Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 195 Visiting Biogas Facilities (1)

"Your Majesty, let Chen take you to visit Chen's biogas facilities." Since it is for this, let ’s take a tour, that is, if Li Er is not coming, Yang Heng will also invite him to visit. It needs to be promoted.

The biogas equipment started from the second westward room. The first thing that appeared in front of everyone was a biogas lamp on the cloister. Because this is the cloister, it needs to illuminate a long distance, so the lamp head is five torches on it. Yes, it looks brighter, like lighting five candles.

"This is a biogas lamp, isn't it too bright, but why do you light it during the day?" Li Er asked the first question, "Your Majesty, the amount of gas produced by this biogas is sufficient, and there needs to be a place to light it every day. However, the minister just put the place that needs to be ignited here. Moreover, there are mainly the duty room of the biogas equipment care staff in this place, and there are several people going forward who are responsible for biogas cleaning and other work. place to live."

For the sake of safety, Yang Heng only set up such a place without raising too many people. However, in this way, the safe use of biogas can be guaranteed without any trouble. Just say the lamp. The staff on duty only If you need to observe the length of the flames regularly, you can know the pressure in the biogas digester. If the flames are too high, you need to reduce the pressure and light a few more lights. If the flames are too low, you need to extinguish the flames. It's a lamp.

Another is that beside this duty room is a hot water room. There is hot water supply from morning to night every day, which can supply many people to drink water and also to take baths. Yang Heng asked the blacksmith to create a lot of thin iron pots. This tin pot can not only boil water, but also water, so transportation is much more convenient. The occupants of each room only need to carry the water to carry the water, and they also wrap some outside the pot. Insulation material, this can also ensure that the hot water has a certain insulation time.

"The duty room, take me in and take a look." Li Er said, but did not move forward, meaning naturally the guards advanced to check it, and then Yang Heng led the way in the so-called duty room. , "Your Majesty, Your Majesty." A few of the subordinates knelt there shivering, which scared a few guards. "Let's get up, I have something to ask you." "Yes, Your Majesty." The people trembled. Standing up sturdyly, it is really a shame to Yang Heng, isn't it Li Li? He can't eat you, he just wants to eat you, and he won't be your turn in a short time. Yang Heng thought with resentment, naturally he also knew that this was the result of the guards yelling.

"What are you posted on the wall?" "Her Majesty, this is the code of duty and the regulations for the maintenance and use of biogas." Yang Heng interrupted, apparently, these people were speechless. At this moment Not only afraid, but also excited. I met the first person in the world, and I talked to the first person in the world. Happy, so the trembling of fear became trembling of excitement. If Yang Heng knew what they thought If you do, everyone will kick them in the atmosphere, and you're just fine. You can't grow a piece of meat when you see it, and you can't grow a piece of meat if you don't see it. By the way, you may lose weight. Afraid, excited for a while, this sweat sheds a lot, can also be thin.

"Tell me, can you understand all of these?" "Yes, these little princes have taught us, and they let us recite them. Xiaolang prince, or the administrator of the lotus, occasionally came to check us. If there is any mistake, it will be beaten a few whip at least, and it is most likely to be killed. "It is easy for people to say that if such a work plan is not done well, it is deserved to be killed.

"Yang Heng, what are you doing for this?" "Safety, Your Majesty, since this biogas can be ignited, then there must be other things. If you don't take good care of it, once it has any problems, it will be a big deal. Just like what happened in the legendary swamp will happen here again, so whoever wants to do this thing must have a set of such rules. "Yang Heng originally said that the explosion, but at this time gunpowder has not yet been developed Come out and say that Er Er can't understand the explosion. Using a firecracker as a sample, what is the firecracker? The bamboo is thrown into a brazier to burn, and then it makes some popping sounds. What can it do?

"Here is it?" Li Er came out of the duty room, and then entered the water-burning room on the side, while the people in the room were on the side. There was no way. There was boiling water everywhere, and at this time Yang Heng, as well as the guards, stood next to Li Er. The legs of Li Er were too brisk. Before anyone responded, he came in. "Steaming room, sire, let's go out and talk, you see Here, there is nothing else but the kettle, "Yang Heng begged Li Er, this place is not fun, boiling water, it is too dangerous, one accidentally kicked a pot of water, if Li Er hot , Or frightened Li Er, that's incredible.

"Okay, okay, I'll just go out," he said, and he looked at the kettles in the clothes a few more times. "Boy, what a good thing, don't talk to him." Li Er saw If you do n’t know anything, you think Yang Heng is secret. You do n’t have anything in your palace. Can you still see these clothes kettles?

I glanced hurriedly, Li Er didn't see how the water was boiled, just saw the kettle on the ground and the heat in the house, but this was enough, it was convenient to use hot water. This is Li Er The only idea, and I have n’t seen anything like fireworks, I do n’t have any smell yet. For the most advanced coal briquette stove at this time, this coal briquette stove was also made by Yang Heng. The cleanest, no smell, no smoke, and even the speed of boiling water is not slow. In short, what Li Er saw was a good one.

"Your Majesty, that's the toilet, so don't go in." There are four places in the toilet, and two are used by the host family. Of course, they are divided between men and women, a men's toilet and a women's toilet. They are designed according to the toilets of later generations. , Squatting style, there are two toilets in the women ’s toilet and four toilets in the men ’s toilet. This is because most of the guests who come are men, and the directions for entering the toilet are different. There is basically no one man and one woman. It ’s happening to meet outside. That ’s it. On the outer wall of the toilet, the words men ’s toilets and women ’s toilets are even written, and even men and women ’s patterns are painted on it. Generally they do n’t recognize it wrong. There will be no embarrassing things when someone cares for you.

On the other side, there are people's toilets, which are also divided into men and women. There is no difference between the toilets in the front, that is, the statement is different. Again, this is how Yang Heng set up more toilets in order to avoid trouble.

"Your Majesty, the inside is dirty and dirty, it is better not to go in." Li Er was curious wherever he was, and even a toilet didn't want to let go. When he entered the men's toilet, the women behind them naturally stopped. Then, he was brought into the women's toilet on the other side by the young lady.

If you say that the toilet is really not dirty, the concrete brick wall is smoothed with cement, and then a layer of white lime is added on it. If it is whiter than Li Er's palace, it is impossible, but It is much stronger than the ordinary Xiaofu House, but to say how strong it is, there are not many buildings that can be compared. The ground is also a concrete floor, and it is also a water channel in the toilet pit. Rush away, this is also dirty as Yang Heng said.

"Yang Heng, do you say, is this the cement you are talking about?" Li Er asked on the ground, because he stomped the ground with his feet a few times, but did not lift the ground to the ground. Get some wood shavings, you know, the ground is stubble, just to be able to seep down.

"Yes, Your Majesty, this is the cement, the strength is still good, the guilty guilty, did not report to Your Majesty in time, these are all things delayed." Yang Heng had to plead guilty, if there is no anger, Yang Heng It will not be reported yet. This matter is too cumbersome, and some things Yang Heng naturally forgot. (To be continued.)