Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 189 Grape Seedlings

"Xiaolangjun, Xiaolangjun, I found what you said last year." On this day, Yang Heng just came home from the mountain, the housekeeper yelled and ran over happily.

"What's found? I asked you to find a lot of things?" Yang Heng wondered, something worthy of the steward's excitement.

"It's the grape seedlings you want, but I've got three camels. Or, Xiaolangjun, let's take a look." How do you feel wrong? Oh, yes, it's the season. The grapes at this time Can the seedlings survive, the temperature is not enough, or even these grape seedlings have sprouted? It should be no sprouts. The survival rate is estimated to be zero, but Yang Heng can not let the housekeeper feel that he is not doing well. If you want to make wine, let the housekeeper make grape seedlings for cuttings.

When Yang Heng saw the grape seedlings, he was crying and laughing. The housekeeper got too many grape seedlings. Would you say that there would be less things returned with three camels, and this thing is light and takes up space? .

These grape seedlings looked like dry branches, and they were cut into three feet and placed in front of them, just like a small Chaishan.

Now that I've got it back, I still have a good look. Maybe it will be useful in it. Yang Heng started looking at these grapes with hope.

"Inappropriate, fire-burning materials, unsuitable, fire-burning materials." At first, Yang Heng watched one by one, but when I watched so many one by one, I changed it to one. Look.

"Brother-in-law, what are you doing? What did you do with these dry branches?" Yu Zhang, the young lady in the distance, ran over.

"What dead branches, this is grape seedlings." Yang Heng said angrily. "This, it seems to be in my garden, too." Yu Zhang picked up a grape seedling and said.

"What are you talking about? There are grapes in the palace. You shouldn't say it earlier." Yang Heng was anxious. Since there are grapes in the palace, what are you doing? Then stand up and give a bunch of grape seedlings Kicked away.

"What fierce you are, haven't you asked me before, if you ask, I will tell you naturally." Yu Zhang said with a pout.

"Okay, okay, my brother-in-law is wrong. Good Yuzhang, can you fold a new branch this year and grow it on the grape seedlings in a few months and give it to your brother-in-law?"

"This, um, let me think about it. You were a horrible me just now. What do you want me to say?" Yu Zhang was going to blackmail Yang Heng. I can do it for you. ”Before waiting for Yu Zhang to speak, Yang Heng agreed to Yu Zhang first. He thought that Yu Zhang would not put forward excessive conditions, but why Yang Heng didn't want to go to Li Er. Yes, this one, Li Er's ghosts are very good. Once Yang Heng, or Changle goes to fanfare and ask for grape seedlings, then Li Er will be suspicious. It is better to let Yu Zhang get it, and follow Walk around the garden, and then pull a grape seedling, who knows that this is useful, they will even consider it a naughty child.

However, Yang Heng is different from Changle. All the plants and trees in the palace are placed in Li Er's eyes. Once Li Er finds out what Yang Heng is interested in, this has a reason to blackmail Yang Heng.

Actually, this thing Yang Heng thinks is too much, but is it necessary to be careful to make the Wannian ship, it is better to be cautious. Yang Heng does not know why the grapes are not in the folk at this time, but only grow in the palace, as if the grapes are in It was brought to Han Dynasty, but why did n’t it spread?

What Yang Heng didn't know is that this grape has always been regarded as a rare and precious treasure in the court, so naturally it can't be passed on to the people, even cotton. Changle has seen Sister Lian planting After the cotton, it is said to be in the palace garden.

"Brother Heng, look, this branch has sprouted." Suddenly the young lady shouted aside. The original girl found that Yang Heng was looking at these branches, and she knew what Yang Heng was looking at, but what are these branches worth Yang Heng watched it, so I picked it up and watched one by one, and finally found something. These branches are different from others and are about to sprout.

For some reason, in this bunch of branches, several sprouting branches were found. Yang Heng was treasured for a while, carefully holding these branches, and even picked out some feelings. The living branches were quickly sent into the mandrill.

"Let ’s take a look. This is cuttings, that is to say, cut some branches to about half a foot in length, and then insert them into the wet soil, and compact the surrounding soil by hand, if the temperature is suitable. These branches will sprout, and these branches, you mainly take care of these sprouted ones, and the others, you can also insert it. If you can survive, it is luck, it does not matter if you cannot survive. "

The peasants watched Yang Heng ’s work seriously, and would ask if they did n’t understand it, but they would not ask Yang Heng to ask why. This is too complicated. Yang Heng would talk to them for a long time. At first they still understood something, but after Yang Heng's explanation, they even forgot what they understood. Therefore, they did not ask Yang Heng rationally, but just said that you let us do what we did.

And Yang Heng is distressed. I, I and I are talking to ducks. Why can't any one understand people? If this is the case, how can my research be successful?

There is no way to be distressed, so go ahead and do something in your memory. It is good that you can use it. Do n’t say that you do n’t study it.

"Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, you see, I also brought you a grape branch, yes it is a grape branch, but you promised me, you owe me a favor, and I will tell you what I want. "Yuzhang was very excited to carry a vine to Yang Heng for help.

Yang Heng was crying and crying. First of all, he already had vines that could sprout, and then another, I did n’t know how long the vines in the palace had been degraded. I do n’t know if they could degenerate. In the palace, it is managed as an ornamental plant, which is a little different from the management of fruits.

"Okay, okay, I'll write a note for you, but I said Yuzhang, but the vine I want needs to live, can you live this one?" "This, I don't know, who cares about it Life and death, haven't you told me before? "Yu Zhang quibbled," I didn't say I didn't negotiate with you, then I don't want to. "

"Yes, yes, good brother-in-law, you said, how can you know its life and death?" Yu Zhang began to coquettishly towards Yang Heng, "Well, I really ca n’t take you, you inserted this vine over there Inside the pot, if it sprouts, it proves to be alive, then the perfect deal is considered successful. "

"Well, you want to lie to me. If there is no way, I will insert this vine into a flower pot. Instead of waiting for it to germinate, I will wait for the vines in the palace to germinate and then change in. Alas, I am really a genius. What did the little girl say, a beautiful genius girl? "Yang Heng looked at Yuzhang with a bit of pride and inserted the vines into the flowerpot at will, and left without even watering. What a matter, she Will it be able to sprout this vine?

"Stupid brother-in-law, my mother always said that you are smart. Why didn't I see it? I didn't even guess the princess's trick. It's stupid. You see, it's still watering now, such a dry branch. , How can it sprout, gone, this genius beautiful girl is going out to play. "

"Mother, madam, where are you? I tell you, your elder brother is so stupid, he's there to insert a grape vine I brought into a flower pot and water it. It's ridiculous to want it to sprout. Have you heard such a funny joke, ha ha ha ha. Well, ma'am, why don't you laugh, are you angry, I shouldn't say your brother. "

"I'm not angry, I think that vine must be able to sprout." (To be continued.)