Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 21: Royal Building Materials

A strange thing suddenly appeared in Dongshi and Xishi, that is, the store that was advertising was suddenly razed to the ground when the countdown was five days, but don't worry, the owner himself leveled it. .

The owner is naturally Yang Heng and others. After a fierce debate, Yang Heng won. He meant to level the two stores and then set up a building on the spot, because there was Lee in it. The participation of two, so two three-story concrete reinforced steel buildings were approved. Since advertising is to be done, naturally it must be larger. How to advertise for building materials? Naturally, you have to build your own house first. At the same time as this decision, a new camp decree was also issued, that is, the new house building method was changed to a two-story building. Naturally, there is no objection to the first floor. There is also a three-story building which families can build. What kind of family can be built over four floors, and correspondingly, the original building area can not be changed. Naturally, this is also prepared for the mass sales of building materials. Otherwise, the building materials have come out, but the corresponding regulations have not kept up. How many people can buy building materials and houses.

After the two storefronts were toppled, a group of people came on the ground of the two storefronts and started digging pits on the spot. What was going to be done? Naturally, the basement was built. As a complete building, how could it be done without a basement, Although these two stores do not require any basement, Yang Heng plans to build them. His goal is to make these two buildings the symbolic surnames of East and West. After the construction team matures, Li Er It also customized the buildings with the symbolic surnames of Chang'an City, and even the buildings with the symbolic surnames of Datang. Naturally, this was Yang Heng's idea, which was robbed by Li Er.

Huh, since it ’s useless, do n’t build it. It ’s okay. I used it as a staff recreation room. What kind of badminton, table tennis, indoor basketball, etc., only badminton, no use of table tennis. It ’s hard to say with basketball. Make it. Ca n’t make it. Make it slowly.

So unknowingly, Yang Heng added a few research projects to the three veterans and created them by himself. Then Yang Heng should not be exhausted. Do everything by yourself. Then don't be ordinary people. Go to God. Come on.

If there is cement, and the cement is also up to standard, and there are steel bars, then the frame-type building construction of the later generations will appear accordingly. The frame building is the most profitable type of work in the future. It also appeared, but at this time, the brick mover could not make much money. They were some idle people hired from nearby. It was better to say that it was forced.

"Brother, don't hang out in the street, find a job for you, what, don't go, you don't have to say that." In this way, the martial arts hunted down the street and took some idlers over. Yang Heng even gave the beautiful name to labor reform. Why do you say that these people are idlers on the street? In fact, there are more idlers on the street. He is one of them. This kind of people is the last one. Nothing to steal a chicken, touch a dog, was caught, the government can not judge, Yang Heng ’s father has been a martial art leader for several years, but he knows this The thing is, this kind of person catches at most is to hit a stick and then release it, and even said that some people are not even qualified to hit the stick, but it is still a headache to put it. This is not the case when the construction is short of people, Yang Heng remembered them.

It ’s not a real lack of people, but all shareholders are unwilling to pay, and they do n’t see the benefits for so long. Instead, they even demolished the facade and dug such a large pit. Come out, no more money, wait until you see the money back.

So Yang Heng couldn't do anything about it. He just scratched his lips and the crowd was not slack, so he asked Li Er for such an order, that is, to ask Wuhou people to ask for someone.

"Leave, brother, go drink with my brother." "No, brother, you have to spare me. Last time I followed you to drink and then make trouble. As a result, you have nothing to do, someone will protect you, but my brother is unlucky. For that, I gave the Guanyin a few days of work, not for nothing, and gave me three big bucks, but the brothers have lost a full thirty pounds in the past few days. "

The buildings in Dongshi and Xishi have been completed, and no one can be found in the entire Chang'an city. Why are you tired of moving the bricks? It is said that Yang Heng did not abuse them and gave them There is also a lot of money, but this is really not a person's job. It should have been done by a crane. How did these people get it done? How does it work? Framed buildings can be built with sand. It means that the temporary staircase is lifted outside after the first floor is completed, so that the brick movers can carry the bricks to climb up. There are not many bricks, but the stairs are difficult to walk. Naturally, it will not be built with cement bricks. They are all made of rope, wooden boards, and some sloping stairs made of bricks. They walk on top of them, but fortunately, there are several ropes on both sides. Even if you stumble, there will be no danger. If the bricks fall, you must double the bricks and deduct their food. The most hateful thing is that the workers at this site turned out to be in front of them. Eating meat and drinking, the meat smells like wine, and it's ridiculous.

So these brick movers understand what is the most painful thing, what is the most painful thing is to look at wine and meat, but they ca n’t eat it, eat it, eat it, the meat tube is enough, the wine is enough, but That is, you need to do your thing well. Only when you do well can you go down to drink and eat meat. But there is no time limit for doing this. Drinking and eating meat is limited in time. When they finish their work, both wine and meat are finished. I pulled it down. In front of myself and others, it was steamed buns and rice. What kind of steamed buns do n’t eat rice? It ’s time again. Then there ’s only wild vegetable porridge. Eat it, eat it. Wild vegetable porridge is enough, and after doing a few days of work like this, I lost more than thirty kilos, not tired or hungry, but rather lean.

In this case, the martial arts in Changan City have been completely idle for a hundred years. During this one hundred years, no one dared to come out and run around, let alone steal the chicken and touch the dog. The lessons of the seniors were sweaty. The lesson from drooling.

Although it is a frame-type building, Yang Heng does not know much about some construction mechanics, and even said that he did not understand it directly, so there is no guarantee. Therefore, the method of first building a frame and then building a cave is not used. The monolithic method was used to build it, that is, when the cement was poured, the cave was blocked at the same time, which is why a lot of brick movers were used.

One month later, the Royal Building Materials Store in East and West City officially opened. Yang Heng wanted to make these buildings dry for a while before opening, but the generals couldn't wait. The consensus was that the tide was a fortune. The tide is a very good word. For the tide of wealth, the tide is the tide. However, the cement and steel bars are afraid to enter, and only some samples can be placed in it. The cement must be replaced at any time. The moisture is too great and it will harden at any time.

However, the effect was good. On the first day of opening, the court earned a gate tower. This gate tower is not a small gate tower, but a gate tower of the main city of Chang'an. How to earn it, taxes, Ministry of Industry Keeping it here, for every 95 bags of cement sold, five bags of cement will be collected as a tax, for every 950 bricks sold, 50 bricks will be collected as a tax, as well as steel bars, white ash, etc. That's it.

What is the gate tower? This is mainly because the Ministry of Industry had previously reported that a gate tower would be renovated, and Li Er's reply was that after the royal building materials opened, the tax revenue was used to repair the gate tower.

"Hahahaha, it's not bad. Your grandfather's court earned a gate tower, while grandfather earned a palace courtyard." "His majesty, the court officials also earned a main house."

"I say, everyone, this profit is not so calculated, your profit is only one tenth of what you are like, but the income of the court is indeed this figure." Yang Heng poured a slop of cold water on it. (To be continued.)