Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 201 Royal Building Materials

Royal building materials, you listen, what a grand name, royal, these are all royal building materials, but what are they called building materials? This day, a shop was opened at the same time in Chang'an East West City, and the name is Royal Building Materials However, after burning firecrackers for a while, the shop name and the shop are there, but there is no opening to sell anything. When there are more people around, Wuhou hangs a notice on the door:

"Royal building materials, officially sold after three months, and today there are still three months before the sale." Yang Heng is very interesting. This new joint-stock cooperative factory has just been established and will soon be sold in both East and West. Two shops, and made such a surprising advertisement. After the meeting of nineteen cooperative shareholders, ten agreed, and as a result of the opposition of nine, finally passed Yang Heng's first with a slight advantage. The decision was to open two stores and advertise in advance.

At this point Li Er also understood why Yang Heng would choose seventeen ministers to cooperate with them. He now understands what is called a difference resolution. If it is an even number of cooperation, if it agrees with the same number of votes, it will not be noisy. Does this happen? Li Er seems to understand something.

As a result, Li Er also began to change the court in the future. Two months later, he even introduced a balance system for civil and military officials. When he went to the court every day, he would set up two guards outside the court. Everyone who enters the door is one man and one martial art. The guard will follow the instructions of Li Er to let the general enter one more person, or the civilian official to enter one more person. Once Li Er needs one of his proposals and needs to pass, which one will the guard enter. There is one more official, and later officials directly let them go back, which is regarded as upward, but they have not caught up with the front. If there is something, come back tomorrow, or go to the side hall and Li Er to play alone. In the end, many people objected to it, even the listing. Li Er had no choice but to leave the matter behind.

These are the later things. Now let's talk about the royal building material first. "According to the old man's idea, this factory should be called Li Cement." "No, no, it's better to call Cheng Jia Cement." ...

"Don't make any noise, it's called Royal Cement." Li Er said arrogantly, this is just a business cooperation, Li Er naturally as one of them quarreled with these ministers, who was blushing, who doesn't want to make his family famous, but They have forgotten that the product inside is not just cement.

"Your Majesty, I don't think we should be noisy, let Yang Heng say it, who made this kid come out of this guy!" Wei Chi is not stupid, he threw the problem to Yang Heng.

"Let me say, it ’s called Royal Building Materials. Once you make these things, they are not only used by each of us, they also need to be sold externally to make money, and the 5% tax is here. In the past few years, I have used physical objects to support it. The court can also use it to build cities or build water conservancy facilities. "

"Yes, boy, why is it called Royal Building Materials?" "Why? If you call it Cheng Jia Building Materials, would you say that there will be many people copying them? You have to know how many of them are easy to make. If you In the name of the royal family, they know that this is the royal family's participation. If they want to imitate it, they have to think about it, and we can sell these things at high prices. You know, in the past few years, ordinary people must not be able to afford it, and Most of the purchases will be officials, and there are rich people. If the materials used to build a house are not royal building materials, do they still see people? They do n’t lack that money, and they sell more. Naturally The court can also collect more taxes. The taxes collected are all in kind. We will mark the taxes on these materials, so that officials in charge of this matter cannot use these materials for their own use. "

"But boy, can the cement also be named?" There are so many fairies on this journey, why do you have to face me?

"Cement is naturally impossible, but a building, no matter how you supervise, there will be something tricky in it, but if you say that after the construction of a project, write the name of the supervisor in charge of the building, the name of the deputy pipe, if This building has an accident. Once they are identified as cutting corners, they will be held accountable. What do you think, General Cheng? "In the last sentence, Yang Heng asked with his teeth, you must let me offend What people say, thanks to Yang Heng's wit, there is something ready to compare, which is the accident accountability system of the previous life. This system, the accountability system in this era, is the best. This emperor cannot succeed. The next emperor will definitely come up with this thing to trouble you. The emperor is worried that he can't find anything to look for. This is the best way to get the blame. This is different from the previous generation of Yang Heng who did not find the post account. You must know that such characters as cool officials will appear at any time. Once they are arrested At the handle, this kind of person is immortal and has to be skinned. If it is a smart person, it is best not to cheat in this kind of thing, but then again, this ca n’t be faked, it ca n’t be faked either, you make people Where do I get the money, so there are still people with lucky ideas in it, so he waits for someone to find his post account!

"Do you have anything else? If there is anything, you have to raise it first, otherwise there will be no chance. I will only answer it once for you. I am mainly responsible for technology, but not for your confusion. Do n’t have someone today Come and ask me, someone will come to ask me tomorrow. "Yang Heng knows that once these people do n’t see any results after a short period of time, they will definitely ask someone today. If someone comes tomorrow, it ’s better to say hello in advance Good.

"Boy, my husband still has a question, how many people are there in each family?" It is Cheng Cheng, Yang Heng can see. One Cheng Cheng is trying to embarrass Yang Heng, and the other is helping Yang Heng. Ask more questions, so that everyone can understand more, and Yang Heng will have less trouble in the future.

"Okay, I'll say it again, staff, one hundred servants and one steward in each house, and money, after we have all of our facilities, I will report to you. Your supervisor will report to you every month, and the directors are these people now. If there are changes in the future, you must raise them one month in advance so that the directors can investigate and study in time, but there will be accidents. What appeared was that some of them died, naturally I am not cursing you, but this kind of thing needs to be greeted in advance. Once someone accidentally dies, the directors will be adjusted to see whether the person died normally or died of a conspiracy. Maybe this will be cancelled. Family inheritance rights, but your investment will even benefit your family members, but the servants and stewards will not give it to you. If the stewards do not participate in this matter, they will be hired by other families, and the slaves will be sold to The new franchise shareholders, do you still not understand, you must know that I have written a lot of brochures, I think you will not really understand?

"I can understand, I can understand, but the boy, the husband has one last question, is that if the husband says that I will give my shares to my sons, can I share the shares?" "This, no matter We do n’t care how many people you look for to share your shares, but you have only one director and one director, and the director is only responsible to your director. The rest of your internal arrangements are all done, and the board of directors also governs Acknowledge that one of your directors is still in charge. We have said before that the change of directors requires a very troublesome meeting to decide. Therefore, if you change directors, you need to be careful. Maybe it will be considered a conspiracy and will be cancelled. Qualification, I also tell you that I have the right to interpret this system. After a certain period of time, once the directors have all understood the matter, I will give the interpretation to the board of directors. "

Alas, I initiated this matter, and I will naturally have the right to explain for a while, otherwise I can use technical veto to cancel your qualifications. Yang Heng didn't want to let his mind go to waste.

"Well, boy, the old man understands, there is no doubt, you guys, if there is no question, break up, ah, it is a meeting, the old man has something to do." (To be continued.)