Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 198 Hardness of Cement

Although the purpose of today is to verify the usefulness of cement, there is too much cement here. There are more than a dozen bags. What bags? plastic woven bag? Kraft paper bag? Will there be plastic woven bags at this time? That ’s not a person crossing, but a plastic woven bag. It ’s a kind of soft grass woven bag, also called a woven bag. It uses double layers so that there is less leakage outside. I ’ve planted a bag, but in this case, the cement is easily wet and spilled. For this reason, Yang Hengte made a wooden box carriage, which is an open box. It's in the box. .

This time Li Yuan was brought in, the guards pierced the bottom of the box with a small hole. It can be seen how tight the defenses in this palace are. The guards said not to check, and they just checked, but the actual The inspection was done carefully. After unloading the cement, Yang Heng found at least five small holes in the bottom of the carriage box. It can be seen that the guards are working hard. If someone like Assassin does exist, it will definitely be wounded even if it is not found. There may be blood spills. As a result, the blood was not spilled, the cement powder was sprayed all the way, and Li Yuan, the emperor, came. Already.

"Wait a minute, granddaughter, who uses sand and mud with mud, and also, your gray mud is not sticky. How can you make it here, will it be more difficult to leave in the future?" What are you trying to do and show your presence?

"Returning to the emperor, this is a new material made by the minister, known as cement. When it coagulates, it will be harder than stone." Yang Heng replied to Li Yuan.

"That's okay, you go on, I'm really old, I don't know what's new here." Li Yuan sighed, are you a complaint, how do you want someone to answer.

"You two, spread the mixed ash evenly from this place, yes, it must be more than three inches thick. You, continue to mix the ash according to the proportion just now, what, you do n’t know what is the proportion, okay. Now, let me tell you, it's a piece of cement, so many pieces of sand, and so many stones, mix them well. And, old generals, you have worked hard, and everyone is here. Stepping on the paved top will make this place stronger. "In this era, there are no vibrating sticks, and vibrating machines can only be stepped on manually. Actually, there is no need to step on them. Yang Heng only Let these veteran generals and Li Er understand the use of this cement. If it is really used for paving the road, you really need to make some artificial vibrations. There are more horse carriages on the road, and Yang Heng can't limit what load capacity, naturally need something to shake the mixed ash.

"Okay, it's all done now, Your Majesty, I have a place here, one is for the cement board for experiment, and the other is better than the cement floor on the side, isn't it?" What's less, Yang Heng is just a dozen of bags of cement with heartache, and his carriage box, so this place is only half of Li Er.

"Yes." "You, come, this is a wooden squeegee. You hardened it and smoothed it out. I gave it a half-light." Yang Heng suddenly found that he didn't leave any sand. There is also cement for light, so I started to fool Li Er, "Your Majesty, this place is in the yard, so there is no need for light on the top, as long as it is smoothed out, so if it rains, the top will not Slipping, even if it ’s snowing, there ’s nothing to do. If you ’re indoors, you have to go twice and three times. ”

"Okay, okay." What Li Er can say, only Yang Heng knows how to use this, he just chimes in and has no way to start. He also knows that Yang Heng may be fooling him, but how to confuse him, do n’t understand, if In Yang Heng's previous life, even a fool couldn't fool him. The courtyard was stubborn. Daguang didn't need it, Xiaoguang didn't want it. Three times, he didn't want it, and he still wanted it twice.

Yang Heng used his self-made iron knife. He found a stubble so high and lower, and it was still successful. There were no potholes.

Then, an irregular thin plate with a diameter of about one foot was randomly spread out in the open space on the side.

"Your Majesty, from now on, don't be hired. Wait for two days before you can be hired. Three days later, we will verify how strong the cement board is." Finally, Yang Hengshu breathed a sigh of relief, and he was too rusty. Now, at home, he instructed the people to do it, so he did n’t need to do it himself, but here, the commander can do something, what can he do, and this shows his craft, fortunately on the side People do n’t understand the use of this cement, otherwise these old guys will not be laughed at!

"Knife, I'll leave it here for you. Arrange someone to watch it immediately, but don't go up and step on it." Li Er turned around and instructed an old eunuch next to him. This old eunuch is the eunuch next to Li Er, and it should be Li The second eunuch you trusted the most, see him with two eyes, even feel like going to sleep, but the more so, the more you can not underestimate, because every time I see Li Er, this old eunuch is on the side In fact, even Li Er went out of the palace a few years ago with this old eunuch.

Three days later, still in this place, a group of old guys, and even Li Yuan also came here, all curious, this cement is too rare, there is such a thing in this world, it can be harder than stone, and even still Hardened in such a short time.

When everyone arrived, they were dumbfounded, leaving a small series of footprints on the concrete floor, but it seemed that Li Er did not have any opinions on this. After everyone inquiring, it was a masterpiece of Li Zhi. It is said to be I tried to see if the cement was really hard or fake for his father, so I went up and took a trip. The final result was that my brother-in-law was deceiving. The cement was soft and could leave footprints, but what was he? The time went up after Yang Heng walked away with those old guys. Even the people who watched it did not dare to care about it, even in front of Li Er.

"Your Majesty, Grandpa Little is so clever. You can see how ugly the light above is. After such a walk by Grandpa, this is a good painting. It makes the ground look less monotonous, and I tell everyone, This is where I walked in. Otherwise, Chen also went up and left a series of footprints. "Who is this, so shameless, go up and leave footprints, you think you are a master of martial arts, and shake the mountain with a lame foot .

After the minister came out and walked on it, Yang Heng found that he didn't know, but the image was a literary minister, and only such a shameless person would be in the literary minister.

"Your Majesty, Grandpa Little is so amazing that he can leave such a series of footprints, but none of them can remain." Funny enough, it seems that he does not know what is being studied here.

"Your Majesty, look at this slate, it is really strong." You old fairie, you ca n’t be so shameless. This is a slate, or a cement slab. Do you want to show that Yang Heng was not responded to by the Wenchen just now? Come here and start testing the hardness of this cement board now.

"You, come here, pierce it with a gun, pierce it hard." Then the old fairy instructed a guard to start piercing the cement board, and the result was that it couldn't move, and even cracked the guard's tiger's mouth. He's working so hard.

"Bring the hammer and let a household hammer strike it." Yu Chi didn't show weakness and went straight to the battle. "General Yu Chi, General Yu Chi, you better hit the ground. If you ca n’t break such a thin cement board, then it is not a cement board, but an iron board," Wei Yang was hesitated by being blocked by Yang Heng. The result is that the speed is slow. As a result, only a stamp is smashed on the cement board. "Snack, such a small board should be so strong, let a certain family smash it again." Well, Yang Heng did not stop it. Let him smash it, and it goes without saying that the cement board is torn apart, but the generals are also tongue-tied, just such a thin board, and it is necessary for the captain to use so much effort, so what should this thing be for the city? The result.

"Come and come, this sheet is not smashing enough, let a certain family come to smash this ground." This is Wei Chi old silly, and even got up to strength, even after hitting the ground a few hammers, only hit a corner, "Your Majesty, the minister did his best, and that's it." Wei Chi gasped and said to Li Er. You silly, don't pretend to be too obvious. (To be continued.)