Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 193 Returning with Full Load

With a shout, several women came in from the outside, and the eldest grandson walked quickly from behind, "Erlang, Your Majesty, are you okay." Talking, I took Li Er's quite sensationally. Hands watching.

"Yang Heng, do you know the guilt?" "Ah, madam, me." Plop, Yang Heng then knelt down, even he himself wondered why his knees were so soft, oh, I know, he knew since Since the elder grandson, elder grandson has never been angry in front of him, he has forgotten that this is also a giant beast, a queen of a country under one person and over a billion people.

"Mother (queen mother), you should spare Yang Heng (brother Heng)," The scolding of the grandson led to Changle, Yuzhang, and the young mother also kneeling.

"Okay, okay, queen, these are all my own ideas, mainly to see that the guard is too wacky, not even hot, what's the name of the ghost, come, take this down." Li Erye Some people are embarrassed. How can a Nine-Five Lord respect a guard? This is hot but not hot. You can find a few more people to experiment with it. This is fine, and I will accept the grandson's meal.

"Your Majesty, Erlang, I have to say this to you. Those rotten men know that gentlemen are not listed on the wall. What do you say you let a ninety-five supreme go into the hot pot? Is that what the emperor did ... and also You, Yang Heng, know the dangers and do not stop your Majesty. Do you have any bad intentions? I, this palace will punish you, Changle, go back with your mother, wait for your husband to figure out what time, what time you Come back to him. "

What kind of punishment was this? Yang Heng was stunned. "Yuzhang, you haven't come along yet." Yu Zhang also obediently followed the grandson, and here only Li Er, and kneeling Yang Heng and Xiao Niang Er people.

"Both of you, get up." Li Er asked Yang Heng to stand up. "This is not to blame you. They are all puppets, puppets. Forget it, you go out of the palace, don't go to the countryside first, Just stay at home. "Li Er even kicked them out of the palace.

Yang Heng could clearly feel that Li Er's tone carried helplessness. Although the grandson went back, he was not interested in continuing the experiment. If it continued, maybe he would get a meal from the grandson.

And Yang Heng also had some inexplicable feelings. What kind of punishment was it to let Changle leave for a while, as if it seemed that he should have come back to live for a while, especially the princess, who did n’t often meet with the horses, so Yang Heng followed Changle, often makes some eunuchs talk to Li Er in his spare time, saying that it ’s not ritual, nothing, but Li Er does n’t listen, Yang Heng does n’t care, as if this eunuch is purely fun. Got.

"Brother Heng, what are you thinking about? Go away. This palace is too dangerous, and even the queen is so dangerous, you will never dare to come again." The young lady patted her chest and said, as if scared, Yang Heng You know, this is for the young lady.

"Well, it's all big girls, and there's also my in-laws. Don't do these deceptive moves." Yang Heng petted the little mother's head, "I will not marry Brother Heng, otherwise, let that The little boy is married to our house. "

You really dare to think that the future emperor will marry him, Yang Heng said in secret.

"Xiao Langjun, little lady, are you here now, what about the princess?" Speaking, Sister Lian looked behind Yang Heng. There was no one there. Why did they come back?

"Sister Lian, go in. The princess is now back in the palace. The queen mother wants her to stay in the palace for a few days." Yang Heng said casually.

"What, it ’s not Brother Heng that you provoked the queen's maiden, otherwise why would the maiden leave the princess, right? The princess Yuzhang also let the queen maiden leave, this queen maiden, and the emperor uncle It's scary, I dare not enter the palace anymore. "The young lady pouted." It's awkward, Xiaolangjun, why are you provoking the emperor and the queen mother? This, this ... "Sister Lian was incoherent. However, she knew that the consequences of causing the emperor were either to mate or to die, and the worst thing was that their subordinates would let the official family sell, if they sold another family, their small family would also be Dispersed.

"It's okay, Sister Lian, don't worry, in fact, it is the queen mother who is angry with the emperor, and it will be fine in a few days, and the two princesses and queen mothers also miss them, just to keep them Reunite in the palace. "Yang Heng explained, he had to explain clearly, otherwise it would make the family's heart jealous, which is not good.

"Yes, Sister Lian, you send someone to the home in the countryside to inform you, and then say that I and the young lady will rest in the city for a while and then go back." "Well, then." Sister Lian patted her breast She was frightened, she also knew that the little girl was still young, and some things were not particularly understood, so she still believed what Yang Heng said.

"I'll arrange for someone to go right away. Let Ada go. He said it more clearly." Ada, the sister of Lian, said to Da Ge that they have been very kind since they got married and gave birth to one. The cute boy is also the name given by the little girl, Luer. This is the son of Sister Lian and Dago. Why did you choose such a name? Because the girl was wet with dew outside when the child was born, so Angrily even gave a Luer name.

Although Yang Heng is not very satisfied, Brother Ke Dao and Sister Lian are satisfied. This is the name given by one of the most favored young ladies in the Yang family. In fact, the name is indifferent, and even the more ordinary, the better. Good to feed.

"Yang Yema, Your Majesty asked our family to bring you a cart." While Yang Heng, Xiaoniang, and Sister Lian were talking outside, even Dage didn't set off, Li Er's people came again, this time It was a car-carrying thing. Actually, it wasn't Yang Heng's fault this time, and even Yang Heng still had some work. At this time, Li Er didn't want to suppress Yang Heng. Naturally, he needed to draw some attention. After leaving, he arranged for the eunuch beside him to bring a cart of things.

"Master, you worked hard, you worked hard, take a break inside and go back." Yang Heng is very enthusiastic to everyone other than those who are different from each other, especially Li The same is true of the eunuchs around Er, even these eunuchs, or guards, no matter what they are doing, Yang Heng will give them a small purse with a few small pieces of gold or silver in it. Sometimes there are few, there is no specific rule, in fact, Yang Heng does not need to do this. He is the red man behind the emperor. He can see the emperor at any time, and the queen, but Yang Heng did it. Just make a good relationship with these people, and occasionally I will get something about the emperor and the queen. I am angry or happy. In this way, sometimes Yang Heng can do well in advance when he sees Li Er and his grandson. ready. To say whether this matter is good or not, Yang Heng is very opposed to this kind of thing, but whether it is ancient or modern, if it is not the case, it will fall behind. Yang Heng has learned a lot in previous lives, so although he did n’t like it, But it did the same.

"Yang Yema, you are too polite, our family will not go in, you will accept it." After taking the purse, eunuch Wang became even more enthusiastic, and even whispered to Yang Heng.

"Yang Ma, Your Majesty is very happy since you left, and you are still bragging about you. You can rest assured that the princess will be back soon, Your Majesty will let you live in peace." The so-called modern newspaper, however, this is good reason In the end, Yang Heng didn't care, but Sister Lian, Xiao Niang, and Da Ge were at ease, with smiles on their faces.

"Horse horse, our family is going back now." "Goodbye, my father-in-law. I'm free to play." His mother's face changed very quickly, and she was indeed a child. "The princess is afraid to, dare not, our family retires." Maybe when a little eunuch like Eunuch Wang will be assigned to Li Zhi's men, in this way, the young lady will be his master in the future, so do n’t be too arrogant. It seems that in the early Tang Dynasty, the eunuchs were really There is no status. (To be continued.)