Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 190 Continue Construction

After the episode of grape seedlings, Yang Heng continued to start the construction of his institute. If there are only two parts in such a large valley, it would be too wasteful of some guards ’power. We must know that these guards may They are all bought back in real gold and silver, and employment is impossible, and only the death contract can be reassuring. .

Do n’t say anything about equality, what rights do you have, no matter in previous life or in life, Yang Heng has n’t seen any real equality, what right? Since there is trading in this era, then it must be applied, and Yang Heng feels this method is good Yes, as long as the people who bought it back are slightly better to them, there is basically no betrayal, but they will not know in the future. If they bring secrets to some other large households, it is also possible, but who is Yang Heng? In this era, as long as it is not Li Er, other people are not enough to see, not to say that Li Er is enough to see, Yang Heng does not want this position, then he must maintain Li Er's goodness, otherwise, support one to hold up, 傀儡There are also occasions of resistance.

With rare medicinal materials, as well as agricultural research places, and gunpowder research and production sites, what is next? Yang Heng suddenly felt that it should be studied about metal materials. Naturally, there is no need to think about alloys. However, it is possible to study the carburizing of steel and the soil technology such as desulfurization. It is even possible to sort out what the steel flowers of various steels look like. There is also an advantageous condition here, that is, it can build some excessively high chimneys. On the south mountain, there is a cliff that is tens of meters high, almost perpendicular to the ground, so that you can rely on this cliff to build those high chimneys, that is, the blast furnace. With this high chimney, you can After carrying out a variety of furnace reforms, there is no output at all, which is also necessary. If you can study many steel models at once, that is a joke. Moreover, Yang Heng's previous life was not from steel making.

For the whole valley, the only ones that will be successful soon are grape seedlings, and the medicinal materials of Sun Laodao are planted. These are simpler, and the others are more complicated. The hardest is not steel, but also It ’s not gunpowder, but research on good breeds. For good breeds, Yang Heng is now a fog of water. How to study, graft, cross, and graft can be explained, but it is just what the dermis is connected to. It is a difficult problem to use the pollen of wheat to barley, or the pollen of rice to sorghum. Yang Heng pours everything he knows to these old farmers and let them grow slowly.

"Xiao Langjun, we waited for the pollination, that is, the pollination of one crop into the flower of another crop, but the timing of their flowering is different, what can we do." Some of the more experienced veterans I still know some pollination. Although they do not pollinate by hand, they also know that there is no wind, no bees or saucers. This kind of crop will definitely not grow well. This is what Yang Heng said about pollination of different plants. In the absence of the above conditions, the growth output is good, that is, pollination by the same plant, they have found something, but they do n’t understand what it means, they just know that it should be like this, but when Yang Heng explained it, they suddenly realized it. That's the question.

"This, do you know why I asked you to come to this place?" "It's quiet here, no one here found it, it can be kept secret." The old farmers talked eloquently, this is what Yang Hengping usually asked them, But none of them talked about the key points.

"Let me tell you everything you said, but this is not the main condition. Naturally these are also needed, but they are also optional. If it is quiet, is it not quiet in the field outside, No one finds that it's not important. Some people find out what they are. They know what we are doing. Perhaps the yield of the seeds that are bred is very low, but the grain produced by these seeds is high in yield. Naturally, there can be less trouble and less trouble. it is good.

Secrecy is actually for your safety. If I do n’t keep it secret, someone has hijacked you, but they have no opinions like me. What can you develop? The answer is naturally negative. If you do n’t succeed in one year, Two years is not enough, three years and four years, five years and six years, they will not hate you yet, but there are some precautionary measures against foreigners, if they learn the technology, let them They returned to hit us. "

Although it is said that Yang Heng's purpose is to make money, he still needs to say that he is more arrogant, so that he looks more magnificent, what more?

Here the old farmer, fortunately, some things are easy to explain clearly, and there is much less connection with ghosts and gods. Although there are various planting and harvesting rituals every year, now it is just a ritual. At most, it is worshipping the god of wind and rain. of.

But these priests gave Yang Heng a lot of headaches. Why, "I will catch ghosts and kill them, but you asked us to build a house. It was so annoying, Sun Lao Dao, call Sun Lao Dao Poor Dao has to make a theory with him. Whatever comes, there will be good treatment, and you can learn advanced magic. This is all deceiving. I did not expect that a well-known medical practitioner such as Sun Lao Dao would lie and deceive, especially hateful. You didn't let us go. "

When Yang Heng came to the construction site of the house where gunpowder was developed, several veterans had complaints. Not only were they complaining, but they were also raging. As if Sun Laodao lied to them.

And they participated in building a house, which was voluntary, but this is a stone house, and they also need to build a house on the stone, and first of all, they need to level the stone. Naturally, it will take a long time, and they ca n’t stand it. Everyone knows that some of the masters who are abducted and deceived are lazy. They will definitely not do some hard work. If they are interested, they are exhausted, and that is what they want to do. This is a Contradictions, and there are many such contradictions in life. These priests, at first, saw that the stone was burned by fire, and after watering, it cracked, so they thought it was a miracle and naturally interested in it for a long time. Then, they did understand this trick, and it was a reason for them to cheat people, so they were dissatisfied, but Yang Heng was not in this time. If they do n’t work, there will be guards over them. They were going out of the mountain, and the guards would not let them go, and this grievance came.

"Okay, okay, okay, I know you've worked hard. It's my fault. You can't work without telling the guards, but you don't want to go out in this mountain. Your department signed a deed with me. Although you did n’t sell it to me, it ’s almost the same. If you go out, I will make you wanted by the government. In fact, if you can wait, I promise you will be happy to come here and feel When it comes to nothing, and what you are eating these days, it is much better than your cheating. If the filling is exposed, you will still be beaten. "

The old words can still be heard, but the last few words, but they angered them, "What pitfalls and deceit, we were immortals at that time, we really caught the ghost, even Those ghosts have been killed. You haven't seen them, that blood. "

Well, because you can't even scam some savvy rural farmers, you still want to lie to me. If you were not chased by others, you can come here.

"Come on, I told you to come, naturally I know your tricks. If you can really catch a ghost, you will still be chased by the villagers?"

"You, dare you not believe us, bring our magic weapon, let us catch a ghost and show it to you, over there, over there, we will find a ghost there, fast, fast. Come, let's kill that ghost. "This performance level is too low. In order to show their ability, they talked casually. Everyone looks for you to catch ghosts, so you can talk nonsense, no wonder they are chased.

"You tell me why are you being chased." "Those villagers will be unlucky. There is a ghost over there. I, ah, ah, when I traveled to the village over there, I was hungry. I found a ghost, so I pulled a village woman and said they had a ghost there. As long as they took care of me for a meal, I killed the ghost. But the village woman ’s man came out and said that the poor man was a teasing woman. Call someone to chase me. "

Got it, this is a hungry and stunned master, deceptive technology too. (To be continued.)