Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 187 The Yang Family Has A Princess

It is not unusual for the Yang family to have a horse and a princess, and it is not surprising that now the mother is nine years old, but Li Zhi is only three years old, but this age is too great. .

Yang Heng knew that Li Er had liked his mother-in-law to be his daughter-in-law for a long time, but he had never been sure who he would marry him. Now he has determined that his wife is Li Zhi's daughter-in-law. Of course, Li Zhi himself asked for it. Zhi first looked at his mother, Li Er just borrowed water to push the boat. If Li Zhi didn't have this idea, maybe Li Er had to struggle with it for a long time. In the end, which son would the mother want to marry, Prince, it ’s impossible. For the concubine, Yang Heng will definitely be unwilling. Prince, this young lady's status cannot be reached, and the difference is too far away, so she is excluded from the prince, and Li Er does not want Yang Heng to follow the prince too soon Contact, this has an impact on his status. Although Yang Heng is very honest in front of him, he is an uncontrollable factor, too dangerous, it is better to be within his control.

If it is for Li Tai to be a princess, it can be, but it is still too dangerous, and may affect the position of the prince, so Li Er just passed Li Tai in his head, and it passed, but it was not Lee. Second, I can always compare with Li Tai's good feelings.

Li Ke, I ca n’t think about it. This son is too perfect, and his ancestor is Yang Guang, and his maiden name is Yang. Yang Heng and Yang Guang seem to be the same ancestor. This is still not suitable, so let it go. , But my heart has been tangled.

To this day, after hearing Li Zhi's children's words outside, the mind suddenly turned around, yes, you can marry the young mother to Li Zhi, obviously this son is a little weak, but it can just complement the young mother. When Li After Zhizhi grows up, the Prince's seat may want to be stable. That way, even if Yang Heng is smart and wicked, it will not affect Li Chengqian's Prince. After Li Zhi grows up, he will not Ask Li Er why he married him a daughter-in-law who is older than him. Just ask him. Li Er also has something to deal with Li Zhi. This is all your own choice. At first you cried and called for your mother-in-law to be your daughter-in-law. Now I do n’t want it anymore.

Unexpectedly, Li Er had so many circles in his head. How many circles did Li Er's brain go through? Yang Heng didn't know, but at this moment when he knew that the young lady was going to marry Li Zhi, she was stunned at once. What, marry Li Zhi, Queen's husband, this is to talk to the Queen Rob your husband, how good and how good.

"Brother, what are you going to turn?" The young lady has burst into tears and laughed. Yang Heng turned so much fun, scratching his ears and cheeks, really like a monkey.

"I was thinking, how can I quit this matter, how can I not let you marry that little fart boy." "No, Brother Heng, I am willing to marry him." "You don't know, madam, this marriage It's too dangerous for Li Zhi, this little boy, we still don't want to marry him. "

"Brother Heng, is it more dangerous to marry him than to be beheaded by the emperor uncle now?" Eh, this is also the case, the younger mother choked Yang Heng in one sentence, can it be more dangerous than beheading Yeah, can it be more dangerous than beheading now? Besides, it ’s too early to wait for Li Zhi to get married, even if driving with Li Er will be far away, especially the arrival of Yang Heng, maybe Li Er is It's not easy to want to collapse early. In order to get Li Er's protection, Yang Heng will try his best to keep Li Er live for a few more years. Although he can't heal medical skills, he can make good friends with old Sun Siyi. Knowledge affects the old way, let him take good care of Li Er, and live a few more years, maybe it will make Li Zhi die to treat the empress as a concubine. If the empress can't become the concubine of Li Zhi, then she can't be the empress After that, Yang Heng will not have much danger.

Suddenly Yang Heng found that his reaction was still too slow. Even the younger mother understood what she did not understand, and the younger mother cried so much in the palace. Now it is estimated that the entire Chang'an City knows it.

Sure enough, there are many big mouths in this palace, and now Chang Sun Chong is throwing things to play. "How can this be, how can this be, it seems that I can't avenge it? Come, go and take what I call Master Luanquan called. "After falling for something, Chang Sun Chong seemed to remember suddenly that there was such a master.

"My son, you call me." The old guard came here cheerfully, the eldest son called me, is it to reward me, "I call you, I'll call you, let you taste what is a random punch Mr. Master. "Thinking of his insult, Chang Sun punched him with a punch and hit the old guard.

"Oh, oh, my waist, my arm, my leg, my grandson, do n’t hit it, the little one is hurt." Then you can see if the situation is clear. Is this the grandson rushing to practice martial arts, or is he venting his anger, no wonder I have been a guard all my life!

"You get out of me, this boy just let you lie. You can't deal with a little girl who beats a master, even a little girl can't deal with it. I let you pretend, I let you pretend," Chang Sun Chong hated again. Stuck the old guard a few feet.

"Oh, I said, son, the feet behind you are very powerful. Who did you learn from? I think my legs are all green." No way, twist your neck **, otherwise let Chang Sun Chong was kicked out.

Fortunately, Chang Sun Chong's feet helped him a lot. Just a few days ago, he was bumped on his leg, and it turned out to be blue. Now he hasn't swollen, and it can just be used. "What you said is true, you really got kicked by me, let me see."

The old guard raised his placket again, and untied the leggings on his leg. Sure enough, there was a green on his leg. Obviously, was he kicked by himself, and Changsun rushed in his heart.

"This time I will give you a lesson, don't lie to me any more, otherwise I will kick you out of Changsun Mansion." Changsun Chongzhi went to show off with his fox friends and dog friends, as if he had practiced nothing The feet look like you do n’t take a closer look. Is that really kicked by you? Is your foot swollen?

"It's okay, okay." The old guard wiped a cold sweat, then trimmed his body and turned to go to his class again.

When the eldest son Chong hurled something in the back, the eldest son in the front was thinking about it. "What happened to His Majesty this time, not only did he marry his daughter to a low-ranking kid, but now let his younger son marry A girl older than him? "

"Second Brother, what do you think of Your Majesty?" Cheng Lao Fairy stood in front of a pastoral waterwheel model made by Yang Heng's uncle. Qin Qiong fiddled with the waterwheel in the model to make the waterwheel fast and slow, "Do you know who invented this waterwheel first?"

"Your Majesty, it was he who said that an idea was created before people could make it and experiment." "Do you believe me, don't fight me haha."

"Second Brother, it ’s still your trick, but unfortunately I ca n’t learn it." "Well, it ’s not my trick, but my body really ca n’t do it. One is to take good care of myself and look at the world we shot down. Why do I seem to hear that Yang Heng ’s kid has a good relationship with Sun Simiao ’s doctor? Show me the divine doctor and show me this worn out body. "

Qin Qiong said with bright eyes, who doesn't like to live for a few more years, especially after getting the news, he was ecstatic, Dr. Sun, for some officials, it was really an unspeakable situation. However, for some mountain people, they have more contacts. This is not to say how Sun Siyi is, but to say that Sun Siyi has more sons in the mountains. Since he has contacted Yang Heng, he has been there every year. Yang Heng's family several times, Yang Heng inspired him in some things.

When it comes to friends, it is better to say that Sun Sizhen treats Yang Heng as a teacher, and even the atmosphere of Yang Heng's family is one of the reasons that attracts him. (To be continued.)