Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 20 Celebration Celebration of Princess Mansion

Changle's business has once again been on fire, although this time the fire is regarded as the new use of old products. But this time it was even hotter than the last time, and Changle did not have any impression of the last fire. The first fire was responsible for Li Er's people, but this time they were all from Princess Mansion. , Even Changle personally participated, it felt different.

"Sister, you can find a good horse, no wonder you stayed at the horse all day without going back to Princess Mansion. I wonder how the horse is in bed, ah, no, look at your eyebrows locked, your legs straight, ... you Even if it was not developed by the horse, is it possible that the horse ca n’t succeed, do you want your sister to train you to train the horse? ”Well, the first thing is still so funny. The more you talk about it, the more outrageous you are. You can see how the princesses of the Tang Dynasty were. It's casual, riding on horses and riding on the legs, what legs are straight.

"Sister, what are you talking about, and I'll ignore you anymore, I blame you all, I blame you on the night of marriage, anyway, I blame you anyway, I went inside." "Sister, you said Say, what happened to you on the night of your wedding, it wo n’t be, ah, brother-in-law, you are here. ”When she talked vigorously, Yang Heng came. At first she wanted to surf, but she saw the gloom of Yang Heng His face was immediately scared and ran out.

"Ah, so scary, so scary, this brother-in-law will kill people with eyes, ah, by the way, he was on the battlefield, and I heard that it was murderous at the time, it seems I want to stay away from them." She Some guilty consciences left, even Changle looked at Yang Heng with guilty conscience, but she found Yang Heng had no response, so she was relieved.

"Wife, don't associate with this kind of people in the future, be careful to be damaged by her." Yang Hengzhuo said, touching her hair. Yang Heng didn't really think about it. The two women said some whispers. What's nice about it is that Yang Heng heard that the princess' style was a little bad. In addition, some descriptions of princesses in the Tang Dynasty in history from previous lives naturally gave them The impression is quite bad, and that's what it says.

"Well, husband, I just talk to my sister casually, without listening to her nonsense, I will try not to associate with my sister in the future." Changle said wisely, this time Changle seemed quite good, but Yang Heng was thinking of something else Things did not see Changle's guilty conscience, so the secret is still secret, that is, no exposure.

"Husband, you said that this business reform was quite successful. You said that I can put a celebration party in Princess House, and you will be the protagonist at the celebration party." Suddenly, Changle came to inspiration. Although the older sister talked nonsense. But she was right in saying that she had a good horse, and she just took the opportunity to show it, not only to show it, but also to show how happy and harmonious the two of them are, but no more frowns. With straight legs, Yang Heng wanted to make his body fully grown and then share the same room later, not because of emotional issues.

"Okay, listen to you. Would you like me to help?" "No, as long as the young lady and Yu Zhang prepare with me." She can really pick people, and the young lady absolutely likes to arrange such lively scenes , Princess House will be lively by then.

It ’s lively, it's really lively. The children of Yang's family are here. No matter what, the young lady even invited the sister-in-law called her elder sister. Why ask them? These people are acquaintances of the young lady, and after a while After the relief of these two goods, these two goods are no longer afraid of Yang Heng, they found that in normal times, Yang Heng does not treat them, but not the instructor in the barracks, so the courage became bold, although I dare not ask Yang Heng drank, but went to the princess's house, but there was no pressure at all. This was mainly because they found that the princess of Changle was different from other princesses and was always easy-going to them.

"Come, I propose, let's raise the toast together to celebrate the princess' business fire." The consequence of Changle's easy-going is that the second goods are very casual in front of Changle, although they will not talk about excessive topics, but their actions It was indecent, and Changle just frowned, and said nothing.

"His Royal Highness, Your Majesty is here." When the second goods were shouting and toasting, someone came to report that Li Er was here. This is why Yang Heng felt some discomfort today. Changle did not invite Li Er. Here, there are some others who have not invited, but just invited the children of Yang Heng's family according to the request of Xiaoniang and Yuzhang, and there are these second goods, but I did not expect Li Er to come uninvited. It is estimated that those thick-skinned old goods will also come.

