Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 175 Millennium Brewing

"Good water .." Although some people fixed the water pipe or something, but Yang Heng couldn't help taking a spoonful of water to drink two sips, and felt that the water was very sweet, and I had the best drink in the past life. Like mineral water, at this time Datang did not have any equipment to test the quality of these waters, but with this taste and clarity, Yang Heng believes that even if it is not mineral water, it is almost lacking.

"Butler, you now arrange for someone to seal the wellhead with a wooden board first, then press it with a heavy object, and then build a tent on it. You have to supervise to make a concrete well platform, and then find a blacksmith to cover it directly. Use a lock to prevent any children from falling into the well. "Nothing else is considered. This safety is the first consideration. Everyone knows that there is good water here and will definitely come to watch it. Yang Heng can't arrange it here. The staff on duty, so use this stupid method, you can see the water can be used to kill the well, but will not let you see the well directly, once someone falls into the well is not a fun thing.

Now that there is water, and the water quality is not bad, then winemaking is about to begin, and it is now almost the end of the year. If you can catch up, you may drink the new wine for the new millennium.

Although it is said that Millennium Brew has already been named, but this distillery has not yet been officially listed, Yang Heng wants to have a celebrity officially list, but think again, what other celebrities are you looking for? There are two around you, one is Her daughter-in-law, Princess Changle, and the other is Princess Yuzhang, who came to have dinner. Since Changle married Yang Heng's family, not only did Changle not go to Princess House for a long time, even Yuzhang rarely returned. The palace is playing in Yang Heng's home. And what about the Yang Heng family? Just one word. Noisy, very lively.

It's really time to make wine. Yang Heng really doesn't know how to start, so he has two preparations. One is to prepare some of the cheapest wines commonly available on the market. This is intended to be used for steaming wine. And, It is to have several winemakers together to study how to ferment sorghum. What solid-state fermentation, semi-cooked fermentation, and fully-fermented fermentation are all used well, which one is good to use, and which one is to be used, depends on the next generation of passers-by, and it is impossible to make a fermentation to produce wine, isn't that a joke.

The raw material used by Yang Heng is sorghum, which is red sorghum. However, he does not make red wine. I just chose this food. In fact, Yang Heng most wanted to use sweet potato dried wine, but there is nothing like sweet potatoes here. Fortunately, in recent years, the climate of Datang has been pleasant, plus The plagiarism plow plucked by Yang Heng, the waterwheel in Taiyuan, etc., will prevent Datang from being affected by drought in the dry years. Families without livestock can also use people to plow the land. In this way, the basic annual food The output is still considerable, but this is the case, and another thing has happened, that is, the valley is hurting the farmer. In fact, this is also a matter of no means. No matter whether it is an economic law or a natural law, there will be a mechanism for elimination.

However, no matter whether it is economic law or natural law, people can intervene, just like drought. After Yang Heng's intervention, the people have gained a lot of benefits and suffered very little loss. However, this reputation is Li Er, because Yang Heng has given Li Er both the waterwheel and the plough.

Well, this valley hurts farmers. Naturally, people can also intervene, that is, what Yang Heng is doing now, making wine, brewing good wine, good wine is sold in the country, and some inferior spirits can be put on the grassland. Go up. In this way, you can let the Turks and other people have alcohol and drink, and you can get a lot of things from them, what kind of animals, fur, etc. The most important reason is to use wine to consume their fighting spirit.

Although Yang Heng couldn't take one step to look at three steps, thinking about the ability of five steps, but he took one step, that was a very stable step. This step would have no effect on the future, but it was impossible to understand this step. As it turns out, if Yang Heng didn't dare to gamble in his previous life, at this time, he still focused on gambling, but he wouldn't use his life to gamble.

"The owner, Xiao Langjun, it has become, it has become, all three methods have become." Master Wang hurried over, all of them incoherent, yeah, this is the brewing method they studied independently, previously It's never been done this way. Besides, they don't know some good brewing methods, and naturally they can't be compared with other brewing methods. However, they feel that these three methods are all very good and their tastes are all good. Not bad.

To be honest, Yang Heng really didn't know wine very well, so naturally he couldn't describe the wine. What was so warm and cold as frost had nothing to do with him.

"These three methods are all good, but now we can only choose one and choose this fully cooked fermentation method. The other two methods, housekeeper, you record the production process and use it as our technical reserve. "Okay, Xiaolangjun." Although I do n’t know what a technical reserve is, the housekeeper can still understand Yang Heng's meaning. Now, only one method is used to make wine, while the other two methods are not used, just It's not used now, but it will be used later.

"You all remember, after you go out, keep your mouth shut, don't say anything, this is the secret of the Lord's house. After that, you will all come to me to receive your reward." The steward faced this Said three winemakers.

"Xie Xiaolangjun, Xie steward." This reward and punishment system was formulated by Yang Heng. He would not easily say the prize. Any rewards are managed by the steward. If he really falls into the eyes of Yang Heng, maybe Yang Heng will say If the reward comes, then the person will receive double rewards. Even the little mother and others can reward the subordinates, but this is a separate reward, and it has nothing to do with the housekeeper's reward.

"Butler, immediately organize people to start work. There is still more than half a month before the New Year. I calculate that this wine can be drunk just a year ago. Although it is not well stored in the cellar, it will be stronger than what we steamed before. Many, have you ever tasted it? There is a sorghum fragrance in this wine. "

Although nothing is added to it, since it has the scent of sorghum, it is also good. Even the wine can be called millennium sorghum. Naturally, this is an accidental gain of Yang Heng. In his mind, this The wine is spicy. Why is there any other flavor? The so-called flavor is made by adding things such as medicinal materials, but this sorghum fragrance, at first, Yang Heng thought it was broken. Well, after drinking it, don't have a flavor, it feels good, I don't know what the result is after distillation.

"Xiao Langjun, what do we do with our fruits, but I take back a lot of them." The housekeeper scratched his head a bit, Yang Heng did not mention any fruit wine, but those fruits will break if left for a long time.

"Let's go, let's see," Yang Hengyi thought, too. He once asked the housekeeper to buy some fruits, and even the fruits bought at a high price.

"This, this, Xiao Langjun, how can this happen, it's rotten, rotten." Looking at the fruit in front of me, the steward felt like crying and tears. This is what it is, it has a taste, some The fruit apparently started to rot.

"What's this smell? It's so fragrant." Suddenly, Yang Heng smelled a taste, looking for the source from the inside of the fruit. What kind of taste was it, with some wine aroma and some fruity aroma.

"Ha, yes, maybe this is the principle of Hou Er Jiu. Quickly, call Master Ma and see if these can make fruit wine." Looking at the housekeeper still crying.

"Well, housekeeper, don't look like that. These are because I forgot and don't blame you. Besides, maybe these fruits can still be used." "Xiao Langjun, it's my fault, I know you are busy, I I should remind you earlier, or take Master Ma to see how to deal with this. "" Okay, don't talk anymore, I told you that this has nothing to do with you, besides, isn't it just such a fruit? Yes, really. "Yang Heng didn't know, but the housekeeper still had this aspect, and he kept talking about things. Actually, this is Yang Heng who blame the housekeeper. These fruits are nothing in Yang Heng's eyes. In the eyes of the steward, that ’s a lot of money. He ca n’t afford it all his life. In fact, it ’s because he thinks wrong. Yang Heng wo n’t treat his own people. Will look at these fruits. . )