Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 191 Surrender to Veterans

"Do you see this, okay, I'll do a trick for you. If you can follow suit, then I will let you go and give you some money for you to build a Taoist temple, but if you do n’t OK, then you can just stay here and work. "

Speaking of later, Yang Heng has bitten his teeth. These old men, do n’t thank Old Man Sun for saving them from the villagers. Instead, he cares about doing some work. Now let me treat you first, wait for you to serve It is estimated that the house will be built, and you should serve it.

"Come, go, bring the pot on the construction site, and also bring a jar of soybean oil over there, alas, let me go in person!" Why go in person and be an institution.

A few old men watched as some people busy took the pot and set it on the ground, and then poured a jar of soybean oil into it. They knew this soybean oil, and sometimes they put too much oil in cooking. There is a layer of oil floating on the soup. Looking at the bowl of soup seems to be very cold. As a result, people who are in a hurry will sizzle hot, and some people even blister in the mouth.

"Did you guys say that there are ghosts here? Well, let me have a fried little ghost." Fried little ghost, the prop Yang Heng was naturally not ready, but the little ghost was picked, Yang Heng was ready. .

"Ignite." The flame under the pot burned, and the oil pan boiled in a short while. "How hot should this be, the oil on those soups can be hot without any noise. This oil If people do n’t explode if they go in, are there really any ghosts? ”A few veterans thought secretly in their hearts, and Yang Heng laughed when they saw their pale faces, you, compare with me, It's still thousands of years of knowledge.

"Tian Lingling, Earth Ling Ling, Tai Shang Laojun quickly manifested, Tai Shang Laojun was anxious like a decree, and hesitated." Yang Heng made a gesture like this, then moved, "Here, See where you are going. "Yang Hengxu shook his hand as if there was something in his hand. Is this the catching ghost, look, it is still moving, you see, Xiao Langjun can't catch it anymore Fast frying, fast frying.

Not only the old road, but even the villagers working around it are anxious.

However, Yang Heng did a good job of this action. He seemed to be holding a little ghost in his hand, and he was still moving and wanted to run.

"Want to run, let me blow you up." Talking, throwing them into the hot oil, everyone was relieved.

If at this time the oil is tumbling again, it is a pity that Yang Heng is not ready. There is something wrong here, "What, you still want to run, where to run." Talking, Yang Heng reached into the pan, as if pressing Lived like this little ghost.

"Why, you're not here, scared. Well, I'll let you go." After talking, Yang Heng took out his hand, but scared the people around him. If Xiao Langjun gave What to do if you are burnt.

"Xiao Langjun, quickly, quickly, wipe your hands," "No need to wipe, I wash my hands with water." When Yang Heng washed his hands, he found that this arm was red. It turned out that the temperature was a bit high.

"What, you ca n’t climb out, but I ’m exhausted too, how can I fish you out, what, let the Taoist Chief fish you, only the Taoist Chief can see you here, so good, several Taoist leaders, you See, I did this. I accidentally caught a passing ghost and got off the pan, and you all saw it. It's an innocent ghost. I want to let him go, but now my mana cost That ’s all, whoever of you is coming, whoever is going to get him out of the pan. ”

Several veterans had already turned pale at this time. They didn't see any kid or kid, but it was true that Yang Heng really put his hand into the pan, but he did n’t have this ability.

"Dongjia, Xiaolangjun, please spare us. We are all scammers. We don't see any ghosts. We don't have the ability to get him out of the hot oil pan." Now, admit that they are liars.

But there is another priest who does not believe in evil. "You can do it, and I can do it. There must be a doorway in it, or I try, maybe the oil is not hot!"

He really thought of the idea, because Yang Heng was not prepared, but rushed to the battle, some methods were not used, such as the cry of the little ghost being bombed, or even the scene of the splash of oil flowers throwing the little ghost into the oil. No, it is naturally fake. Everything is expressed by language. It was even seen by a Taoist priest, but at this time he really did n’t understand some things. He thought that the oil was still cold now. If it was cold, Yang Heng ’s hands would not be hot Red, it's a small flaw again.

"Okay, it seems that the Taoist Master is the real ghost catcher. Come, everyone is welcome to let the little ghost out of the pan." Yang Heng looked at you, there is something hooked on it, so don't hurry up. .

"Yeah, yeah, Dao, how sad a good kid is in the hot oil. You should get him out and let it go. If Xiaolangjun has no mana, how can you make Dao you do it yourself? "Don't say, this Chinese people, no matter ancient or modern, they are so kind. At first they heard that there was a ghost, that was scared, but then they heard that this was a good ghost, and they started to feel sorry for him. Although no one saw any little ghost, they really believed that there was a little ghost in this hot pan.

"You stupid people, oh, why haven't I met stupid people like you, I met some people, otherwise I'm still being fooled, eating and drinking!" Lao Dao sighed and went to the pan He leaned forward, in fact, he murmured in his heart, "If this is true, will my arm not be protected? Otherwise, I will try it first to see if the oil is hot."

"Come on, Mr. Tao, that little devil is going to blow up. How pathetic, you can rescue him soon!" These kind people, are consolidating a liar to the death, they don't even know .

"Okay, I'll get him out of here now." The old man took a hard turn, and slowly poked his hand into the oil pan.

Now, how do I feel that my hands are hot? Is the little ghost in this pan real, this is the real god. "The director is fast, fast," the audience urged the director unanimously, and they wanted to see the sight of their arms in the pan again, at this time they had forgotten the poor thing about the imp.

"I fight, ah ..." A high pitched trembled the whole valley three times, and the birds were swarmed by him. There were also some beasts moving quickly. A big monster came here, too. It's scary, let's move away.

So that within a few years, there was no beast in the middle of the valley. When the beasts moved back, gunpowder came out, they did n’t even drop their feet, and then moved away. That ’s why it caused some The people who came to investigate the secret entered the beast's belly.

The fire is full. They have a big monster in the valley, and we will endure it. If you want to come here for fun, I will eat you well.

So for a long time in the future, there is a legend here that this is a beast mountain, there are monsters, God often thunder and slash these monsters, people can not enter, once they enter, they will be eaten by the beast. It also allowed Yang Heng to spend a period of safety very smoothly.

"Well, the Chief Taoist is also a liar. Look at his hand, it's all hot without skin." Isn't it skinless? If you say temptation, try it out. You just put a finger and try it. You As for using one hand?

Fortunately, Mr. Sun Dao is in the medicine field next to him. He also came over after hearing the screams here. Without that diamond, how dare you take this porcelain job, it really deserves it. "Sun Siyi said resentfully, this Yang Heng can also mess with you.

"Who else, want to try." "No, no, Xiao Langjun, we served, served, and it will be yours in the future." , This matter must be kept secret in the future, and cannot be passed on. "(To be continued.)