is easy to make, but the water pipe is difficult to make. The wellhead only needs to be made of sand molds. After pouring the molten iron, it can be made. After it is finished, let some people perform fine polishing. As soon as the wellhead comes out, some joints are constructed because Yang Heng has already made copper bolts and copper nuts. There is also a mold, it is easy to make a part of steel bolts and nuts, but it needs to be quenched.

The piston inside the wellhead requires rubber products. There is no need to handle it. Naturally, it is made of some felt. This is why Yang Heng has polished the inside of the wellhead to be very smooth. This grinding is divided. Many steps, first rough polishing, then play polishing, and finally fine polishing with sackcloth, but a lot of sackcloth is wasted, and most people can't afford it.

But the most difficult thing is the production of the suction pipe. What should be used as the suction pipe? Yang Heng considered bamboo poles. However, if the bamboo poles are used for a long time, they will rot, and the joints are difficult to seal, or made of animal skin. The glue is used to connect. The water pipe produced by this can be OK, but it is too soft and is not suitable as a suction pipe, that is, a water pipe, and it is not suitable for use. The cost is too high.

In the end, Yang Heng decided to use an iron pipe as a suction pipe, apply a layer of glue on the inside and outside to prevent rust, and prevent leakage, or even connect. However, this connection method is a bit complicated. The cement pipe, as well as the cement pipe that has not entered, need to be drilled on it to fix the iron water pipe. The fixation is also fixed with copper nails and copper wires so that it will not rust.

Finally, when the well started to produce water, all the configuration of the pressure well was completed.

Some people say, why do n’t you use a hoe to lift water, but use a hydraulic press? There is a reason here. After the water level in the well is too deep, a problem of how to pump water upwards. Yes, if the bucket can be brought up to keep up with the well, the well will not be of much use. Not to mention a major drought, there will be no water in a small drought, but these five-inch diameter pipes, as well as large-caliber The water press is used by several strong laborers to press the water together. The following introduces the large amount of water and can be dug deeper, but the setting of this water pipe still wastes a lot of energy of Yang Heng. Before the well is not dug, it is not It is possible to fix the water pipe on the wall of the well, only by using other methods first, and the top of the well with pressurized water rises and falls together with the water pipe. In this way, there are many more safety devices in the downhole facilities, and even digging The man in the well still needs to swim, at least he has to be able to swim. Otherwise, once a large amount of spring water comes, it will be soaked in water and then slowly pulled up by the person above.

"The water is coming out," the observing man shouted loudly, really thinking what came and what happened, when there were nearly fifteen knots of pipes, a very powerful water source appeared, and the people under the well soon I got stuck in the well, and I did n’t want to float up so fast. Fortunately, Yang Heng had already prepared, "Fast, hurry up, pull the rope, pull the rope in his waist." At this time, there is no other way, pull another The rope did not know if he had caught it. He could only pull the emergency rope in his waist. This rope was tied in the waist and tied around the chest. Then the rope would be about half a foot below his neck. The place where the force is pulled up, this pull method, he will not buckle in the well, and will not be damaged.

"Ah ..., I'm strangling me." Finally, a shout came from the well. It seemed he was out of the water. "Pull, pull on, it seems he has nothing to do, come and prepare ginger. Soup, and some clothes and quilts. "Why do you prepare these? Under the well, although the temperature is not very high, it can also have a dozen degrees or nearly 20 degrees. Once it appears on the top, it is below minus In the state of more than 20 degrees, if someone dies due to a well digging, Yang Heng will definitely regret it forever. This well is actually digable but not digging. It is to direct water from the outside river, and the speed will be fast, and It ’s safe and wo n’t waste so much money. The idea of ​​Yang Heng digging this well is that no mineral water quality suitable for winemaking will be dug up. You must know that in this era, some natural Nothing was damaged, and the possibility of digging out mineral water may be very large, and Yang Heng has also observed the surrounding mountains. Looking at the direction of the mountains, there must be water passing through the mountains below. Although the water is not mineral water, and that water is the river can not be compared.

Sure enough, in the case of water flowing from a well, this is the water from the mountains, dug in the veins.

Sure enough, "I'm below, I can't start digging anymore, and there are some sounds. It seems to have encountered a stone, so I tried so hard, I felt that a piece of stone was loose, it seems that this is the waterline. Then, the water burst out and I was drowned. Fortunately, I would scoop water, otherwise this life would be gone ... "

The man digging the well was surrounded by a quilt, roasting on fire, blowing a cow, and surrounded by a group of people, listening to him bragging.

"Okay, don't chat, let people rest for a while, and you have to finish things quickly." The housekeeper started to pour cold water, so the people broke up.

At this point, the water level had been fixed at the position of six pipes from the wellhead, but only slightly lower than the distant river surface.

"You guys, put this water press together, and the pipes, too. This place won't be used." Why do you want to put it away, this is a water pipe designed for well drilling. It is much smaller than the wellhead. The diameter of the pipe is directly reduced to about one and a half to two inches, and the wellhead is only as thick as the previous water pipe. In this way, one person can pressurize the water. This speed can be compared with It is much faster to lift water with a sampan. Similarly, the pipeline Yang Heng did not set it not far below the water surface, but let people dive into the well, and fixed it to the well wall several times before it was considered complete. (To be continued.)