Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 200 Explanation by Yang Heng

"Let's talk, what are the moths." Li Er asked expressionlessly after the crowd left.

"Your Majesty, what kind of moth is this? It is just a risk sharing. No matter whether it is a minister, other people, or the royal family, no one can do it alone, so Xiaoxi came up with such a method. At first, Yang Heng also claimed to be a minister, but talking about it, he found that there were no outsiders in the surroundings, so it is better to call him Xiao Xiao, so it seems to be close to him, isn't he?

"Then you don't realize that there are too many people?" Li Erman asked worriedly. If everyone could not make money, he wouldn't know what would happen.

"Relax, Your Majesty, I don't think there are enough of these people, but we can't continue to add more people. Maybe at the right time, Xiaoyan will separate these items. It's not good to be together, no Too good for management, but Xiaoyi thinks that these projects are the best together. Xiaoyi is a little embarrassed! "Yang Heng said in a dilemma.

"Ao, you said that these things will make a lot of money. How can one make money?" Li Er's knowledge is very strong. He knows that Yang Heng will not fool him. This is business.

"Your Majesty, you have to know that these projects of Xiaoyan are products that some officials or rich households must have. What about fire prevention, anti-theft, bandit, wind, rain, and earthquake protection?" In fact, this effect can really be achieved, but the prerequisite must be to the point of mass production, can not always be in the laboratory level.

"Ou, explain to you how you can achieve this effect," Li Er's interest is growing.

"Your Majesty, have you found that now in our Datang, almost all the official homes, and even the buildings in your palace are mainly wood." "Yeah, this is awful, there are many woods and it is convenient The building is also comfortable and beautiful. "" Your Majesty, have you ever thought about it so that the probability of fire is much greater. "

"This is also the case," Li Er thought for a while and then said, "In Changan City, there are dozens or more fires every year. Even in the palace, there are fires every year, but fortunately, nothing happens. "How can you solve this?" The fire in Chang'an City, even the fire in the palace, can be put out quickly, because some systems in the temporary Chang'an City are better. They often patrol and find out quickly. There is also a wide road, which allows the dragon team to quickly extinguish the fire. One of the most important conditions is that there are many water canals in the city. Although there are many fires, they have not yet caused a large Fighted before the loss.

"Your Majesty, you have also visited Xiaoyan's house. What do you think is the probability of a fire in Xiaoyan's house?" "How do you tell him to say this, but I found that there is no house in the wall of your house made of wood." Is this made of cement you say? "

"No, there is such a small amount of cement. How can Xiaozhang use cement? Xiaozhuang's houses are built with red bricks and red tiles. Natural house beams, doors and windows are still wood. This temporary solution cannot be resolved. Yes, indeed, it also needs to be beautiful and beautiful, otherwise what do people think of it, but Xiaoyan ’s home lacks a screen. Almost all the rooms are made of cement with red brick walls. Most of the walls have a fire wall design. The chance of fire is much smaller. "

The construction of the Yang Heng family uses less cement, and there are not many available labors. All the fire walls are made of red bricks. When the cement for the bricks is completely dry, Yang Heng has made the wall water-milled with a grindstone. At this point, the wall of Yang Heng's house is not much worse than other walls, especially these red bricks, but the workers customized it for Yang Heng's house.

"This is just a condition to be met. What's your anti-theft and anti-bandit?" "The two can be put together and said, Xiao Yan means that the wall made of cement, if a thief digs the wall outside, there is no Special tools cannot be dug out. Bandits, if you want to break into a yard made of concrete, you just need to close the door, and then put some spikes on the wall of the concrete building according to Xiaoyan's design. This bandit He will go away with his injuries. "Here, Yang Heng said some of the strong words made sense, but there are also reasons for him.

"Well, also, if you build the city wall with concrete, no matter how the enemy forces attack, the wall will stand still, which is really good," Li Er thought of this matter and built the city.

"You said earthquake prevention, wouldn't you say that a concrete-built house would not collapse?" "Yes, Your Majesty, compared to ordinary houses, this concrete-built house can resist a certain level of earthquakes. If you say The conditions are met. If it is a frame-type building, the largest earthquake we can see will not damage the house. As long as the crater is not dropped, the house can be used as usual after the earthquake. "Yang Hengwu Li Er is working on it. To achieve the ability to build a large number of frame-shaped buildings, it is still early. First, the output of steel must be increased by dozens, even hundreds of times. The output of steel has increased, and there must be the production of rebar. Ability to build a framed building.

Li Er is familiar with some uses of cement. I do n’t need to ask what kind of wind and rain protection. Since this cement needs to be constantly splashed with water to maintain it, it is naturally waterproof. Such a sturdy building would be exposed to wind. If it blows, then ordinary houses will be blown away.

"All of these people know, you talk about your shareholding system, how a management law, so many people participate." Li Erzhen is straightforward, point to the core, this shareholding system is easy to understand, and how to manage management, too much Owner.

"It's easy to say that we formed a board of directors internally. If it fails, plus an executive management system, the so-called directors are the ministers involved, or the heads of their families. I think these people are homeowners. All matters are decided after all the directors meet together to vote. If that fails, Your Majesty has the right to adjudicate, and Xiao Yan has the right to adjudicate on technology. It is a matter of right, which is decided by the next vote. Xiao Yan decides with one vote. The ordinary things are decided by the supervisors sent from the homes of various ministers, but they need to be elected every year, and they can be executed in turn. That is, they must have a sense of execution. In this year, It's the executive director who takes care of it, while the other supervisors handle some things separately. "

Partnership, this is indeed a trouble to say, but it should be okay now, no one dares to swallow it alone, and no one can swallow such a large piece of cake, but when Li Er is gone, then there is no way to say it, but at that time, Yang Heng should have grown up, and even become a giant. Who would dare to pinch at that time, that is, Li Er was still alive at that time and could not pinch. Therefore, Yang Heng felt that these things can be controlled by himself. He explained easily to Li Er, and did not feel any difficulty, but Li Er did not think so.

But this is also normal, whether it is Li Er, or the other generals, they have not realized how big the cake is at this moment. They just see the corner of the cake and start to compete. If you let them Seeing the whole cake, it is estimated to be frightened, which is why Yang Heng pulled in everyone present. At the moment, my shoulders are relatively immature, so please share some for me.

"Second Brother, what do you think of that boy's approach?" Needless to say, this is Cheng Yaojing discussing this matter with Qin Qiong.

"General Li, how do you think this cooperation is feasible? Use your intelligent mind to give us an idea." In short, these generals went to each other or their own home in twos and threes and started discussions, and The only one who was idle was Tang Jian. He didn't expect that he was called by the emperor and found such a good thing. Depending on the situation, the money didn't need to be paid out by himself. Those generals would give it out for themselves, and then Deducting from the profits, they will definitely not let go of themselves, and they do not know if this is good or bad, but it is always a good thing to make more money, especially if there is a shareholding in your Majesty.

As a result, it was the Wenchen who decided to participate first, and it must be said that this was a good joke. (To be continued.)