Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 178 Annual Ceremony

"Boy, you don't look good enough in front of the old man, even drinking is not enough. The old man is gone, and he is very happy. Next time, I will go to the old man's house to drink."

"General Cheng Lao, slow down, slow down, you, you have to take care of your general. If you do not say a word, this palace will send a court guard to send General Cheng Lao."

Changle instructed Cheng's fairy guards to be humane, but where the court guards came from, it was naturally Changle's guards. She left a princess house in the city, and lived in the countryside, naturally guarding her guards. The guards with the guard Yu Zhang also came to the countryside. At first these guards were not happy. What kind of life is there in the countryside, but for a long time, they just like the life in the countryside. Although the guarding princess cannot come near, Neither Changle nor Yuzhang like people to follow them, but they are treated well, some eat, some play, some drink, from time to time they will drink some of the new wine made by Yang Heng ’s family. There are some strange foods. Instead, they don't want to go back to the city.

Why is Changle coming out to give it away, Yang Heng is drunk at home at this time, "Brother Heng, you can get up, the old fairies are gone." "I said brother, you just drunk the old man directly It became, what pretend to be drunk, why do you say that he won? Obviously, Yu Zhang sighed in disapproval.

"Let's make it good. If he comes to challenge me every day, what time do I have to make new things, where can you get fun, delicious, and delicious?"

"Oh, yes, brother-in-law thinks more, brother-in-law, but you can say a lot, you have to make a lot of drinks, just like this thousand-year-old fruit scent drunk, oh, how can I feel dizzy." After talking, it softened. Going down, she originally drank red wine and felt delicious. Now that the stamina comes, she is drunk. "Come, help the princess to rest. Naturally, Yu Zhang also has a maid."

"Brother Heng, this is, the princess is drunk, and it won't work. I will go back to rest, Shi Jian, help me go back to rest, but don't be ugly again." The young lady looked drunk at Yu Zhang So quickly let Shi Jian help him away.

"Well," Yang Heng shook his head helplessly, and told you before drinking, this sweet wine, that is also wine, it will be intoxicating if you drink too much, if it is distilled, isn't it even more intoxicating? .

Changle listened to Yang Heng very much. He did n’t dare to drink, and he was always persuading Cheng Fairy at the wine table. "General Cheng, you talk about why you would rather kill a group of enemies than kill a group of pigs. What? ”She was still wondering what Cheng said before the Fairy, wondering, is n’t this person more dangerous? Why are these pigs dangerous and not wild boars? By the way, does this old general Cheng say that wild boars are unsuccessful? , Of course, pigs are even more powerful.

"Princess, let me tell you, this pig, the husband is not talking about wild boars, but domestic pigs. In fact, domestic pigs are also domesticated from wild boars. They also carry wild names. You are wondering why the old husband would be afraid of pigs. Well, ah, shit, what are you afraid of pigs? The husband said that this group of pigs is more powerful than a group of people. You see, if a group of pigs came over and you went up and chopped it, it would be scared and rampant. Maybe if you do n’t pay attention, you will be knocked down by the pig and trampled to death by the pig, but the person is different. If you are very good, kill two if you are not afraid, kill two if you are not afraid, but kill three Four, or even ten, dozens of them, they are naturally scared, so they will spread, saying that the other party has come to a god, run away, so when you go, they Just dodge, and then you can kill unscrupulously, what, rebellion, their fighting spirit is gone and you know how to fight. If this is the case, you really do n’t know how to fight, then it is not a victory. One side lost, but a fierce victory and a fiasco, its Both sides regarded as lost. "

"Oh, I see, that is to say, only one side is great, the other side will definitely lose, as long as the winning side is not tired." "Yes, but will there be people who are not tired, today I know, your Lang Jun is such a person. Not only is he strong, but he is also very demon. This is what makes the husband suffer. Ah, what is the disadvantage? It is the husband who lets him. I am afraid that the princess will have trouble finding the husband. People are afraid of death. The soldiers trained by you, the demon Lang Jun, are not afraid of death. If you put them on the battlefield, they can be regarded as ten, that is, their heads will fall, and they will kill another person. The old man had to admire, even the old fairy Li had to admire it. "This old Li fairy naturally refers to Li Jing. You must know that these early Tang veterans can admire Li Er, Li Jing, and Li Ji. Three people, if you are brave, then you can turn on this old fairy. Naturally, he still can't rank first. Although he is very famous, Qin Qiong and Qin Shubao are in front of him. Wei Chi, then Cheng old fairy.

It was with so many explanations that Changle would go out to send the old fairies. "Lang Jun, you're awake, why don't you sleep a little longer." This, it's too greasy, the sound is so sweet that there are three or five plus signs.

Yang Heng was a little uncomfortable. "Changle, what happened to you, did you have a fever?" After speaking, Yang Heng touched Changle's forehead. "Go, you've drunk too much, Lang Jun, you are so powerful, why don't you tell me?" Well, you're rich, right, why are there little stars in my eyes. Do I drink such a little wine? No return of ancestors, no hair on this body. "Lang Jun, what are you looking at?" "Look, I'm seeing if I have returned to the ancestor and turned into a monkey. How can you see an orangutan in your eyes?" Yang Hengdiao laughed, at this point he already knew, After listening to Xiaoniang's message, Changle was explained by the old fairy that he had worshipped Yang Heng to the bottom of his heart, and even had the possibility of surpassing the second grandson of Li Er, whether this was good or bad.

"Well, Changle, this New Year is coming. I wonder if you are going back to the city, or in the countryside, and about the annual gift." Yang Heng started to be serious, this year's gift is to be given, and given There are many people, Li Er is the first choice, Cheng Lao Fairy is avoided. He took away a car of wine, but it was so noisy, there are several wines that also need to be sent to a car, Wei Chi, Li Jing, and Chai Shao Naturally, Qin Shubao has not dealt with it, but Yang Heng can't let him go. This etiquette cannot be dropped. For the generals, these are enough. Others, let ’s visit him. Li Ji is very powerful. However, Yang Heng doesn't have to be a bird.

"Well, the father's gift butler is ready, there is a cart of new wine, and a cart of new wine for the mother-in-law, and a cart for her concubine, and a few pounds of tea, as usual, only In the supply palace, there is also General Yu Chi, but this is okay, other generals will not have an opinion. "

"No, the other generals don't know that this tea is from our house, and let His Majesty give them. That's very useful for His Majesty." Yang Heng didn't really care about the money, so this The scale of tea has not been expanded, but it has been supplied to the palace, and Yu Chi, and it will be consumed a little at home, but neither the uncles nor the fathers and mothers at home will take this tea out. In this way, the tea has never been passed out.

"Okay, I'll listen to you, but Lang Jun, you said you wouldn't give a gift to your elder brother, do you say that's right or not?" We will not deal with your second brother, third brother, etc., but your sisters have a good time. You can give them some gifts. "

"Hey, I really haven't thought of my sisters. They are good with Yu Zhang. Yu Zhang is here every day. Do you want to give her a gift?" "Hey, just like the younger mother, they are all my sisters, can't It ’s partial. ”Although Yang Heng came through, but as a military general, do n’t associate with any prince or grandfather, besides, now that he is a horse, no one dares to treat him, please Li Er, and eldest grandson, that should be it.

As for the association with the minister, it is only with the old fairies, and some second-hand goods of the general's house, and the others are all on the side. (To be continued.)