Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 197 A New Understanding of the Role of Cement

Yang Heng didn't expect that some ministers came very quickly. The oldest ones came naturally, the old fairies like Cheng Fairy and Old Silly.

"I said, big nephew, you don't see much copper money in our house, otherwise, you cemented my family with a hundred or ten bags?" This is Cheng Yaojing, who counts him most shamelessly.

"It is impossible to give cement. This is a restricted purchase product. Not only is the purchase restricted, but the amount of use must be registered. If you bought ten bags, only nine and a half bags were used, and the rest you need to take back to the cement factory, otherwise your majesty You will be guilty of it. "Yang Heng joked with the old fairies, but he suddenly thought, this is not a joke, what is this, cement, once it is discovered by foreign countries, then this is a strategic resource that harms Datang. Building a city and building some military facilities is the fastest and the strongest.

"Restrictions on purchases, restrictions on purchases, failed, I will go to the palace immediately, to report to Her Majesty." Yang Heng could not care about staying with the old fairies, turned and wanted to leave. "Hyun nephew, are you? Ah, the old man is also going to the palace. For such important materials, you should only use it to do these things, go, go to the palace together." The old fairy also reacted, in fact, he was taken by Yang Heng It reminded me that if it was Li Er's order, he only needed to obey it. But Yang Heng's words required him to turn his brain a few times to prevent him from being tricked. Actually, Yang Heng didn't like it. It's these old guys who love the next one, but it's the typical villain's heart.

"Your Majesty, you have a honour." Seeing the old fairies grabbing first, Yang Heng had to stand aside with one hand. "You two are here, how could you come together to see you? Is there any defect in the biogas tank? ,still is."

"Your Majesty, Chen proposed to suspend the biogas digester project and re-identify the use of cement. Chen believes that cement is more than just one use." "Ao, Cheng Aiqing, what other use does this cement have for you?" Li Er Looking at Cheng Fairy with interest, when did this old killer pass through so, did today ’s head come out from the west?

"Your Majesty, you see, this is a piece of cement residue that I picked up from the corner of Yang Yan's Ma's house. Chen originally wanted to scoop it down from the wall of his house. Residue. "When Yang Heng looked, when did this old fairie pick up the slag from under the wall, this slag was half the size of a fist. Because of the bricklayer, they didn't know much about cement, so it wasted a lot. The cement is such a piece of slag, and Yang Heng was too lazy to let them clean it up, but it was laid on the wall, buried with soil and then flattened underground, somehow was picked out by this old fairy.

"Let's take a look. This is even stronger than stone. Yang Heng, can you tell me that cement is so strong, what use is it for?" "Under the circumstances, cement is indeed so strong, and this cement only needs to be On a certain amount of sand, even gravel, it is quite strong within a day after use. It is the best building material for building cities and roads, and even for sewers. Buildings are good materials. Unfortunately, Now, the output of the cement plant in the family is still low, and it can only be used to build some biogas digesters, that is, there are more biogas digesters, and the cement output cannot keep up. "Yang Heng said with some pity.

"The output is small, but I have found that all the cement in your home is used. If your words are not true, I will put you at a crime of bullying." "Yes, Your Majesty, you must treat this kid as a crime of bullying." There is such a good thing that it is not used out, but it is just so expensive to build a biogas digester, and Chen feels that it cannot bear it. "Cheng Yaojing ignited.

"I said General Cheng, but that's not what I said. Do you know the benefits of this biogas digester, do you know that apart from these things on the eyes, do you know the other benefits?"

"What's the benefit, it's just boiling water and lighting the lamp. Besides, the old man also found that the toilet was good, but he had to rebuild the entire yard, and even burned the fertilizer." Cheng The fairy said indifferently.

"General Cheng, you are sure to burn the fertilizer. First of all, your home will be very clean. You must know that using a toilet at home, the smell is very strong, and this biogas tank is odorless, even if it smells That is, the air leakage occasionally has the smell of rotten eggs, but the fertilizer is increased many times, and the biogas slurry and biogas residue fertilizer field will also destroy some insect pests. This biogas slurry biogas fertilizer field can also improve the soil. Let ’s increase the grain production, you said there is no benefit. "Yang Heng said to Cheng Fairy very angry.

"It's true, why didn't you say it earlier, Your Majesty, do you know, or else, rule this kid more than one count." This process fairy started to make trouble out of no reason, maybe this is his way of acting, maybe His intention is, emperor, although this kid is your son-in-law, the reward should be given, can't just leave it alone.

"Okay, do n’t worry about this biogas slurry, Yang Heng, now you send a few bags of cement to the palace, right, what else do you need, sand and stones? Come on, pass on the book of the Ministry of War, the book of the Ministry of Industry, and ... "Li Er's series of orders were issued to let people visit the role of this cement.

Yang Heng was waiting for this order. When Li Er ordered it, he quickly left the palace, and then took a few cars of cement stones into the palace, but for security, these things were let the guards use long guns to pierce. After entering the palace many times, it directly caused a lot of cement powder to be sprinkled all the way, and it was these cement powder that led to a very important and heartbroken character.

"Okay, Yang Heng has arrived, let's start now, Yang Heng, according to your design." When Yang Heng arrived, a group of veterans had already waited here, and even asked each other what the emperor had called them to come. What ’s the matter, and the only thing I can know is Cheng Fairy. If you want to ask things from Cheng Fairy ’s mouth, that ’s basically the sun is coming out from the west, so they did n’t ask Cheng Fairy directly, and let Cheng Fairy be there. Feeling very boring.

When Cheng Yaojing was about to talk forward, Yang Heng just arrived. "Boy, you're here so soon." Cheng Yaojing asked Yang Heng softly, even with a little blame, what, I'm coming soon You also have opinions, and then look aside, and then you understand, he was excluded from the circle.

"Dear generals, how are you, this is cement," "Ha ha ha ha, really lively, what are you doing." "I have seen the Emperor." A laugh came from outside, followed by the eunuch's voice, what, the emperor Here, Yang Heng feels a little surprised. He has been in the world for several years. Although he said he was the emperor when he first arrived, since Li Er became emperor, he hasn't heard anything. According to Yang According to Heng Qian's yy novel, he is now busy making children, but today he has come out. In fact, Li Yuan is not out, but it is not visible to the world. This did not even attract cement powder today. It can be seen that the new thing is really attractive.

"I've seen the emperor (the emperor)." Everyone saluted Li Yuan at the same time. "Okay, okay, don't be polite, this is my granddaughter, why did you make this thing, you continue, you continue , I'm just curious, come and take a look. "

"Yang Heng, you go on." "You two, come here, you take the shovel, you go to sip the water." Hey, this is your own, just as there is a guard on the side, Yang Heng directly directs the guards to start The work of mixing the cement was mixed with sand, stone, and cement, and then a pit was dug in the middle and the water was poured in. Then Yang Heng glanced around and found that the place was in Inside the courtyard of a hall, this is exactly a place to stay.

"Your Majesty, let Chen Chen harden the ground, so you won't be afraid of rain and mud in the future." "Cheng, I'm allowed." Li Er said indifferently, indeed this place has a lot of mud, Yang Heng observes very well, and Li Er also likes to receive some officials in this place. He originally wanted to slate. If it is hardened, the slate does not need to be paved. (To be continued.)