Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 185 The Sad Long Chong

"Chonger, what's wrong with your face?" Changsun Chong was sorrowful, just beaten by his young lady, and then called by her own aunt queen. Changsun Chong didn't have the guts to say he wouldn't go to see her aunt. .

"I, I, I fell, yes, I accidentally fell." Chang Sun Chong began to cover up, he was really embarrassed to say that it was beaten by a little girl, who knows that his old guard turned out to be It ’s a lie to yourself. It ’s not bullshit to kill the master, and you also hate your father. You said you ’re okay to provoke this little mother ’s family. What are you doing? Okay, I have to take care of those gossips, now it ’s okay, not only was I beaten myself, although the hit was not heavy, even this time, my face really fell, that is, the little lady pulled herself down and accidentally let her face fall to the ground That's it.

Also, I ’m really sad, my father did something wrong, aunt, do n’t you go to your father for training, what ’s the use of your training, I dare say more in front of my father.

"I said Chonger, you are the oldest person. Why is it so unstable? How many times has your aunt told you to be stable and stable, but you can see that you have fallen by yourself?" Niangniang hated iron and steel and said Changsun Chong.

"Aunt, me and me," Chang Sun Chong was a little hesitant, "said, just say what you want to say, don't look at this palace with this kind of ostentation." Chang Sun is really a bit angry, why this generation of Chang Sun's family is not as good as a generation Well, you are so stingy that you can't even say a word.

"Aunt, I didn't fall. I was beaten by my mother, that is, the sister of Yang Heng." Changsun Chong took up the courage and said it at once. Regardless of the shame, he would be shamed. It is in the aunt anyway. Before.

"Mother, that's a clever girl. You said it was for her to fight. Impossible, look at the wound. Obviously it was a bruise after a fall. Don't you just blame people like your father? "Chong Sun Chong told the truth. Instead, his aunt did not believe it. This is really unbelievable. Who knows that a young boy will beat a little girl, and seeing his good-looking appearance, she can Hit someone, besides, my mother ca n’t beat Chong.

Obviously, if in addition to affection, the grandmother likes her, but she has more than Chong Chong. A sweet, well-behaved, lively, beautiful girl is really very attractive, and I do n’t know what Her Majesty will arrange. she was.

"Mother-in-law, mother-in-law, my mother-in-law is here to see you." While the eldest grandson was thinking, there was a shout from outside. Who dared to yell in the palace? Of course, it was the mother-in-law.

After hearing this voice, Changsun was shocked, "Aunt, I'll go back first." "Go, go, remember to talk to your father well, even if you should think about what to do in the future." What does this sentence mean? It's naturally inherited by Chang Sun Chong, but Chang Sun's sentence also has her deep meaning, that is, I will arrange a thing for you right away, and you must be mentally prepared.

"Mother Queen, do you miss your maid, but you miss your maid. I just came to work in the city this time, so I will come and see you maid." "Okay, you are a little girl. What's the matter?" Do? "Seeing Xiaoniang, the grandson's mood improved for a moment, so he began to amused," little mother, do you want to go into the city to punch? "Suddenly the grandson remembered Changsun's sentence and said something The injury was hit by the young lady.

"No, no, the young lady didn't want to hit him, she just wanted to explain to him, why was she unhappy with his uncle's uncle, but he even said that he had learned some random punches, and wanted to hit the young lady. The young lady just pushed and pushed like this, and he fell It ’s not even my mother ’s instinct to slap her face on her face. ”The mother told her what she had said just now, and even Yu Zhang nodded her head. Then nodded, what the older sister said was all right.

"When the grandson looks at the scene in front of him, he feels even more happy." Come and show this palace. Who are you children? If the mother is fighting, the grandson really does not believe who I can believe that a little girl was fighting with a group of little radish heads. Besides, there were guards on both sides, what could happen.

"Mother-in-law, I want to play with the pretty lady." While the eldest grandson was talking to the mother-in-law, a small carrot head came from the side. Who is this? Of course, it was the famous Gaozong Lizhi of later generations. His fame Not because of his martial arts martial arts, but because he had a wife who later became the empress, and that the empress was someone from Li Er.

Now it seems that Gaozong likes some strong women when he is a little boy. You can see that there are Yuzhang and other little girls in this group of children, but he came straight to the young lady, and even asked for it. It ’s not the genes that are abused, or something.

"Zi'er, come, tell your mother, you're awake, now you're hungry." Now the eldest grandson is a standard mother-in-law's image. , Miss is pretty, pretty. "Alas, are you a little ** or what, so young know what is beautiful.

"Well, ma'am, just play with Zhier for a while, Yuzhang, come and talk to your mother-in-law, will you be in the country with your sister, you should come back to the palace."

"Come, **, tell your sister what your name is, you'll know everything. Would you like your sister to tell you a story, and what is good, let's tell a story about the troubled seas." , Xiao Niang and the third generation of Emperor of Tang began their first contact.

"Okay, ma'am, please play with me for a while." The elder grandmother is very polite. If it is Yang Heng, then she is not so polite. Maybe she will say, "boy Show Zhi Er to this palace. If there is something wrong with Zhi Er, you have to be careful. "This is the feeling of true loved ones. Li Er is good to Yang Heng and his grandson knows it. Changle ’s husband-in-law, then it ’s okay to treat him as a close person, and the young lady is still a guest. I do n’t know who Li Er wants to assign the young lady to. It sounds like the young lady is like a cargo. However, this is what Li Er deserved of Yang Heng's family.

"Pretty sister, play, play, play with Chier." This Li Zhi, just like a patch of dogskin plaster, was placed next to the young mother, that is, other brothers and sisters would not want to approach the young mother, Li Zhi would not want to .

"Brother Zhier, my sister is leaving. Can you please let go of my hand?" Li Zhi, has been holding the young lady's hand, and the young lady also has the patience, comforting the brother for a while, comforting for a while The sister's relationship is handled very well, and these children are not allowed to bully Li Zhi, otherwise, even children younger than Li Zhi will push Li Zhi to a fart. "No, I want to play with my sister." Li Zhi didn't want to give up yet.

"Come, good boy, my sister is tired, I need to go home to rest, be good, come here after my mother." No way, the grandson had to come forward at this time, how did this son see him so sticky for the first time .

"No, I do n’t want Miss Zhier to leave, let Miss Li accompany Zhier to play with." Well, this dogskin plaster really sticks and can't be torn off.

"Zhier, beloved, will my sister come to play with you tomorrow, now my sister is going home." "No, I want to let my sister stay and be a daughter-in-law to Zhier, so that the sister can play with him every day "Well, this directly gives the daughter-in-law, you don't know how much better this sister is than you, was it the same when you met the empress.

"No, my sister is older than Zhier. I ca n’t be a daughter-in-law to Zhier. Look at these younger brothers and sisters. Are there any sisters like Zhier, and let one of them be a daughter-in-law to Zhier?" OK, not good. "Li Zhi shook his head straight. It seemed that he was identified as the mother, but he also let go of his hand while shaking his head. (To be continued.)