Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 20: Datang's New Costume

"Ma'am, can you help me see, is this pattern suitable for him?" A little girl was holding a sweater shamefully, and was inquiring with her aunt. .

"His sister-in-law, you help me count. I want to knit a sweater for my baby." In a short period of time, the women in Changan City were a little crazy, whether they were officials, business people, or even The slaves at the bottom are also hand-rolled with four bamboo needles and a yarn, and are busy knitting sweaters for their close ones.

However, the grades of sweaters knitted by different people can be different. Officials, even the rich, are all knitted cashmere threads, while others are knitted wool. If we say that this wool is not bad, it will make people wear it. A little bit of itch is naturally unwilling to those who are rich, but if they are woven into a coat, they still like to wear it, but okay, but this grade is not lowered, they have to abandon this Kind of sweater, and took only a cashmere sweater.

To say, this is also a mistake of Yang Heng. He even forgot the hierarchy. In the era of Datang, the hierarchy is the strictest. How can slaves wear the same clothes as some senior officials, but Yang Heng Dao does not regret it. This sweater can only be worn as warm clothing, not for display. When people on the bottom can't afford fur and other clothing to keep warm, how much will it cost to wear such a sweater to keep warm? People are grateful to Yang Heng, although they are only grateful to the princess, you know that the yarn and weave came from the princess's shop.

The princess's storefront, which is Changle's, was changed from one place to the other, one in the east and one in the west. The east market was mainly made of fine cashmere threads, and the silk was the surface. The inside was Fleece-filled warm clothing.

Yang Heng didn't think about the grade, but thought of the purchasing power, the fleece thread, and the clothes, which were all quite expensive, but the price of the woolen thread in Xixi was cheap, and it was even possible to have labor. Can't earn it.

"Princess, what are you laughing at, you know, this store doesn't make much money." "I just like this feeling. How happy you are to see people who buy woolen yarn. This winter, they will certainly not Frozen. "At this time, Changle was happy to do something to worry about the father and the emperor. You must know that every winter, whether in Changan City or outside the city, some people will be frozen to death. They were all frozen to death if they couldn't afford warm clothes. This time, Yang Heng did such a thing. Although he did not get any profit from the woolen line, he was still very happy.

"Well, I don't understand you. There's nothing good here, let's go to Dongshi to see it." Although the little girl knows a lot of things, but there is something like a dead person who doesn't have clothes and clothes, but no one told her However, naturally, she ca n’t understand these things. If Yang Heng is here, then he will definitely try to let the little lady know more about it. You must know that the future identity of the little lady is the princess, and maybe even the queen. She had to understand some of the folk sufferings, and Changle also thought about it. Whether it was Yuzhang or the young lady, she wanted to let them know something. She also thought about the princess, but she didn't think about it. , The young lady will become a queen. You must know that her brother-in-law's position is very stable now.

In Dongshi, customers are also profitable, and a lot of carriages and ox carts, or even horses, are parked in front of the storefront. There is an official lady or some ladies who are riding on horses. You can see how attractive these yarns are. People.

"Sister, you came here today to buy a thread. Why don't I know you have an in-law's family?" "Ah, you are going to die. What in-law's family is a shame, I'm knitting a sweater for my father Let him wear it inside the armor so that he wo n’t suffer in winter, ah, I know, you have a husband ’s family, do you buy a sweater for your lovers? ”“ Well, what ’s this? I ’m afraid of people. He is also a man in the army. Naturally, he wants to go to the battlefield. Like you, I also gave him a sweater to make him more comfortable in winter. "

Why do they know this? In fact, these are all advertisements made by Yang Hengte. The advertisements in West City are very easy to say. They just arrange a few people to greet some people who buy and buy things outside the door. Our princess has a good heart. The newly developed woolen thread can be woven into clothes. If you wear it in winter, you won't be afraid of cold. What, you do n’t know what clothes? Look at me. It ’s hot, I ’m covering it. Alas, how easy is it for me, "he said, dragging the clothes on his body for everyone to watch. Sure enough, this sweat is a rush. "Why, you won't, say it early, we have a teacher who teaches people to knit sweaters without receiving money. Really, you can go in and see if you don't want to buy it." "Well, let's go in and see, You can also go in. It's really so warm to wear outside on this hot day. "Dasao said kindly.

"No way, our princess said. To benefit as many people as possible, put on warm clothes in winter. How kind are our princesses?" It ’s not your princess, it ’s your mare. However, Yang Heng really instructed them to say so, how loving it was to say that, the princess cared about the suffering of the people, and developed woolen sweaters for the poor to keep them warm.

Dongshi is another way. A few mistresses and a few female maids are performing mimes at the same time. Why are mimes because Yang Heng feels that this is really difficult to express in words.

The content of the mime is two couples. The wife is sending her husband on the expedition. When they are wearing armor, a man is wearing a single shirt and makes a snoring appearance. The wife puts armor on him while the other One pair is that the man first wore a single suit and was also burping, and then his wife put him on a sweater and a sweater on the upper body. Since it was a cashmere knitted sweater and trousers, it looked very thin, and the husband felt immediately It's warm, then the wife puts on the armor again, and then the screen turns around. The two men walk on the road together and play horse-like. The one who does not wear a sweater will snoring from time to time, and the other is slapping with joy. The horse was advancing, and even some of his companions appeared, occasionally pretending to wipe sweat.

In the third act, both of them are back. Their wives are removing their armors. Undressed wives are unloading their armors. Sometimes the husband will make a fangs and grin, which means that they are injured and the armors are sticky. It ’s hard to take it off, and it may even hurt, but the other pair is masculine, and the husband still compares with his wife from time to time, which means that he is grateful for his wife ’s knitting. A sweater to save yourself from crime on the battlefield.

In the end, Yang Heng funny made him a so-called military medal to hang on his neck. After the husband took off the armor, the husband labored to open the military medal in two halves. A rope was tied around his wife's neck, and the wife was crying with joy.

Especially this is the scene of summer and performing winter. I feel very funny, sweating obviously, but also pretending to be very cold, making people laugh a lot.

"How about, princess, my design is good, and the effect is very good, how can you reward me." Xiao Niang proudly said, this is a mime directed by Xiao Niang, Yang Heng only gave a general outline It turned out that such a good effect came out. This performance actually caused a lot of women to come and buy threads and learn to knit sweaters. Changle made a big room in time for these ladies. The ladies are studying in it, tea, cold drinks, and some snacks are also provided from time to time. Although it is free, but who will leave when they leave, which one does not throw away a piece of silver or a bunch of copper coins. The last account, this income is even more than the income from the sale of wool, this rich man's business is easy to do!

"Husband, you are so kind," Changle hugged Yang Heng's arm gratefully, half hung on Yang Heng's body and said in a sigh of sigh. (To be continued.)