Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 183: The Wicked

A drama that appeared many years in advance. Although it was a lot of praise, it also disrupted some arrangements of Li Er. Originally, he considered to have a good Daqing this year. Why, the Turkic problem was solved. Basically, Datang is now regarded as singing and dancing.

People said that after the Yuan Dynasty, officials of the Tang Dynasty officially went to work, and on the first day of work, Li Er encountered a difficult problem, that is, the grandson Wuji, also the elder brother of Li Er, went to work.

What does it mean, that the grandson Wuji has sensitive political awareness, but does not have enough political wisdom to kill the queen if he does not come later.

Now that he has noticed that Li Er is tabooing the generals, he naturally thinks that his opportunity is coming, and even it is time to show the bad breath in his heart, that is, Yang Hengqiang grabbed his daughter-in-law.

But who should the gun be aimed at at the beginning? No matter which veteran is not a problem, he thought about it, and finally settled on the young man Yang Yang, the father of the noble Yang Heng. Even the nobleman is a nobleman. This so-called nobleman is nothing more than the children's relatives, and Yang has always been more honest. Therefore, such a target is the best. Even if it is stationed outside the city, buying soldiers can be considered a handle. They didn't know that there was a blend of Li Er in it. Without Li Er, a soldier in Yang Dalian could not move, he could only mobilize his own relatives.

"His Majesty, Chen Sen, Zhong Lang, and Yang Da ..." Lin Lin Langlang, the grandson and grandson, gave Yang Daan three major crimes and many minor crimes, but they were not trivial. It's enough to destroy the nine groups. It shows how ruthless Changsun Wuji is.

The first charge was to indulge the son's frivolous princess. Let the princess make a public appearance, be a play, and let the princess live in the country rather than live in the princess's house, and pamper Yuzhang for a long time in the country without going back to the palace.

"Well, well, this first offense was convicted, and Yang Lu's Pulu was punished for one year. He cannot be promoted within three years. He must not face the saint." Great punishment, this is the general minister who lives on Lulu is hungry. Immortal, not to mention Yang Heng's father, even if there is no Lulu in his life, no one will starve to death.

The face of Changsun Wuji is a little bit green, so how could the emperor's brother-in-law face this Yang? Oh, yes. They were their children's in-laws, and the emperor did not want to make Yang Da too ugly. But is that true?

"Your Majesty, the minister still has Yang Da's second guilt." At this time, Li Er also murmured something. What happened to this big brother, wasn't he very clever before, now what's wrong, Yang Da Honestly, I want to punish Yang Heng's kid, but he doesn't have any real job, and he really can't get it to the court. Li Er didn't have any opinion about Yang Da, but he had an opinion about Yang Heng, his own daughter-in-law. He was too disrespectful, and often found himself embarrassed. A small punishment should be, but he ca n’t The punishment is too much, otherwise the good girl will be unhappy.

"Say." Changsun Wuji didn't realize that Li Er, the brother-in-law, was a little bit unhappy, but continued to talk to himself. He was still in the concept that I understood His painstaking care, It seemed as if he had settled a big deal for Li Er, but he didn't remember some things his sister said, and he became a court tumbler. As long as his relatives can be emperors, anyone can do it. I wo n’t take him like that. Now that Li Er is the emperor, it wo n’t hurt him any more, but what are his thoughts? I always think about worrying about the emperor's brother-in-law. A savvy person like Li Er can need Do you want to share your concerns? Maybe you need someone to help you before you take the throne, and some ministers also need a grandson Wuji as a mediator. This only shows his importance. Otherwise, with this political knife , Has long been played to death. No wonder some people think that this country cricket is thinking with his butt.

The second count is that Yang Da ’s team outside the city is the national team, but he moved the soldiers, settled them, and married the wives of the soldiers. In short, he was like these soldiers. My father and mother took care of these soldiers in the same way, that is, the hearts of the soldiers who bought them, and also used some special methods to train the soldiers. What does Yang want to do? Is it to rebel?

Speaking of this matter is Yang Heng's responsibility. On the side of the barracks outside the city, there are often many agents spying, and Yang Heng only puts Li Er's people in, and others just Being able to see some superficial phenomena without knowing the essence, this made Changsun think that this is a handle of the army generals, but he didn't know that Li Er was most assured of the team. This team, you It is said that a soldier and even their family members must say “Thank Your Majesty” for more than ten or twenty times a day. Will these soldiers show rebellion, that is, after they have rebelled, a new emperor will benefit them. It ’s not going to continue. As a big soldier, eating rations is at best what it is now. If it is worse, what kind of trouble is not as good as being honest to Li Er as a private army.

Once again, Changsun stepped on a landmine again. He thought it was a mound and found there was no danger. He wanted to go and level him. After encountering it, he knew it was a landmine.

"Hey, it ’s weird. I did n’t explain it to you. This team is all the rebels that I received when I hit the world. Now there are so many people. Think about what they did for him. Many, even many people have never been home once, so I feel ashamed, so I commissioned Yang Dalai to train and appease these soldiers on my behalf. "

Hearing this, Chang Sun's face is even greener. There is such an inside story. I must go back and learn from those who collect information. It is too bad to do things. It is estimated that the next charge will not be established, but This arrow is already on the string, how can it not be fired?

Li Er is really speechless to this elder brother. It used to be possible for him to see things before. Now what ’s wrong, he is so sloppy. He knows that the grandson Wuji wants to deal with those generals for his sake and wants them to reduce his reputation. In order to help Li Er's stability of the throne, this can even directly affect the stability of the grandson's queen's position. However, Li Er is afraid to take a fool's hand, and your grandson is afraid to act rashly, but Li Er is still grateful to him. It is forbidden that he stood by his side when his eldest brother and his third brother arrived, and even contacted some of Li's family officials to make Li Er successfully ascend to the throne, but this is also the case, Li Er's The eldest brother and the third brother did not take Changsun Wuji as a character, which made him successful. If they take Changsun Wuji as an important figure to defend, who can take this dragon bed now is still a doubt.

"Your Majesty, the third guilt of Yang Da, and the most serious one, is that he violated ethics and married with his last name ..." Well, Li Er is even more speechless, so I do n’t know what to check. With a minister, if you don't check, how can you know if he will be attacked by some officials.

"The matter is being investigated by the Ministry of Rites. If it does happen, it must be punished severely." Well, I won't explain it. I will give you a face, but also to stop the mouths of some other officials. Seeing that Li Er will know the inside story, even the grandson Wuji, who thinks with his butt, ca n’t understand.

"Well, my elder brother, I often suppress you for what it is, not for our family, can you eat a few bowls of dry rice, don't you know, but you and you have to be in trouble." The grandmother grandmother thought in the harem resentfully, "Go, pass on the grandson Sun to see the palace."

It ’s good to be able to talk about it, just click on the nephew first, but he is not a person who understands, the grandson has no jealousy, he is much worse than the grandson, and I do n’t know what the grandson ’s family is about. Is all wisdom taken away by this palace? What should we do after this palace is gone? . )