Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 196 Visiting Biogas Facilities (2)

When Li Er visited the men ’s toilet, the eldest grandson was also visiting the women ’s toilet. This couple was really a husband and wife. You said that there is nothing good to visit the toilet, and the couple entered the visit. .

This couple is dead, let's continue to visit.

"Madam, look, this is the women's toilet. You can enter two people to use the toilet at the same time. If there is a guest in the house who needs to use the toilet, there will be a waitress outside. She can guide the toilet person how to use the toilet. This is a sign. If you enter a person, just turn it over, there will be someone on it, and turn it back when you leave. If not, the maid will also enter the inspection. This is a door. Just put the door inside Closed is a personal space, you can squat or sit, these are two movable brackets, as long as you put them down, you can sit on it, if you think it is not clean, there is toilet paper here, you can shop on it Separated from the ground. "Speaking, the young lady took some earthy papyrus from one side. "When these papers came out of the workshop, they were steamed at high temperature, absolutely safe, and there were no so-called bacteria or anything." Here is Yang Heng's proper term, and the young lady is not quite sure.

Where did this toilet paper come from? Yang Heng made it. Well, when the Yang family just started to look a little bit, Yang Heng was not used to using the toilet. Now, I ’m not used to using toilets. If I do n’t use it in this life, I always feel that I ca n’t wipe it clean, and there is damage to the skin. Therefore, Yang Heng started to make toilet paper just after he got better at home. With the power of waterwheel, it can be easily made naturally. With the tools to smash the bark and straw, the pulp was simply beaten out, but how to form the paper then caused some trouble to Yang Heng. What ’s the trouble? It ’s about lime water and alkali. In the end, Yang Heng still used alkali. This is what Sun Simiao brought from some alchemists. Sun Simiao was used to make medicine, and Yang Heng It is used to make paper. In this way, Yang Heng has not fired lime, and there is no lime water to use.

At first, the paper made by Yang Heng was too hard to use in the toilet, and too fragile for writing. After many times, the toilet paper was officially made, that is, some toilet paper.

For safety, Yang Heng steamed these papers again in a dry and high temperature environment, and then packed them. This is the real toilet paper. What is used for packaging? I still use these papers to directly wrap it, but it is placed in a dry place. It ’s just that the first workshop of the Yang family, apart from carpentry, is the first one. Because it was not transmitted and used to make money, so far, it has been used inside the Yang family. Even Changle and Yuzhang didn't take it seriously. They all brought a small bag to the maid, so they could not use it at any time before they came to Yang Heng's house.

Seeing the calm expressions of Changle and Yuzhang proved that they had been used, and the grandson narrowed the two with his eyes fiercely. It was really a woman who couldn't help her. Mother said, let them suffer from toilet preparation.

In fact, they can use any cloth, silk, or even paper to go to the toilet, but if they are discovered by some officials and eunuchs, that ’s a big deal, what a waste, the second emperor appears, so for the sake of fame, Li Second, it ’s better to use toilets, and the toilet paper made by Yang Heng has no such statement. If you ca n’t write, how to write, not one, when you write, it is just passing through the paper. This Paper Yang Heng even made something special, that is, the color is different, compared with these ocher, the kind is off-white, these are napkins. However, this kind of Yang Heng does not do much, and it is not very useful. Do people need to wash napkins, so do they need napkins, so these napkins have become ladies' special papers.

"Yang Heng, what is this?" Similarly, when Li Er opened a drawer on the wall, he found that a stack of ocher paper was also asking this question. After Yang Heng answered, Li Er's face changed only slightly, and he did not express his opinion.

The last place to visit is the most important equipment, the biogas digester. This is a relatively large biogas digester. There are two ponds in the middle, and two valves are connected in the middle. Usually, the two ponds are conceived. When the material is discharged from a tank, the valve on the side of the discharged tank is closed, and gas can only be produced from a tank. Naturally, the gas production is relatively small at this time.

The most interesting thing is the inlet and the gully. There is water flowing in every day, and the natural water intake is more. On the gully, Yang Heng designed a waterwheel to pass the gushing water through a The channel flows into the circulating channel again and enters a storage tank inside the pen. After the pen is cleaned, as long as the person cleaning the pen pens some grass and feces into the water channel, and then releases the valve of the tank. , These things will be quickly washed into the biogas digester, and some water that has been settled many times, even without any odor, enters the toilet's circulating water channel, and there will be some water consumption during the cycle. At this time, There will be some hot water added to the canal, that is, excess hot water is added through the boiling water chamber. This will increase the gas production in summer and will not reduce the gas production too much in winter.

These watercourses made by Yang Heng are all made of cement and bricks. Even the tops are covered with cement boards. No smell will come out. If the time is long, you can lift the slate to the bottom. Clean up, but this time is not much. After the digester is discharged, the water channel will be flushed with a large current, so that there is basically no sediment in it.

To say that this biogas digester is better than Yang Heng's previous life in some respects, first of all, these channels, and various circulation systems, and the shortcomings are also many, that is, it consumes too much copper and the pipeline will not Very long, unable to reach the ability of long-distance transportation, and the pressure is unmeasurable, and the only way is to control the air pressure with a torch and a gushing water channel. Someone needs to monitor it, but there are many people in this era, and some people don't care about adding more Population, as far as Yang Heng is concerned, this will instead train a group of qualified workers. Perhaps Yang Heng who will use these people in some factories in the future will not need to be trained.

The visit was finally over. Li Er was generally satisfied with the issue of toilet paper. These two couples were very opinionated, but these were resolved by Changle. She signed a supply and demand agreement with Changsun. The contract is to use the crying method to require the grandson to buy toilet paper from the purchase method. The price is reasonable. If the worker's salary is calculated, there will be a slight surplus. If the development cost is included, it will lose money. However, this is a long-term business, which is still suitable. Also, it can be marked with the name of the royal concession, so that it can be priced at a high price. Originally, Yang Heng and Changle negotiated to supply the palace for free. Jing Changle talked about this, and he was profitable and contented in the palace.

"Yang Heng, next, I will arrange some ministers to visit your biogas system. Please note that you must receive these ministers well, make them happy and return, and let each minister order a set. Such a system, this way, our Chang'an City will also be much cleaner. "

From Li Er's tone, Yang Heng heard that he still didn't catch a cold in Chang'an City. He did not catch a cold, but Yang Heng didn't catch a cold. He often encountered some dung cars or picked dung in the city. It ’s all smelly on the way. If there is a car leaking feces, this street will be smelly for a few days, and there will always be people pouring in the feces in the river. The ancients were very civilized. In short, ancient cities also had some sources of pollution, and precisely, Yang Heng's biogas system can solve this problem.

This made Li Er find a good way to solve urban odors and not be disturbed by those eunuchs. You know, for this problem, Li Er was not disturbed lightly, but he had no way to solve it, so he had to press things on those martial arts, but what martial arts can solve, can only solve some leaks. What is the problem with dung vehicles? (To be continued.)