Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 20

"Ah ha ha ha, niece, it ’s not too fast to drink. Today is the day to celebrate the conflagration of Changle's niece. We do n’t talk about business affairs. Everyone comes to an altar. "

You unscrupulous old fairy, why do n’t you talk about business, what was just said, is n’t it everyone ’s business, Yang Heng looked at Cheng fairy with contempt.

"Yes, drink and drink, bring up the good wine soon, um, what is this, how is this color." Which one is this, Li Ji, the fairy in the fairy, that is to say he is the real fairy.

What color is this? Okay, you haven't got Li Erci's tea, so why pose here? "Come, who poured all the water that had been mixed into the soil, who made such a joke, how could it be better to hold the teeth of these old generals." Don't you know, I would rather fall, also I won't drink it for you.

"Uh, ah," Li Ji embarrassedly made a big red face. His pretense not only offended Yang Heng, Li Er also had opinions on him, what did you drink there? Isn't this? Is it the color, and the tea that you gave me, the same color, you can still make two different kinds. If you pretend to be stupid, pretend to be stupid, don't be so obvious. You think you are stupid, you think朕 I wonder if you picked it up this time?

"Don't fall, don't fall, niece, I just watched Huayan, it turns out that this is tea, um, it's delicious, it's delicious." Awkward, but I'm the smartest person in Datang. For such a mistake, I do n’t know who is drinking the tea, and I do n’t know if he is sick.

Why did Li Ji think so? It turned out that not long ago, Yang Heng issued a booklet to the army outside the city. The name is called the Chang Sanitary Regulations, which stipulates the bad habits of some soldiers. Drink cold water casually by the side of the ditch, peeing everywhere, and other bad habits must be corrected, and there is a method of treatment, but this is an immature version, which is still being supplemented and may be updated at any time. These generals are very fascinated, because many of them have experienced primitive biochemical warfare, they have not experienced it, and have heard that this biochemical warfare is actually using sick horses and sheep to pollute water or something.

"It turned out that Her Majesty's tea for the princess is better than Chen et al's!" Li Ji acid said eloquently, this is not Li Ji nonsense, indeed, the tea used here is regarded as spring tea this year, and Li Er rewarded the ministers Tea is the autumn tea of ​​last year, which naturally tastes different.

But what can Er Er say, the tea you drink is the leftover tea, and it is naturally impossible to drink only new tea, but he must have a statement to explain it.

"Ha ha, ha ha, Ai Qing, you're wrong. This is where the tea lord is. Do you think you will grow tea yourself? Even if someone pays a tribute, don't you know?" Yeah, Li Er is so Sold Yang Heng.

"Is this a failure of the princess to plant, ah, it's a horse, Yang Heng, you talk about why there is no tea for us." What are you yelling at, what I owe to you, but only Wei Chi is beside Some ca n’t sit still, why? He also has a share of this tea. He drank it from his own family, not because he did n’t want to give it to others, but because people thought that his tea was also given to him by Li Er. You have to know his annual amount. There are also many, but the consumption of tea by Wei Chi's family is also very large. It is said that Wei Chi is a Xianbei, and there are also Han people who say that he is Hu Hua. No matter what he says, he eats more meat and naturally needs tea. It ’s oily, which is why his family consumes a lot of tea. Before Yang Heng ’s stir-fried tea, he used to make tea bricks, and the annual consumption was also great.

It is said that Wei Chi is a relatively straight and tyrannical person in history. It is said that Li Daozong's eyes will be blinded soon after, but the appearance of the Yang Heng family made Wei Chi somewhat arrogant. He used to I tried with Yang Hengbi, and lost to Yang Heng like Cheng Fairy. This way, even a child can't fight, but he still has nothing to do. In this way, Wei Chi has never been out of Changan, but has always been with Li Er.

"Stupid, what do you hide? I said that there is always tea in your house, but Yang Da recommended it at first, and would you like to share it with us in the future?"

Some people's minds turn faster and persecute Yang Heng. Isn't that stealing tea from Li second-hand? If Li Erlian doesn't give this tea to himself, then he will have to drink those unpleasant boiled tea foam, and that This kind of taste can only be enjoyed by people like Laosha, who ca n’t enjoy it by themselves, but they can see that Laosha looks like this, and naturally they know that he must have taken the tea directly from Yang Heng. There will be more. How could he be so stupid before? I always thought that the old stupid was the most valued by Li Er, and this gave him too much tea.

"Well, don't force Wei Yu to be late. His family is in a special situation and consumes more tea. In the future, I will give you more, or Yang Heng. Do you think this tea is the same as this building material? "

"Your Majesty, this tea tree can't grow up one or two days a day." Good excuse, Yang Heng just didn't want to be too indifferent, enough to drink and give gifts at home, this is not a necessity of life.

However, Yang Heng still did not take off to reach an agreement with these old guys. After that, their tea would not come out from Li Er and they would take it from Yang Heng.

"Okay, the tea is settled. Let's drink, drink, alas, Yang Heng, what do you drink, why do you want warm wine in the summer?" How to drink hot wine, Yang Heng does not know why. Maybe it's for the alcohol to distribute some, maybe there's something else, but there is a word that is good. Drinking cold wine and sleeping coldly is a disease sooner or later. In order to follow the old saying, Yang Heng also wants to drink hot wine, but whether it is winter or summer.

"Well, yes, yes, although it is the same wine, this hot drink is different from the cold drink." All old drinkers are different. This drink is different. You must know that most of them drink this wine without warming up. Drinking such a spicy wine, do they still need to be hot? This is their idea. This is a heart-warming drink. Do n’t mention it is hot and then drink it. It turned out that you thought it was wrong. A flavor.

Why, let ’s take a break, let ’s take a break. It ’s better to drink a few more glasses if you have the effort. You must know that their supply of wine is also not much, especially for this new drinking method, it is even more necessary to drink more. Also, Your Majesty is here. How does this wine order work? It is not good to offend His Majesty.

They drink alcohol on the stuffy head, and do not drink orders, but does not mean that other people do not drink orders. "Five heads, six six six, Cheng Er, you lose, drink, drink, drink quickly." "Sticks, sticks, tigers and chickens. Haha, Yuzhang, it's time for you to drink." The room next to it was lively. There are many male and female voices, and some people are frowning. The men and women look like drinking together, but they don't want to think about it. There are two daughters of Li Er, and the others are the children of these ministers. I just do n’t interact with each other, that ’s why I do n’t see each other, I do n’t see each other. In this way, what can I avoid? Do they not communicate with each other, and besides, there are people in their homes watching it, it will not cause trouble. Whatever comes, I just want to make trouble. Yang Heng doesn't give them this opportunity, does it, in Yang Heng's home or in Princess Mansion, there are three steps, one post and two steps, and the purpose is to prevent the emergence. Something else, otherwise it will not be lively again.

"Come here, everyone's family, let me admire you, and also wish us the fire of the upcoming sale." Everyone saw that Li Er was so aware that Li Er was assured of the safety and reputation of his two daughters. But what is there to worry about, let alone his child is a boy.

"Okay, drink, drink. With your good words, we are here to wish us success." ...

"I told you, Lao Cheng, you can't do it. If you drink two more cups, you will definitely lie down. I can drink ten more cups. But, Lao Cheng, when will you become a real monster, both? My head. "" Fart, you are a monster. Why are you two and a half heads now, and how can you shake this place? "... (To be continued.)