Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 182 Mulan's Military Play

"Hahahaha, hahahaha ..." There was a laughter all over the stage, why, there was a dark-faced old lady on the stage, wearing sackcloth, holding a walking stick, wrapping her head, trembling with a trembling waist After coming out, people you know can see at a glance that this is played by Wei Chi Ershi.

But why is Wei Chi Chi silly playing such a role? This is designated by the young lady, and it wo n’t work.

"Old man, come out soon. This is Khan's twelfth military book. I want you to be on the front line." This voice, although not like the old lady, can have a vibrato, it is the same thing.

"Come, come, I said old lady, my legs and feet are not as good as you, how can you let me go to the front to fight?" A white-bearded old man came out even more trembling, this white-beard is Yang Heng Imitated a man from a drama in his previous life, hit an iron bar with some white lines on it, and even beard. "Come, come, I said, my wife, do you think I can go to the front line like this, eh."

This is played by Cheng Er. When the two old ladies and old ladies were sighing, the curtain opened up. When the curtain opened again, a woman in fancy clothes appeared. This is the flower played by Changle. Magnolia. "Look, what a handsome little general. Putting on this military uniform is like a former Zhao Zilong."

This turned out to be military uniform. Yang Heng was very funny and moved Mu Guiying's costume from later operas. According to the storytelling, he wore a golden winged helmet with a dragon wing, two dragons and treasures, and a gold wiper. The red pompoms were strewn with white dots and trembling, and two pheasants fluttered behind their heads, wearing ... This is the costume of Mu Guiying in the storytelling, but this one is no longer wearing gold armor, but changed to a red armor with a five-barrier back flag. This is the costume in later operas. Then, a non-descript image of Mulan appeared, but the effect was good and very eye-catching. After Changle's appearance came out, it won applause. This applause was also issued by Yang Heng first. After many performances, family members are used to getting to the critical joints, even in places where there is a pause, or where the color is outstanding, applause will be given. Here, some audiences who do n’t know why they applaud, also applaud. .

"It's a pity that I'm a woman, not Erlang, ah, who can see that I'm a woman when I look at this dress, why don't my girls dress up in men's clothing to serve for my father and make a contribution?" This is how the singing monologue was performed. This vocal vocal was not even known to Yang Heng, but it was also the originality of the young lady and Changle. As long as they liked, Yang Heng didn't matter. You can watch the audience below, but listen to it. As drunk as it seems, this one is considered brilliant.

The next paragraph should be Wei Chi Ershi, who came out with Cheng Er to have a conversation with Changle, but because there was a paragraph in which Mulan called his father and mother, so Er Zhi and Cheng Er would not be killed when they were killed, so they turned to A section of Hua Mulan hitting the horse straight to the barracks. When Hua Mulan reported, it was midnight. It was time to eat dumplings, so the play was over.

"Elders and fellow neighbors, this year's party is over. If anyone likes this Mulan, we will perform all here tomorrow, the afternoon of the first day of the first month of the fifth year of Zhenguan. Welcome all fellow residents. Watch, let's see you next year, and then let me ask, everyone, Happy New Year. "

At such a gathering, Yang Heng created a new art form, namely stage opera, which will become a Tang opera for the time being.

This night, the second cargo did not play, and only Wei Chi and Silly Wei were playing, so the other second cargo were relieved, but fortunately, they finally hid.

"What did you say to hide?" The young lady did not know where to come out, and even heard their words, "Nothing to hide." "Nothing to hide, do you think you will not participate in the show, I will tell you that it is impossible , Ah, by the way, do n’t you say hello to me when you see me? "" Sister, good New Year, my little brothers here wish you big sister every year, this year and every year. "Broken, but this sentence is not Say okay, "What, you dare to curse me forever? I, I, I'll tell Brother Heng to go." "Hey, older sister, older sister is we wrong, we are wrong, we wish you beautiful every year, The longer the higher, the faster you will become a big beauty. "" Is that right, I am a little beauty now, I will definitely become a big beauty when I grow up, well, I won't tell you, I I also wish you a happy new year, and I also want to inform you that this afternoon, we are going to give the full performance of the Mulan in the small square in front of the door. You must attend on time. If you do n’t, then, hum, You know it.

The young mother knew that these two goods did not like this matter, so she threatened them. To say that these two goods may have been afraid of her, but now they are more afraid of Yang Heng, so naturally she is even more afraid of her. The young lady asked Yang Heng to sue.

"Princess, let the slaves come in the performance in the afternoon, otherwise the second son of Wei Chi and the second son of Cheng will not go up to perform, so it will delay the performance of this opera."

This is a palace girl Xiaoxue beside Changle. Why is it called Xiaoxue? She was assigned to Changle when it was going down. Changle directly gave her a name of Xiaoxue. Now she follows Changle. It's been five years, which is why she can speak boldly, or because she knows Changle, she looks at Changle and is worried, she knows that it is for this matter, and Changle is not particularly concerned about this matter. The reason why Xiao Xue dared to speak boldly, at this time, even the young mother was also worried about this matter. The two silly and Cheng Er did not act in any way, regardless of the threat. Although it was in the play, the princess called her father and mother. It ’s too bold. They did n’t know that the princess would play Mulan in advance, but they were the first one. Naturally, they did n’t know it. After the princess came out, they were dumbfounded. This is why they changed the plan temporarily on the big day. Otherwise, it will be played until Hua Mulan goes out.

"Xiao Xue, you haven't practiced yet, can you." Changle was a little skeptical, "Yes, when the princess was practicing before, the slaves all wrote down, and I won't embarrass you then."

"That's great, Xiaoxue, I thank you here." Changle jumped up excitedly, or he was too young, so the influence of the young lady was too great. If the eldest grandson is here, it will shake The head said, "Quer, you are a princess, so it is too dignified." Li Er, however, smiles unintentionally, girl, should it be so, Li Er is generally more tolerant of his daughter.

Speaking of Li Er, Li Er is also listening to the report in the palace. He has n’t been to Yang Heng ’s home for several years. It ’s not that he does n’t want to go, but Yang Heng ’s family spends New Year in the countryside. It's too far to go.

Therefore, Li Er could only listen to the information about Yang Heng's family from entertainment. "What, my princess is on stage and she looks pretty good, haha, okay, I want her to sing to me when she comes back tomorrow."

"It's ridiculous, it's ridiculous, is this still a princess, what's wrong with the horse, shouldn't he be punished?" This is the response of the eldest grandson, otherwise she won't write any girl or something Already.

In the afternoon on the first day of the first day, the whole audience was finally finished. The audience responded that the play was very good, and even agreed to play one more, but the two goods were unanimously resisted. They absolutely did not want to perform. They What I didn't expect was that after returning to the city the next day, Li Er was called directly to the palace and continued to perform, but this time they dare not object.

"Haha, okay, okay, they all performed well. This Mulan is also very good. Come here, pass on the will, and chase Hua Mulan as General Xiaolie. Set up General Xiaolie Temple in her hometown and enjoy the incense of the people." Li Er not only seized Hua Mulan, but also made this opera an official opera of Datang, and even found someone to process it on the basis of this, and then formally issued a vocal aria, as well as musical instrument tracks. (To be continued.)