Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 2099 Revived Qin Shubao Full of Blood in Place

"Xiaoyou, Lao Dao heard that you treated General Qin?" This was the first question after Sun Lao Dao came back to see Yang Heng.

This is already ten days after Yang Heng treated Qin Qiong, maybe Sun Lao Dao remembered the cultivation of his medicinal materials, and then he came back in advance. As soon as he returned, he heard the news that Yang Heng treated Qin Qiong.

How can this be done, Yang Heng is not a healer, how can he see a doctor, but don't look bad. So I hurried to ask Yang Heng.

"It's okay, Sun Daochang, I didn't prescribe any medicine, just told him something about food supplements, and I gave General Qin an iron pot for him to supplement iron." "Well, supplement iron, What condition is iron deficiency? "

Sun Laodao was very curious, what kind of illness is this iron supplement to treat, how did you not know it, and how did Yang Heng know it? There are many questions in the old way.

"Iron deficiency is not iron deficiency. It is anemia. Most of the anemia is iron deficiency. Sun Daochang, have you found that people who often eat iron pots for cooking are ruddy and full of blood, so I think so General Qin, he has lost too much blood, which is naturally anemia, and if anemia, is it better to supplement iron? "Yang Heng talked with Sun Lao Dao, the fact is fact, but Yang Heng really could n’t understand why Iron is to nourish blood, it is better to say so, let Sun Lao Dao study it, he will eventually succeed.

"Well, also, since I have been dealing with your family, I have found that your family is getting more and more full of blood. It seems to be the credit of this iron pot, that is, are you sure General Qin is really anemia?" "No, but I found that General Qin's psychology has a lot of stress. Will his physical condition be related to psychological stress, and the fact that he has no children, is it also related to stress, I give this Stress has a name called mental disorder. What do you think, Sun Daochang? "

"Well, you said it, but I woke up a bit. The old man also encountered some infertile couples before and asked the old man to look at his body. The old man couldn't find anything wrong with their body, even their bodies were very Well, it ’s not like you ca n’t have children, so the old man prescribed some kidney-reinforcing medicines. As a result, there are many couples who have children. Is this the psychological obstacle you said? Famous doctors, Sun Lao Dao would even be inferior.

In fact, this should not be inferior to others, but it is a matter of desire. Sun Lao Dao already has an idea, but he ca n’t tell what the idea is, and no one has studied it with him, but Yang Heng said this today, so that layer The thin window paper was poked through.

"Quick, my friend, go to the city with Lao Dao and show General Qin what his body is like. Is that what you said, anemia of iron deficiency?" Lao Dao was really a medical fan, once he found After new treatments, or sayings, I want to quickly verify it.

"No, Dr. Sun, we are here, haha, haha, boy, I didn't expect it, the old man is here again." Needless to say, Cheng Fairy must have placed some spies on the periphery of the Yang family, just to listen to Sun What time is old to come back.

"Ha ha, General Cheng, has always been good. You are in good health, but you have to drink less wine, and I can smell the smell of wine on you."

"Sun Shenyi, today is not to see me, but to see my second elder brother, how do you look at his health." Speaking, Cheng Yaojing let go of his body, and Qin Shubao appeared behind him.

Immediately, Yang Heng was a little stunned. Is this the same Qin Qiong that he was about to die from last time? Although his body is still so weak, his face is rosy and his mental state is much better. This must be a mental disorder, at this time his body can be said to have fully recovered. It seems that Sun Laodao does not need to watch, he can fully recover.

"General Qin, come and let the old way give you a pulse." It ’s more useful than touching the pulse without saying anything.

"Huh, huh." Lao Dao half-closed his eyes, and sometimes he hummed, this even took a lot longer than usual to give people pulses, "Mr. Sun, my brother has nothing to do." "Shh." Yang Heng booed in front of Cheng Fairy. He knew that Sun Lao Dao was carefully evaluating the pulse, and also thinking carefully, thinking about what Yang Heng said.

"Well, General Qin, there is nothing in your body, but it is still weak. It seems that this is the result of years of physical recovery. The old man prescribes a few medicines and you go back to take them. Yang Hengxiao You can continue with the food supplement you said. "Then, Sun Lao Dao issued a prescription for strengthening the kidneys.

"By the way, General Qin, Lao Dao has also prescribed several herbs for invigorating the kidneys. Maybe you will have your own child soon." Lao Dao added a few more words.

"What you are saying is true, thank you so much, thank you so much, Sun Shenyi, you are really the reborn parent of a certain family." Qin Qiong is incoherent, and now talking about the offspring, Qin Qiong is naturally excited, and he has been They all thought that they would not have a future in this life, and they were all worried about when they would be below and how to meet their ancestors. Now, his wish is finally OK. Although there are no children yet, who is Sun Simiao, he is The god doctors that are admired all over the country, he said, it will be realized. It can be seen how famous Sun Simiao is throughout the Tang Dynasty.

After Qin Qiong's gratitude went with Cheng Fairy.

"How's it, Sun Daochang?" "Yes, it seems your idea is really good, just an iron pot, and some blood-supply ingredients. Lao Dao did not expect such an effect, it seems to be a psychological effect, otherwise Relying on these ingredients, this will not be the case. Lao Dao touched the pulse of General Qin and found that although his pulse showed that his body was still weak, this was only caused by his long-term illness and was not recoverable in a short time. His mental state has recovered very well, and the natural blood has slowly started to fill up. Also, the old way also learns from you, and gives him a psychological hint, just to tell him that as long as he takes the old way medicine, he will definitely There are children. "Similarly, Sun Lao Dao was also excited, and his excitement was no less than that of Qin Qiong, even worse than that. Yeah, he found another illness and a cure. Can he be unhappy? This is a true healer.

In the following period, Sun Laodao kept soaking in the medicine field in the mountain. He not only had to grow some herbs, but also observed the special surnames of these herbs. Is it different if they are moved to other places? One more thing is waiting for Qin Qiong's news. According to old speculation, the results will come out in three months. If no more results will be produced at that time, then Qin Qiong is really dead. Why? That is, Qin Qiong's body will definitely return to normal after three months. At the same time, Sun Laodao's prescription is not only comforting, but it also has a kidney-reinforcing effect. If the kidney qi is under the effect of medicine at this time, When he was the strongest, he had no children. Basically, Qin Qiong really had no offspring.

During this time, Yang Heng was not idle, but was always discussing with Sun Laodao about some things about mental illness.

"Little friend, do you say that those patients with epilepsy are also some psychological diseases?" Sun Laodao was very exploring, and now he started to think about some neurological patients, but in this era, neuropsychological patients are For epilepsy. "Maybe, I guess that most of the people who got sick halfway should be attributed to psychological illness. If psychological counseling is provided, it will be all right." Speaking of this, Yang Heng remembered the past life and there were some people around him. You will suddenly get sick. If you investigate the cause of the illness, you should be irritated. But when you get to the hospital, you will be given some medicine, and you will really become mentally ill.

"Well, there seem to be a lot of such things happening, and the old man is a little negligent. It seems that I still have to be serious in the future!" (To be continued.)