Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 20 Changle's Business

"Husband ..." Changle took Changyin, holding Yang Heng's arm, and even put his chin on Yang Heng's shoulder. The sweet voice is estimated to be three, not five plus. .

"Wife ..." Yeah, Yang Heng also returned one, even holding Chang Le's head to look at her face, and kissed affectionately.

"Brother-in-law ..." "Brother Heng ..." "Ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha." The two little girls outside learned the sound of Changle again, and ran away with a big laugh.

"Husband, you are bad, let your sister see them, how shameful they are." Talking, Changle got into Yang Heng's arms and covered his face, he was really shy. Yes, but you seduced me first, why kiss you ashamed.

Recently, Yang Heng is a bit busy, and he has explained everything, and his personnel are familiar with the factory. Therefore, Yang Heng does not need to worry too much. When he is fine, he cultivates feelings with Changle at home. The heart was pulled too far, so the husband and wife appeared early.

"Wife, if you have something, just say it, don't be embarrassed." Seeing Changle like this, Yang Heng naturally knew that Changle must have something to ask him, otherwise it would not be so.

"Yang Heng, I want you to help me do one thing." "Let ’s go, what is it, going to the sword mountain, or going to the sea of ​​fire?" I'm not willing to get into trouble, that is, the father did not ask for one from you in the past few years, ah, is that the item you said, is that cashmere item, I have received a lot of cashmere in recent years, However, few people bought the clothes, so I put a lot of money into it, you see. "" Well, that's good, right, I haven't seen you in these years to manage these businesses? "

"Yeah, I did n’t go. He was in charge. He only reported to me every few months. To the manager, you have seen it. Every time my person comes, you avoid it. You don't understand these things now. "

Also, in order to show his generosity, every time the Princess Mansion comes, he does not show up. As long as he comes to Changle, he thinks it is Princess Mansion. Naturally, there are people who are not Princess Mansion. Just like this steward, it is the steward of Changle's staff, but it is not the people in the Princess Mansion, nor has it much to do with the Princess Mansion. Because the sale was handed over by Yang Heng, Changle did not mention it to Yang Heng.

Ever since Changle took over this business, Yang Heng has never asked, and I do n’t know what natural operation looks like. Changle, though it is her own business, can live in Yang Heng since she married Yang Heng. At home, she has everything to eat, drink, and play. She wants to buy Yang Heng and give her money. The money in the Princess House, even the business, Changle, is even more unconcerned. It's too deserted, and can't sell a few pieces every year, and Yang Heng's business is booming. This is why she looked for Yang Heng, but she can't let Yang Heng's because she won't run it. After a lot of effort, she knew that the business had been snatched from Yang Heng by her father.

"Let's go and see what's wrong." Yang Heng is also curious, what kind of situation makes a good deal bad.

This place is very good. A prosperous area in the east city is Changle's shop, and there is a workshop at the back. When you can see that there is no one at the door, Yang Heng feels really unsuccessful. What happened?

What's wrong, when you got closer, you smelled it. What does it smell like, Yang Yang? "Inside, let the steward come out." Yang Heng pulled Changle away from the door and shouted, "Who are you?" Princess, I do n’t know if the princess is here. ”Well, this dog looks at the low figure.

"Princess, are you here?" "Well, don't ask me anymore. I know everything, hand over to my people, and wait for Princess to deal with you, Changle, we Let ’s go. ”Yang Heng said an overbearing sentence, and then asked the people behind him to take over.

I do n’t need to look in here. Obviously, there are no technological processes. No wonder there are no imitation products on the market in recent years. This taste does not scare everyone away. I just want to buy them. Someone will buy it.

"Yang Heng, is this easy to handle? It's all sloppy. I've smashed your affairs." "Stop, who is the husband and wife of us, and what can't be smashed, our family is not short of that money, but you I need to ask the supervisor well. I remember that at the beginning, I gave the craftsmanship to your people. How could this be done? "Yang Heng was full of question marks.

"Hui Xiaolangjun, the inside has been cleared out, there are 30% of fine wool, 40% of cashmere, 40% of camel cashmere, and dozens of warm clothes made of silk. These things have not been deodorized, degreased, etc. I just put the wool and cashmere and camel cash into the warehouse, but fortunately, there is no such thing as mold. "

Understood, they have reduced the program. "Wife, what about those technicians I used to train here?" "I don't know. I want to ask the steward." "No need to ask, it must be let him give It has been sold, or is there anything else, come and tell me, what are the oldest people here? "Asked Yang Heng, a guy who had dragged in there.

"Back to the horse, I, I don't know." You don't know, but what your eyes turn, "Come here, hit me this minion with a stick, dare to lie to me." "Husband, what are you doing, you ca n’t ask well What. "Changle was a little upset.

"I said wife, did you see his eyes turning around when I asked him, he must be lying, and he must have molecules in it, otherwise the business is good and he won't It looks like this. "

"Yeah, before I married you, I remember that the income here was still considerable, but now, this is just no business!" Changle said nothing and took Yang Heng as his job.

"Homa, I said, I said, I said," "It's late, I'll talk before I say, I see you are going to lie." Indeed, Yang Heng found that while he was scared, he was still wandering his eyes, it seems to be Thinking about how to flicker Yang Heng. "Ah, ah, Master Ma, I said, I said, I don't dare to lie to you anymore." The people who performed the cane were the people brought by Changle, and they naturally hit people. These are all Li Er The old people sent to Changle, they saw that Yang Heng didn't forgive this person's thoughts, but they played very hard, and Changle couldn't stand it anymore. "Husband, me, I'll go first." "No, you can't go. This is your business. You should take a good look at how your men are tossing." Yang Heng grabbed Changle, he just wanted to let Changle see, this kindness is not sent out casually.

"I said, I said ..." This guy obviously had only one breath, and even his mind was a little confused. It can be seen how powerful Li Er sent to Changle. It seems that Li Er is considering the name of Changle Now, she needs to have so many elderly people around.

"It was the steward. He had a relative who wanted this recipe. He used to see the princess more often and was more concerned about the business. So the steward did not dare to move. Later, after the princess got married, the steward bought us. But how do we know this recipe? The recipe is in the hands of those people, and we threatened to seduce them, but they were unmoved. In the end, we took tough measures, but they just didn't relax, they just This made us fight a little bit hard, and the results were all dead. We also made some trials ourselves, but it was not the same as what they made, and the relative in charge died of the idea of ​​prescription. This is this. The reason the place is run down. "

When the guy finished talking, the hitter also loosened the stick in his hand. The guy's head was dead and he died. The method of inquiry was really clever. When the guy was about to die, he controlled it. His body made him exhaust his last physical strength, and he died after telling secrets. Yang Heng was a little cold. In ancient times, he did n’t take human life seriously, but he forgot it. The order he gave was The executor was a bit vicious.

But these people deserve to die, for the sake of a so-called recipe, they dare to fight the royal idea, really wealthy and exciting! "Princess, let's not worry about this, let everyone be with your Majesty." (To be continued.)