Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 199 All Interests

Wei Chi is not stupid with strength. Although pretending to be panting, these hammers are exhausted. Otherwise, Li Er will have a lot of opinions. Isn't it obvious that the water is released? These hammers are also sufficient for inspection. The hardness of the cement is more than three inches thick, and the gray number is very large, otherwise it will also lay a few pieces. If it is a stone, it will be more broken, let alone the ones that Yang Heng is looking for. The workers did not cut corners, the calcination was in place, and the grinding was very fine, so that this effect was achieved. .

"My son is so blessed. My son is so blessed. This thing is used to build the city. That's a first-rate good, ha ha, ha ha." Li Yuan laughed a few times, then went away with his hands on his back.

"Congratulations to the father (too the emperor)." Li Yuan left, and Li Er became more natural. It was unnatural a few days ago. Today, Li Yuan came early, and Li Er never said a word.

"You Aiqing, what do you think?" "Congratulations to my emperor, and congratulations to my emperor." The crowd arched and smiled at Li Erhexi together. "Haha, okay, okay, with joy and joy, Yang Heng, how do you say you reward you."

"Your Majesty, you still punish me, but Chen can not make enough cement for His Majesty to use." Yang Heng said with a sad expression, although his cement factory has been officially started for a long time, but there is not much inventory, let alone, This cement needs to be moisture-proof, and it is not easy to store. The output has not increased, that is, it is used in the home.

"What's the matter, boy, if you don't want to do it, just hand over the recipe and let us do it." As soon as Cheng Fairy said this, even the other generals had their eyes widened, what a chance to make money. Yeah, can you insert one?

"I pay it, General Cheng. Do you think you can keep it secret? Also, can you guarantee that you can achieve this quality?" Yang Heng asked.

"Confidentiality, it's not easy to say, as long as the workers are controlled, it will be quality, but you will become clear if you tell them clearly." Cheng Yaojing said easily.

"It's really simple. There are several ingredients that can be used in this thing. How do you say that you don't know how many ingredients you brought in, if someone is on your transportation road, you can calculate your ingredients and go back to trial production. Or to arrange for spies to enter your factory directly, then there will be no secrets, but what have you seen with me these days? "

"What you see, there are coal, stone, and soil, and there are several types of stones, and there are several types of soil, and even some iron ore. This is not easy, ah, Your kid lied to me. "Cheng Fairy exclaimed.

"I lied to you, but these days I received a report. Twenty-three people were walking around my factory. One was His Majesty. I did not touch him. One was from a country in the north. I threw it into the coal mine to dig coal, and none of you moved, did they all go back to report. Do you know how much material I have brought in? "

"Ten kinds, ten kinds, ten kinds, nine kinds ..." Yeah, Yang Heng said that Li Er sent someone. If they did n’t say it, it ’s better not to be ashamed, or report it by themselves. Yeah, there are so many people thinking about it, and Li Er's people obviously look at Li Er's face. He knows this. Yang Heng knows it, so when Yang Heng said it, he didn't behave unexpectedly.

"Let me tell you, I transported a total of twelve, and only used three of them, and one is a variant, that is, four, but if you guys, don't say, it will be easy for people to see from."

"Boy, can't we just carry more in?" "You guys, no, what do you use for the rest?" "Ah, this, we really can't help it." "Yeah, but inside of me They ’re all used, and there are a lot of products coming out. What do you say? ”

"Then we'll eat all of this." Obviously, Cheng Fairy started to snore again. He doesn't know how many items there are, how to eat them, and how to allocate them. Li Er, rest assured.

"I think so," Yang Heng started to make an idea. This thing is really hot in his hands. It might as well be solved, but he doesn't want to throw away this profitable project.

"Yang Heng, how do you say?" Li Er actually felt a little scratching his head. Some things appeared slowly instead of appearing a lot like this. This benefit is indeed inseparable, otherwise Yang Heng will definitely not be able to protect it. There is also the issue of the enemy's spying. It can be used by the military to make it by itself, and it can also be used by the enemy. Scratching your head, annoyance, fortunately, Yang Heng will put forward opinions, let's see what Yang Heng said.

"Your Majesty, I think this factory uses multiple cooperative joint-stock systems." "Multiple cooperative joint-stock systems, how to explain." Not only Li Er has doubts, but also other people have doubts. This is a new word that I have not heard of yet. Many cooperation can know what is the shareholding system.

"Is there more than a dozen ministers here?" "Yes, there are seventeen ministers here." "Then my allocation is like this, Your Majesty's Royals account for 1.5% of the shares, which means you don't Need to invest, but you need to send guards to supervise the factory, and because the minister is a developer, it takes 10% of the shares, the minister uses technology, and some technical staff come to share, and the other 17 ministers are divided equally With the remaining 75% of the shares, Chen is preparing to build a very large factory, which is a workshop. This factory will produce cement, bricks, lime, gypsum, briquettes, and even some ordinary iron products. The funds used by the factory were issued by the seventeen companies at the same time. If there is no money, you can find someone to borrow and resell it after ten years of cooperation. However, the resale of this share requires the presence of nineteen responsible persons at the same time. Sixty percent of the staff can agree to resell the shares, and these shareholders have the right to purchase first. If everyone agrees, I will give you specific details. Also, regarding the issue of tax payment, this Family participation in the share is only for the royal family, not for any country, and this tax is considered national. I mean that 5% of the total output is used to pay the tax. After the tax is paid, everyone redistributes the benefits. Everyone Think about it all. "

A man who did n’t know his name was here. Although Yang Heng did n’t know who he was, Yang Heng knew that since he was here and was slaping Li Er ’s fart, Li Er did n’t dislike it. He joined well. In this way, these generals will also insert a nail in the Wenchen. Even the Wenchen will come out with a thin mud. This has a common interest. You must know that all the top military officers of the Tang Dynasty are here. Here it is.

And Yang Heng first proposed that the country is different from the royal family, that is, the country is separated from the royal family. At this time, Li Er is not too clear, but he understands that 15% is his personally controlled income. If he died, he would automatically pass it on to the next emperor. Even his understanding was that if the mountains and rivers of his Li family collapsed, his children and grandchildren could share a part of the benefits, and the factory was Those who need to pay taxes, although they are paid to the Ministry of Households, aren't they also Li Er's.

"Yes, I agree, you can go down and discuss it, Yang Heng will stay." Li Er directly bombarded all the ministers and let the knife record the personnel. Once they considered successful, they would If you do this, do n’t have anyone who joins in the middle, otherwise he wo n’t be able to explain to these generals. Today, he called the Wenchen Tang Jian, which is a bit wrong.

Tang Jian, Secretary of the Ministry of Officials, Yang Heng's perception of him was a bit incorrect. He wasn't actually a fighter, but he did things a little informally. Besides, he originally turned to Turk when he was arrested. However, because of Yang Heng's appearance, he did not dispatch Turks, and naturally there was no refusal to be humiliated. Whether he can appear in Lingyan Pavilion is also a question, but who Unexpectedly, even if Tang Jian did not suffer any insults, there would naturally be no reward, but he was still compensated, and inadvertently received such a benefit.

There is only one of these generals missing Hou Junji, the rebel general. Perhaps Li Er didn't think of him very well. (To be continued.)