Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 186 The Mother-in-law's Husband

"Why, Yang Shu, is n’t your son worthy of you? Now I decided that you are the wife of Li Zhi, the prince of Li." Li Er's approach is not good. You ca n’t listen to the children outside. What about conversation.

"Her Majesty Xie, the young mother agreed, and she became the wife of Prince Li Zhi." Although the young woman had slandered Li Er's actions, she still thanked him.

"Well, why do you agree now, but Zhier asks you to be his daughter-in-law, but you disagree, what is the reason?" At this time, not only Li Er wondered, but also the eldest grandson, she was watching two children The interaction was very interesting. As a result, Li Erlai stepped in a bar. Although it seemed that the young lady was a few years older than Li Zhi, it was all insignificant.

"Back to the uncle of the emperor, my elder brother said that as long as the uncle of the emperor decides, the young lady must agree. Except for the uncle who wants to kill the young lady, other things must be agreed, even if it is unwilling to wait, go back to Heng Brothers discuss. "

"Oh, that's the case. If Er said that he was going to kill you." Li Errao asked with interest. "Wow, uncle emperor, you don't like my mother, why don't you let your mother die. The mother doesn't want to die. The young lady used actual actions to show her approach. She cried while holding Li Er's legs, and asked Li Er to forgive her, and she asked for a snot and a tear, and she was still talking about Li Ershi. How much I love my mother, how can I let her die now? The mother really took the sentence seriously, and she couldn't tell whether this was what Li Er asked her, but I heard Yang Heng once said that once Li Er told her This is the only thing to die, what else can I do, unless the young lady is a woman, but she is a woman, can she run out of the palace?

"Wow, wow ..." Well, a group of children didn't know what the younger sister was crying, and then they started crying, even Li Zhi also started to cry, "Father Emperor, Father Emperor, you can spare the younger sister, daughter later I do n’t want to play with my mother, otherwise, let ’s call Sister Changle back and let my sister marry my brother-in-law, so you spare her. ”Yu Zhang started crying too. At first she did n’t know what her mother was crying. But then I heard that it was the young lady asking for mercy, naturally she was crying holding Li Er's leg.

Li Er was crying and laughing at this moment. This child, be careful about even asking questions, a word is wrong, which caused the palace to mess up. Obviously, he saw some shadows dodging in the distance. It was his guards watching. What happened.

"Okay, okay, ma'am, I just asked you how to deal with this matter, but not to kill you. Uncle still likes you very much, don't cry, don't cry, Guanyin, look, this. "Come on, my mother is uncle. It's uncle right. Come to her, and she wipes her face. You don't cry well."

No way, this little mother is the source of crying here. It is estimated that the little mother is persuaded and the other children are all well. "Ah, alas, my mother-in-law, the emperor's uncle really did not want to kill the young lady, did the young lady really make no mistake, or did she not agree to Brother Li Zhi's request, but the young lady agreed to the uncle's request, but why did the uncle return? Do this to the little mother. "The little mother was aggrieved, rubbing her tears and asking 100,000 why, while the other children stopped crying when the mother stopped crying.

"Father Emperor, you really don't kill my younger sister." "Ah, my good daughter, don't say that again, otherwise the younger mother will cry again. I don't know if you don't understand my question now. , Okay, okay, let ’s play with the young lady. ”Li Er quickly covered Yu Zhang ’s mouth, but he could n’t mention that word anymore, it does n’t matter, but who knows if the young lady understands, or It's foolish. Li Er was frightened. If he was told that he would kill a child, that would be awful. His reputation would be over. "Oh, good, my mother, my father said, you can't die."

"Mother-in-law, my mother-in-law is going away. It is terrible. Uncle actually wants to kill the mother-in-law, but Brother Heng's method is really good, so the mother-in-law avoids a difficult situation."

"Boy, it turned out to be your ghost idea, to see how I punish you in the future." Li Er thought of his teeth. "I don't want pretty sister to go, don't let pretty sister go." Well, Li Zhi still didn't want to let his mother go, but he didn't hold his mother's hand, he could only speak, and there was no other way.

"Okay, okay, Zhier, the father has promised to let this sister be a daughter-in-law to Zhier, is Zhier happy?" The grandson quickly hugged Li Zhi and asked his mother to leave quickly, otherwise Know what else will happen.

"Well, Yuzhang, why didn't you go together?" "I promised my father, I won't play with the little mother, and I will immediately send someone to call Sister Changle back, so that she won't be my wife-in-law."

Well, Li Er is depressed, this one left, and here is another. If you call Changle back and let Yu Zhang sip, what will happen to his reputation? "Okay, okay, Yuzhang, the father emperor had no intention of killing his maiden, it was the maiden who heard it wrong, and you should follow it." I just did not want to let Yuzhang go, but I wanted to get Yuzhang back. If you live for a few days, you ca n’t do it. You have to follow her. Otherwise, if you live here, you will come back. After a message from Yu Zhang, Changle will definitely come back. But this thing is known all over the world. Opening her mouth is unclear.

Not only would Yuzhang follow, but she would also be asked to notify her mother ’s family soon. The mother is even Li Zhi ’s princess. The emperor ’s mouth ca n’t be easily opened. In the presence of the children, this is really true. Became a golden mouth.

The grandson also nodded secretly on the side, okay, okay, I learned another trick, as long as you say the words, I will take it seriously and see what you will do in the future.

Li Er didn't know that the mother-in-law didn't just take Yu Zhang seriously, even the grandson learned a trick. Later, he should be careful when he speaks in front of the grandson. One word is wrong, but the grandson has a law to rule him.

When the young lady left the palace, she and her brothers and sisters quickly left Chang'an and went to the countryside. When Yang Heng saw the young lady, she found that her two eyes were already crying red, and even the eyes of other children were half-red Look like.

"Ma'am, you're embarrassed and bullied by Changsun Chong. He's so courageous. I'll go to him now to settle accounts and dare to bully my sister." Yang Heng was furious at that time. Yang Heng knew that she was going to find the grandson Sun Chong, but did not expect that the young lady would come back crying, so anger broke out, and she even wanted to ride a horse directly, kill Changsun Wuji's home, and find the grandson Sun Chong.

"Brother Heng, no, it wasn't Changsun Chong, he let me fight, yes, it was the uncle of the emperor, he was going to kill me." After seeing Yang Heng, the young lady cried wow and then twitched I told Yang Heng that Li Er was going to kill her, but why did Li Er kill the young mother? What is the reason? Is it for the grandson? "Mother, tell your brother how badly you beat the grandson?" "It's not serious. Chang Sun Chong just learned some random punches and wanted to kill the master. I just dragged it and gave it away. He fell down, then landed on his face, and then got up and walked away." This Yang Heng knows that the young lady used a trick of two or two pounds. If Chang Sun Chong was easy to fall, she would just bruise her face, so as not to let the emperor kill her.

"Younger sister, younger sister, you run so fast, I told you, Father Huang said, not to kill you, just to make fun of you with you." Yu Zhang followed in a pant and followed The carriage ran, and even the carriage jumped without stopping, explaining to the young lady. Now, Yang Heng understands that it must be the young lady who has agreed to Li Er, and Li Er sees the young lady agreed quickly. Asked his mother, the mother told her what she had taught her, so Li Er wanted to know what would happen to his mother if he let her die. As a result, the mother really thought that Li Er was going to kill her, but What did Xiaoni promised Li Er? (To be continued.)