"Yang Heng, your kid came out to you, and your beloved daughter dared to let her daughter not invite him to come." Yeah, Li Er came in after the person notified before, and did n’t Trouble in Changle, but in the trouble of Yang Heng, it ’s not my idea not to ask you. Yang Heng secretly called injustice in his heart, but this ca n’t be distinguished, how to tell, it ’s your daughter You forgot to ask, did I just come here, did Li Er justify with him, why my uncle's daughter treats you, you do n’t have to come early and come late.

"Yes, yes, Your Majesty, it's my sister-in-law's negligence, it's all busy and confused during this time, Xiao-chan must remember well, and then first think of something first, please His Majesty come first." "I've seen Your Majesty." Second goods, and Yang Heng's brothers and sisters also stood up and gave Li Er a gift.

"Okay, ok, flat body, all sit down and drink and drink." Li Er is rude. He has nothing to care about with these juniors, but just stares at Yang Heng for reason, as if to say, boy, you treat The best daughter got married, and I was looking for your trouble. At this time, Changle, Yuzhang, and even Xiaoniang were a little embarrassed. They even forgot to ask Li Er. This sin was replaced by Yang Heng.

"Hahahaha, I know there is good wine here, millennia brewed sorghum, fruity, good, good, old man has a mouthful." Cheng Fairy also came in pretending to be crazy and stupid, "Oh, your Majesty is here, it ’s really rude. Then he arched his hand at Li Er, but there was an apology for rudeness in this complexion. Obviously, he was carrying Li Er and followed him. It is estimated that when Cheng Er came out earlier, he knew that, Yang Heng started to pay attention to this matter. Although he didn't care about eating and drinking, but should it follow Li Er, should he know that the palace is the same as his back garden? If Li Er doesn't come, he may not appear. In the face of some juniors, it is always not good to be so skinless and faceless, but when Li Er appears, it is different.

"Boy, who wants you to sit here and roll away." Well, don't you be so arrogant, isn't it your second son, and you shouldn't do this before you.

"Ha ha, ha ha, so fragrant, so fragrant, the old man really caught up, ah, your majesty is here, and you are also the old goblin?" What did you catch up with, and what did you say, you old guys? Let ’s go to the Princess Mansion for a meeting, right?

"While you go, let the old man sit here," gotta, another second goods were driven away, one after another, the old guys came, but Yang Heng knew that something was going on, because he found out All of them are shareholders, but none of the others came here, and this is to come to the trouble of Yang Heng.

When Changle saw this situation, he quickly led the juniors to the side hall, and Yang Heng also wanted to slip away. "Kid, you leave us, we old things have something to look for you." Well, I didn't run away, but I was caught.

"Tell me, boy, what's going on." "What's going on is that the princess wants to treat guests, there is nothing else." Yang Heng also pretended to be stupid, and allowed you to pretend to be stupid. Do you not allow me to be stupid? Li Er, on the one hand, watched Yang Heng interact with these veterans on the side. In fact, he knew why these old things came, even if he came, he was still lit. He just came, but now he also understands that what is for his own face is purely for their own benefit, but Li Er is also thinking about this matter.

"That's why the princess treats, boy, tell your husband, don't say you don't know." "Ask, just treat, is there any reason for this." Hey guy, if you do n’t say, I wo n’t say, Sudden death for you.

"I heard that this is a celebration party, and it seems that the money in the old man ’s house has decreased sharply during this period of time. Why do you say this?" What a sharp decrease, the old man, do n’t exaggerate, OK, just buy wool and fight The little money to reward is not enough for your old guy to jam his teeth.

"Ah, you are talking about this, that is, the sale of the princess is reopened. We are here to celebrate it." "Boy, don't pretend to be stupid, the old man is asking you when our business will open, You should know that the old man ’s house is not open now, and all the funds have been invested in that factory. ”

………… (To be continued.)