Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 179 New Year's Eve Goes to Yang Heng's House

"This is a gift for you. It ’s just a car. I seem to hear that other generals are also a car. I just ca n’t do the same thing as the old killers." Then, I did n’t expect the gift to be in trouble.

"Your Majesty, you have tea in this car gift, and some other things." "That is also a car, anyway, I am not happy." "Erlang, there is a car there, and her sisters. The horse did not forget it, it was also a car, and he was waiting for him to divide it. He left first. "The grandson originally wanted to tell something, but Li Er quietly gave her a wink and immediately grandson She changed her mouth and went to give gifts to her concubine. Whatever the gift, Yang Heng and Changle had already given the gift. If you go to the palace to divide the gift, that would be too much.

"Quer, go with your mother, and your mother has something to ask you." The grandson was very bad at this time, and even took away Yang Heng's only help. Similarly, Yu Zhang was called away.

"Let's talk about it, do you have any opinions about Xun?" Li Er looked at Yang Heng with a smile, this, does this look like a father-in-law, the whole old fox.

"Your Majesty, the minister is afraid, the minister is afraid, the minister really does not have an opinion on your majesty, and the minister does not have any opinion on your majesty. His majesty does not know yet. It is used by His Majesty to reward the Minister, and the other part is His Majesty's own or someone in the palace to drink. This is not the same. "I'm afraid, but there are really two kinds of wine, one is The white wine distilled from the wine on the market, the other is the wine brewed by Yang Heng ’s own winery, and most of the brewed wines have been stored in the cellar, and some are intended to be unsealed after ten years. , While others are partly unsealed each year, and partly storied every year.

"Oh, tell me, if you are right, I will forgive your sins." Li Er also came to be interested. What millennial wine cellar was discovered earlier, but when he thought it was wrong, Yang Heng ’s winery Once it was built, no more millennia wine cellars were found, and then Yang Heng drilled a well in the winery. There was nothing to care about in the well. Similarly, when he thought that something was wrong, Others ’wells have also been sealed, and what kind of pressure wells were used. Ask someone to ask them. Yang Heng replied that this technique is quite troublesome. When he develops a new method, he will report it. Since Yang Heng said this, it proves that this thing is really troublesome.

But now he even said that there was something for himself to drink, but he couldn't let Yang Heng give Huyou any more.

"Your Majesty, do you know that a well was drilled some time ago?" "Know, what kind of pressure well is well, and you will not tell him what a pressure well is." "Your Majesty, this is really troublesome. If the minister is not looking for wine If the water source is good, I wo n’t spend all my time trying to drill this well, but fortunately, the water in this well does not live up to the hope of the minister, and the water that comes out is absolutely first-rate, and this has become one. Grow a good wine, the kind of wine that Chen brought you. This wine tastes good now. If you drink it for a few years, it will taste better. "


"Well, I finally passed by," Yang Heng rubbed the sweat on his forehead and thought in his heart that this emperor's father-in-law is really bad.

"Lang Jun, did the emperor embarrass you? I'll tell you, these concubines are happy to receive your gift, and even they each returned the gift. You see, this is Yang Yang's Yu Ruyi, this is the pearl necklace of Princess Yang, and this is Yin Yin's ... "

In order to please Yang Heng, Changle showed off the gifts from the concubines on the carriage as well, but these gifts are indeed good things, and Changle is not blessed. Although Changle does not care about these things, Who would hate too many good things?

"Okay, okay, I thought I gave something for free this time. It doesn't seem to be a free gift, and there is a gift. It is even more valuable than what we give. It seems that we should give gifts often."

"What, Lang Jun, how can you think so, those are our elders, and it is also appropriate to give some courtesies. In fact, I don't want them, but they are for me."

Changle said in a glance to Yang Heng, and at this glance, it was charming, making Yang Heng's whole body crisp, oh, it was too charming, I could n’t stand it, and then Yang Heng fell into Changle ’s arms. It ca n’t be used. It ’s okay to eat small tofu. “Lang Jun, Lang Jun, my sister is still there.”

"Ahem, that housekeeper, how to catch the car, so swaying, it shook me all over." Indeed, Yang Heng forgot that Yu Zhang was on the side. When he said this, Yu Zhang was also white. I glanced at him, "What ’s down, why haven't we fallen, you just want to take advantage of my sister, brother-in-law, don't you do this in front of me, I will also grow up. Be aware of the impact. "

"Big brother, big brother, we knew you would go from here, we're going to your house with you, welcome." What, these two goods are waiting for them outside, and depending on how they look, everyone also It was a carriage.

"What are you doing?" Yang Heng wondered. "No, is this Chinese New Year? Our brothers have been kicked out of the house. I wonder if the older brother will keep us?"

What came out was just to let them exchange feelings with Yang Heng. The old fairy of Cheng Lao must not be strict, and leaked Yang Heng's affairs, otherwise they would not be in the New Year. The goods were rushed to Yang Heng's home. "Go, go, but you have to pay for the food, otherwise I won't care."

"Bring it, take it, brother, haven't you seen that there is a car here?" Although they said they were very affectionate, there was still some fear in their eyes, which was brought to them by Yang Heng before training them. After-effects, they were not afraid of Yang Heng. After training, they agreed that Yang Heng was a devil in their hearts, and they did not want to see Yang Heng again. But this time, the old men did not know what they thought, and they took them again. I threw it to Yang Heng, and I couldn't even object to it. Oh, how bad my life is, how can I celebrate the New Year with such a devil.

"You are afraid of me?" "How can we, how can we be afraid of the big brother, but you are our dear big brother." "Well, okay, you all follow and walk and follow." Alas, one by one Er Erli jumped out of Malay and stood in a row, ready to run behind Yang Heng's carriage.

"Look, you still said you weren't afraid of me. I'm not your instructor anymore. Why do you look like you did during training?" "Hey, hey, isn't this a habit?" Everyone scratched their heads and said.

"Well, you guys are so fun." "Who is it, older sister?" "Who are your older sister?" "Ah, princess, it's not your older sister." "Why, you don't want to see me." Yuzhang wondered, who It's their eldest sister.

"Well, Yu Zhang sits inside, you will know who is the elder sister when you go back, and you guys, let's go on horses. Are you really going to follow the carriage?" Yang Heng said angrily. These people have nothing to go back to the New Year, but Yang Heng always feels like there is something in it.

In fact, those old guys have no bad intentions. These are their second sons. They ca n’t inherit the title. Naturally, they have to find a good position for them, but the position is easy, the backing is difficult, and Yang Heng is one of the most reliable. Backed up, although Yang Heng is still nothing, the horse is really not worth seeing in their eyes, but Yang Heng ’s future development is limitless, but the first place is that Yang Heng does not want to rebel, but no matter how they observe , Did not see Yang Heng's indifference.

The eyes of these old guys are very poisonous. What can a person have in mind, they can all see it at a glance, otherwise, they will not be mixed by the wind and water of Li Er's hands. They rest assured the reason why these two goods associate with Yang Heng. (To be continued.)