Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 212 What to Do If You Have a Building Without Glass

Looking at the building with a square head in front of me, although there is no antique charm, there is also a touch of modernity. But why do I always feel uncomfortable when looking at the building?

Although this building has a square head and a brain, it is stupid and dumb, but it is not particularly unpleasant. Are the walls smoothed with cement and then painted with some paint on it? This was also negotiated collectively. As a result, the red wall surface is very conspicuous and very angry. .

Where is that? Yang Heng is facing the building from side to side.

"Boy, this building is completed, and the business is also open. What are you looking at here, right, when is the window in place?" The window, the window, and the fairy Cheng reminded Yang Heng that he did not notice the window, and the door. You have to know that the windows and the windows were made in accordance with their own windows, but what they do n’t know is that Yang Heng plans to put glass on the windows in the future, but now the uncle copied this style. It's ugly without glass, is it?

"Ha, there is." Yang Heng slaps in a row, and screams happily.

"Why boy, what do you have, it scared the old man." Cheng Fairy gave Yang Heng a glance on the side. What's wrong with you? Oh no, this kid's happy thing must be a good thing.

"Boy, you tell the old man what's good, but don't forget the old man." That fairie, can you be more prosperous and don't take advantage of the junior?

Glass, what is glass made of, I only know that sand is used in it, and the thing about bubbles is stirring, but what is the ingredient?

Ah, yes, it seems that there is a kind of ore burning with sand and it will burn out the glass. But what kind of ore? What kind of ore?

Yang Heng only remembers a story saying that Europe was thousands of years ago, and now it should be a thousand years ago. There was a merchant ship traveling on the Mediterranean Sea, and the ship was carrying some kind of ore. At the time, due to the ebb of the sea, the boat was stranded. The crew removed the ore from the boat and boiled it to cook water. After removing the pot, they found that there were a lot of shiny things on the sand, so they I made glass balls and made a lot of money.

But what is this mineral, is it salt, or something, do n’t remember, so well, just remember that this is a commonly used thing, let the three masters study it, know that they are still idle now Now, just find something for them to do.

"Boy, what do you like, do you have something new?" "This, General Cheng, you don't have to think about it. It's impossible to leave some wealth for the juniors. This thing I think is called glass, I wo n’t explain to you what the glass is, but I do n’t want this thing. I have to give it to the little lady and those couples. Naturally, there will be Cheng Er in your house. How about it? ”Qian is If you ca n’t make enough money, you still have some benefits.

Yang Heng found that after these two second-hand goods were trained by Yang Heng, Li Er also paid attention to them, so it is better to leave a batch of usable men to her, and with these men, she can talk to the empress There was a fight.

No one else would know that this youngest prince will become the emperor who will succeed Li Erban in the future, but as a cross-passenger of Yang Heng, he naturally knows, and he will also take the queen's seat for the young lady If the young lady's position is to be stable, then there must be a group of effective men. These two goods are used together, and these two goods have a good relationship with the mother.

"Well, Cheng, I also want to get some properties for this second kid. Otherwise, he can't inherit the title, and can't have some income, it will be sad." Cheng Yaojing nodded and heard that his son had a share , Then naturally happy.

"No matter what the glass is, the boy will make it as long as he earns money. You have to make it quickly."

The valley of Yang Heng ’s research institute has been built again. This time, for the purpose of firing glass, a stove is naturally needed. The place where Yang Heng intends to develop gunpowder is not suitable, so it was placed directly on the blast furnace site. On the side, it happens that the blast furnace workers can build the stove for them, and even change the shape of the stove according to the needs of the priests.

Now Yang Heng's goal is not to make any glass, but to determine the raw materials first. When the raw materials are determined, it is time to shape the stove.

The three chief ministers are also very excited, and finally have a formal job. It was not a thing to help others work before.

"Xiao Langjun, what kind of glass are you talking about? What is the difference between the legendary glass?" "Luri, where have you seen glass?" Yang Heng was shocked when he heard it, and even heard glass here At this point, he didn't know much about the history of Liuli, but thought that it was some later products. He even thought that after his glass was manufactured, that Liuli would not be there again, but now I have heard of Liuli. .

"The glass, which is a legendary fairy item, is said to be made of pure crystal, and some solid-colored crystals have been fired for seven or forty-nine days. After this glass has been fired, it is self-defeating and beautiful. It ’s not what humans can have. It is said that the jade jar used by the goddess of mercy Guanyin is actually a seven-colored glass bottle. "

What a bastard, it's just some impure glass, but after talking about these Daochang, Liuli can't let go of this product. "Well, Dao, this glass is much more advanced than Liuli. It is burned out, it is extremely translucent. If you do n’t touch it, you ca n’t see its existence. Naturally, we also need to make the colored glass. Are the seven-colored colored glass also some fairy items. After you make them, you are away from the fairy. Going one step further, but now you find out the materials for making glazed, instead of using crystals, you have to remember that one of the most important raw materials is sand. "

"Hey Xiaolangjun, you, you are blasphemy, how can such a sacred object be made of such lowly things as sand, but this one I like old." Why old road changed his breath because he I found that Yang Heng's face was getting worse and worse when he was talking. This is the prelude to Yang Heng's attack, but you ca n’t mess with it. If you mess with yourself, there will be no restaurant, and the two Taoist friends behind will also He was pulling his clothes, meaning you do n’t say, do n’t say, Xiaolangjun is getting angry.

"Well, um, thanks to your quick change of tone, otherwise I will let you be brick movers all my life. I am a lot of Taoist and liar like you, so do n’t talk in the future, I let you do it. Whatever you want to do, what God is not God, I am your God now, I can make you alive and I want you to die, well, you go. "

Yang Heng is a bit angry. Do n’t you know how many bowls of dry rice you are eating, are n’t you just a few liar wearing a Taoist coat? You are really God ’s spokesperson on earth. If you are a spokesperson, you wo n’t be beaten. It was picked up by Sun Laodao.

"Oh, this Xiaolang Jun is really stressed enough to get angry. I said you really have the courage to tell Xiaolang Jun what we are, you do n’t know, we are just a liar, God, that is away from us Far away, even if there is a deity, he will not accept us, and even condemn us. We always use the angel of God to deceive people, and it is estimated that he has long tired of us. "Fortunately, fortunately Finally, there is still such a smart person inside.

Originally, Yang Heng wanted to arrange a few subordinates for these directors, but after this one, the subordinates are gone. Let's transform you first. Whether it is transporting sand or transporting broken ore, let them themselves. dry.

Maybe, there really is a god protecting them. Even if they don't have a few days, let them test it out. Soda ore and sand will burn together, and glass beads will be formed. In fact, Yang Heng didn't know too much about some common items. When Yang Heng said something that is commonly used, these priests thought of several things, but just so few. What salt, soda, what? What's the matter, there are only a few kinds of ore as supplies. Soda is the so-called alkali, and Yang Heng didn't even consider the alkali to the ore. (To be continued.)