Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 210 Sending Son Guanyin Yang Dalang

Overnight, Yang Heng ’s name spread throughout Datang, but speaking of this name made Yang Heng cried and laughed. He sent the child Guanyin Yang Dalang himself to spend some time in the valley to study something with Sun Lao Dao. There was such a name. .

But in a blink of an eye, Yang Heng was a little ecstatic. "Sun Dao, Sun Dao, there, General Qin." "What you said is true, there is General Qin, this is great, let ’s go. Go to Chang'an and let the old Tao take a good look at General Qin's body. "

Since the expression of giving the son Guanyin appeared, it must be that General Qin had a son-in-law, otherwise Yang Heng would not have such a name, and even this name may have been passed on by Cheng Yaojing.

"This is Sun Shenyi, hello Sun Shenyi, thank you for curing my father last time." "Sun Shenyi, which Sun Shenyi?" "There is another Sun Shenyi, naturally it is Sun Siyi Sun Shenyi." "You said I know Sun Simiao. There is also a medical practitioner named Sun Shenyi in the western city, but he is only a divine man. "" You a turtle son, a divine man can compare with Sun Shenyi. Sun Shenyi, come to my house and show my kid See if he does n’t eat? ”“ You ’re bullshit, you can live without food. ”“ Who says that he ca n’t live without food. He eats meat every day. , My old lady took care of him and said that it was such a solitary seedling. He liked to eat meat and let him eat meat, but now he can't even get out of the door. " Great. "" No, it's fat that can't get out. "...

A group of people whispered around Sun Daochang, but it was a trivial matter, without saying who really had any important patients. And Yang Heng was watching the liveliness of Sun Daochang cheerfully. Sun Daochang couldn't help crying or laughing, but he couldn't drive these people away.

"I said to give the son Guanyin, what are you doing on the side, and you do n’t want to leave anymore, you will be in front of General Qin." I did not expect that this old Sun Road also has such a naughty side, but your method is not working, eh No, it works. Sun Laodao, I was killed by you. Surrounding Sun Daochang is a group of big men, and a group of women heard about the term Guanyin, and started to run here.

"Where is Guanyin, where is it, ah, that's it, look at a little white gentleman who is Bai Nen, and you will know that you can have a son." This, I have nothing to do with whether you can have a son, Yang Yang As soon as Heng looked at this posture, he knew that it was not good. He turned his head and wanted to run. Did he run?

"Yeah, I've sent son Guanyin, I've heard that you can have a son just by touching it, and let the slaves touch it." A group of mothers and daughters gathered around. Can you all have no son? .

"Don't squeeze, I saw it first, I touch it first." "Get out of the way, don't touch it, everyone is swollen. Whoops, who is taking off my pants, Sun Daochang, help me, help me Yeah. "

This Tang, not only the princess is very messy, but also how ordinary women feel very messy. After a while, Yang Heng's clothes were ripped into strips, and that baby was also taken a lot of cheap. , No way, you are still a boy, then cover your baby and let you feel good.

"Get off, get off, who is such a brave person who dares to invade the horse, whoops, horse, how are you doing?" "Oh, you can come, hurry up, don't say anything, just give me one Get your clothes on. "" But the horse, the villain is all armor, or the villain will take off a armor for you. "

"Forget it, forget it, there is Princess Mansion, please send me to Princess Mansion." Yang Heng only found out that he is now not far from Princess Mansion, so go to Princess Mansion Change your clothes. This group of violent women, fortunately, your baby is a little swollen and has not broken, otherwise you can only go to the palace.

"Zhi Jie, you're really naughty, see if you make this kid out of trouble. If there is a three-length, two-short, Your Majesty, you won't bother us." What role rumors can play, this is why several soldiers appeared in front of Yang Heng so quickly.

"Relax, brother, that kid is broken. He is purely taking advantage of these women, otherwise he would have escaped." Cheng Fairy was wrong this time, and Yang Hengke didn't really think What advantage to take, but did not expect to hit a woman, this is the reason he was fenced, not to mention hitting a woman, even if he breaks through, it will break out, but there will be many people injured, who let us The pig's feet are a good young man in the 21st century. He must be polite to his female surname and not be too rude. This is why he was surrounded.

"Xiaoyou, are you okay, and the old way did not expect that these women think the son is too crazy thinking." "It's okay, Sun Daochang, you see this is all right." Yang Heng pointed to his face and said, "Hey" Everyone laughed and stunned, and the ground was green, and there were even a few lipstick marks on Yang Heng's face.

"Boy, you are taking advantage. How many people are kissing you? How can I not have this blessing for Lao Cheng? Otherwise, you can give me the number one child Guanyin, so I can enjoy Lao Cheng too "" Mr. Cheng's wife, hello, the boy is polite. "Yang Heng ignored the stubble of Cheng Fairy, but bowed behind Cheng Fairy." Boy, don't take this thing to lie to me Let me tell you, my husband is not afraid of his wife. You asked your so-called niece to come to the lover and see if the husband does not teach her. "" My maid, you have heard it, it is not time to give tea to General Cheng Pour the water. "" Well. "After hearing this, Cheng Fairy's face changed color immediately, and she made a mistake. This is where Qin Er's home is. Since Qin Er's mother is pregnant, her own mother-in-law is here. It should be.

"Oh, lady, I'm wrong for my husband. I shouldn't brag for my husband. You hit me, but don't beat your face. The old man can't go out to meet someone with his face." "Uncle please, my brother and sister didn't come here. "

It turned out that Qin Qiong's wife came out. I heard that it was Sun Shenyi who arrived. She naturally came out to greet her, and just heard that Cheng Fairy was bragging, so Yang Heng also cooperated when bowing, and just laughed. With a sound, it was heard that the woman was laughing, but it was impossible to hear who was laughing, and Cheng Fairy took it seriously.

"Boy, you, you, oh, me, me, oh, oh, don't you say that you can't come out?" "Uncle, how could the slave family not come out, this is our life-saving benefactor Sun Shenyi, and there is Ziguanyin Xiaolangjun, several slave families are polite, thank you for your treatment of my husband. "Talking, Mrs. Qin family was deeply blessed.

"Mother, please, please, you are still pregnant, not so." Sun Daochang greeted him. "Mrs. Qin, can the old man touch your pulse?" Did not wait for Qin to agree, Sun Daochang pulled directly After Qin's right hand felt his pulse, we can see how anxious Sun Daochang was. It was rare that he encountered a special illness and a treatment method. He was not anxious that it was false.

"Mr. Dao, how is my lady, is she pregnant?" Now Qin Qiong doesn't believe the doctors in the city anymore, he doesn't even want to believe the doctor, but you must know that Li Er didn't send a few doctors before, but Yang Heng taught him the method, naturally he arranged it on Sun Daochang, Yang Heng also enjoyed it, otherwise how to explain, I know too much, even women have children to understand, it is really evil!

"Don't worry, don't worry, General Qin, your mother is indeed pregnant, and it has been more than a month, congratulations to General Qin." Sun Daochang released Qin's wrist, and pinched his beard on his chin with a smile. Said that it is not only Qin Qiong who is happy now, but also Sun Daochang who is also very happy, this one's own medical skills have been further improved.

"Mr. Sun, please, and the Yang family, please also. If you do n’t, there is no one today. Today, we must have a few drinks with you." Well, these generals, except for drinks, There is no other way to express gratitude. (To be continued.)