Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 20 The Hero's End Qin Shubao

After several years of understanding, Yang Heng finally understood the so-called second brother, not that Qin Qiong is larger than Cheng Fairy, but that Cheng Fairy respects Qin Qiong more. .

There are so-called old guys, old generals, and old killings, which prove that these generals should be very old, at least 80 years old, but Yang Heng thinks wrong, these look very The old guys are only in their 30s and 40s. This is the characteristic of the times. One is that people are old, and the other is that some people like to pretend to be old. That ’s it, but Yang Heng did n’t It ’s the same, it ’s obviously 80 years old, and it ’s still pretend to be tender, I do n’t know, ah, wrong, I really have n’t seen the wrinkles on my face, old man, have you gone to plastic surgery?

"Boy, kid, are you there? The old man's second brother is looking for you." What, Qin Qiong is here, what is he doing here? Yang Heng was a little puzzled. Although Qin Qiong was also one of the shareholders of the building materials, Yang Heng did not deal with him.

"Little brother, a certain family is courteous, don't listen to the shouting of the festival, I just want to ask if Sun Shenyi is with you?" Qin Qiong got down from the carriage pale.

"Ah, brother, be careful. I said let this kid come to you. You must come, kid, is Dr. Sun Shenyi really here with you, tell him to come and show my brother how this is. "" Jizhi, what are you doing, while staying, let me see Dr. Sun personally. "

"Sorry, two, Sun Shenyi is not here, but General Qin's illness is not a problem, this boy can solve it." What is the embarrassment? The legend about Qin Qiong in the later generations is rotten. Qin Qiong is a martial art General, it was a life-threatening battle on the battlefield. Naturally, you will often be injured. Frequent injuries will cause excessive blood loss and anemia. Now, looking at Qin Qiong's complexion, this statement is justified.

What to do, the best way to replenish blood is blood transfusion, but Yang Heng really won't identify the blood type, and naturally won't transfusion, then use the simplest method to supplement the blood.

"Boy, what you said is true, you can treat the second brother." Cheng Yaojing was so excited that she forgot Yang Heng's terror. "Well, why don't you want to try it with me."

"Oh, huh, me, am I not excited, the second brother can heal, that's great, you must know that the second brother has been suffering for many years, and now he has no children." Cheng Yaojing leaked another thing, Even Qin Qiong had no children. This is also a mystery in later generations. Qin Qiong's son is not mentioned in any history books, but only in some novels that he has a son. But can the novel count?

"If this treatment is used, you can't use medicinal therapy. You need to use dietary therapy." "Boy, medicinal therapy doesn't work. Does it work?" Turned his face to Qin Qiong.

"Well, I have taken many medicines one after another over the years, but none of these medicines can cure a certain one, and it is even getting worse." Yeah, it is getting worse, according to Yang Heng In memory, if nothing unexpected happens, Qin Qiong will not have a few years to live in the future. It seems that he left Chaodang with a half-ill and half-named surname at first, but now he is completely sick. Look at his current form. It is difficult to say that it will not die immediately.

"General Qin, you need to slowly take care of this disease. Now I will teach you a recipe for food therapy. Also, I have a wok here, and you take a bite back, and you will use the wok for cooking later. Do n’t use those other cooking utensils. If one is not enough, you can come to me and take it again. ”

Most of the anemia is iron deficiency, as long as iron is added, it can not be iron directly, and cooking in an iron pot is a good way to iron, and the recipe of the diet is cherry wolfberry, red date soybean Leek, pig liver, pig blood, and other iron-rich foods, although they can be eaten, they can't eat anyway, after Sun Daochang came back, then give Qin Qiong a specific look at the body, and treat it according to specific symptoms.

"Boy, it's as simple as that, you won't flicker." This fairy, even the word flicker, has learned, "Fluctuator, you know this is the secret recipe, if it's not General Qin, it's your old way, I will not tell you yet. General Qin is bleeding too much on the battlefield, and he does not pay attention to cultivation, which reduces the ability to regenerate blood. This has led to anemia, and General Qin must have been out again recently. Anything happened, which caused the body to quickly collapse, but as long as I eat according to these things, and cook in an iron pot, this iron pot can be used to supplement iron, plus the regular surname Exercise, General Qin's body will gradually get better. "How Qin Qiong's body collapsed recently. Naturally it was the one who came to Yang Heng to drink and drink. The body was not good. If you drink too much, naturally, the body will Quickly fell down.

Seeing that Cheng Fairy didn't interrupt, Yang Heng knew that the last time Qin Qiong came to drink was pulled by Cheng Fairy. The others, Li Er, the emperor, did not work, that is, Cheng Fairy and Qin Qiong were better.

"By the way, General Qin, you don't seem to have any sons, do you?" "Boy, don't you have a pot without mentioning which pot, these two brothers don't have sons. All the Tang dynasties know it." Too many killings in the year may have damaged Yinde and there is no inheritance. "Qin Qiong sighed.

"Maybe ..." Suddenly Yang Heng thought that maybe Qin Qiong's idea made his body worse and worse, instead of being really sick, or that it was a mental illness. It was because of the perennial war that led to Qin Qiong. Some people ’s psychology is abnormal. To say that people who bleed more than him on the battlefield are all right now, and he has something, is n’t it psychological? If it ’s psychological, maybe Yang Heng ’s diet The son will cheer him up, and his health will improve. Although treating mental illness is a difficult problem, do n’t ignore the self-psychological adjustment of a general like Qin Qiong. If it ’s not good before, even Yang Heng ’s history Not good, does not mean that it will not be good now, but this will take a while to see.

"Boy, what may you, maybe, say something if you have something, ha ha, that ha ..." Don't you mean that there is fart fast, but Yang Heng thinks so, if Cheng Fairy said it, Yang Heng He will surely pull him to the back to practice. This is why Cheng Fairy beats haha. It is too shameful to let a child spit out the fart.

"I said, maybe, after General Qin's illness is cured, there may be offspring. Now General Qin is less than 40 years old, and it is OK to give birth to ten or eight."

"Haha, what you said is true, did you hear it, second brother, not because you hurt Yinde, but because you bleed too much, I said that those who kill more than you have a group of children, how do you No, it ’s so. Brother, you listen to this kid. Although he does n’t have any seriousness, he can be regarded as Ding and Ding. ”The fairy demon ecstatic ecstatically, this has not been cured for Qin Qiong With the body, Cheng Fairy has become more confident.

"You're serious, you can rest assured that I will give you money for your wok, how much it will cost, and so on, and someone will give you the same weight of gold as the wok." Qin Qiong was also excited. Get up, descendants. Although he can't show it on the face, he must be very anxious. Seeing him so, Yang Heng is more firm that Qin Qiong will be fine. His body, even without children, is The psychological function is noisy, and what he lacks is a person who puzzles him. But is there a saying of mental illness in this era? Should I ask Sun Daochang?

Yang Heng guessed that Qin Qiong had no children within a short period of time because of physical damage when fighting, so the psychological pressure began to increase, especially when he saw that his companions had children one by one. , As a result, no longer fighting, and the body collapsed, and the son-in-law was even more difficult. The psychological effect was even greater. Therefore, psychological pressure and physical discomfort led to the absence of the child and the physical inability to recover while he was outside. People must remain optimistic in front of people until they are depressed. This is what Yang Heng secretly thought. If not, it would be useless to go back to whatever he eats. If it is relevant, he will see his body in a few days. Improved. (To be continued.)