Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 214 Datang Color Glass Industry

"It's crackling, crackling ..." For a while, the bamboo was burnt, and a new facade appeared next to the Royal Building Materials next to Dongshi. How could this facade look even more breathy!

"Datang Color Glass Industry .." A few large characters were hung on the door of the facade. Not only was the tone of the tone, this was the word, which was actually written by Li Er.

Needless to say, this is the facade of the glass factory that Yang Heng said. If you say that the tone is big, it's not too big. The majority of shareholders are true. The leading figures are Yu Zhang and Xiao Niang. Is the chairman, and the mother is the executive chairman. There are a lot of other directors.

In this factory, Yang Heng didn't own the shares. The Yang family was only the young lady and the girl who joined in. As a royal, only Zhang Yuzhang was involved, and the others were naturally the two goods sellers.

Although these directors are not very serious, they have sent the most effective lineup in their respective homes. Most of them are the sons or family members of the housekeepers in each family, that is, the most reliable group of people. Even the most loyal group.

Needless to say, their seats naturally belong to the management. Similarly, these managements are also the principals of rotation and collective management. Although the industry is not large, there are a lot of staff, especially the management staff. On the other hand, Yang Heng didn't have any opinion. The monthly money of each housekeeper was not from the factory, but was a fixed expenditure of each house. However, they will have some bonuses at the end of the year. , Even the management staff in the former royal building material.

There are personnel and shop, but there is no factory. Why? Now there are technicians studying, no more and no less, each of them sends a technician. Yang Heng's plan is to make glass. Handed over the technology to let everyone learn, so once again his risk is shared, even if these people are separated, they wo n’t say who will and who will not, there is no dispute, and no contradiction occurs, Yang Heng's idea is good, but is it really the case? Then wait and see.

The factory did n’t start production. As a result, the shop opened first. As a result, there was a rush of people in front of the door, but there was no goods sold. Why? It is inlaid on the door of this shop. This kind of advertisement works well. When the sun shines, although the room looks colorful, the room is brighter than before, and people even like this color.

The glass is not sold, but the glass ball has been sold a lot, so that a new elegant entertainment has emerged in Chang'an City. To be honest, it is a money-throwing activity. You must know that playing the glass ball will naturally bring the glass The ball was broken, but it did not play the glass ball, and it looked inferior. Even the masters would not accuse the boys who lay on the floor after the glass ball. They also wanted to pick up some broken glass balls and give them back. What about children?

"Brother Heng, (brother-in-law)" really gave us the sale. The young lady asked Yu Zhang unsurely, and even the other second-handers looked at Yang Heng so much. This sale was too profitable. Why give these children to yourself, this is doubtful.

"Yeah, I really left it to you, just to see how your cooperation works. If you do n’t cooperate well and have any contradictions, maybe I will take it back, and even the money you have spent Come back. "Yang Heng had a clever move and even said something like this, you can stay together for a few years and count a few years, so that your technical staff can communicate with each other and develop new things, but You ca n’t rely solely on me. If you say that you are separated, there will be a lot less technicians. It is good to maintain the current status quo, and what research is needed.

"Okay, okay, now that the text has been told to you, that's yours, and you won't control it even if you divide it. You go ahead and play." Changle actually blasted these people away, that is There is no exception to Yuzhang. She could have played with them before, how could it not be changed now.

"Fu Jun, you have all the characters now, I thought, you should study some sage articles well, and also, should you practice your handwriting, now you have counted your word difference at home It turns out that Changle heard Yang Heng said that his father had given Yang Heng a word called Xuewen, and it meant that Yang Heng had learned a lot, then he must be a good wife and urge With Yang Heng study hard.

"I said Changle, you, you," Yang Heng looked at Changle with a bitter smile, did he still have to learn, aren't they some of the works of the sages, can these be used for eating, although Yang Heng taught the children some, but This is just for educating children.

"Ah, okay, okay, okay, I learn, I learn, what to learn first, let ’s start with the Analects." Yang Hengzheng said, and suddenly found that Changle was going to cry. It seems that she was going to cry and persuade. Way, how can this stand, let's promise it. "Fu Jun, don't be perfunctory, you know, your Analects are all backfire, how can you learn Analects." Yang Heng still did not stop Changle's crying and persuasion.

"Well, you don't know. Whether it's me or my mother, even though the Analects and the Scriptures are all backwards, they don't seek to understand. We still need some explanations to understand the meaning."

"Well," Changle laughed again. Since Yang Heng wasn't perfunctory with her, she was naturally happy, and looking at Yang Heng's anxious look, she let Yang Heng tease him, "Father, why don't you come? I ’ll explain it to you. ”Oops, I ca n’t take it anymore, and it ’s like this again, and the sweetness of the three or more plus signs, Yang Heng turned away and escaped,“ hee hee hee hee , Ha ha ha ha. "Changle laughed arrogantly at the back, she knew what happened to Yang Heng, isn't it the flagpole, do you think I don't know, I won't tell you.

Yang Heng did not follow Changle's study, otherwise three liters of nosebleeds would not shed every day, and he could only see if he could not eat. Isn't this a fatal thing, just teasing a tree flagpole with Changle every day? First help Yu Zhang and Xiaoniang and others to build the glass factory.

The glass factory Yang Heng was placed near the Royal Building Materials Factory. Yang Heng's plan is to build an industrial park here. There are some polluting factories in it. They should be put together for treatment. Management, it is not possible to have the first incident of pollution before treatment.

Now that you have passed through, do n’t leave too much regret. Even Yang Heng intends to protect some forests. Do n’t let it become sandy. You must know what kind of state water is in all parts of the country. What kind of scenery is said to be, the destruction of the environment in China is from the era of Datang. Although the predecessors were also damaged, it is still inferior to Datang. Yang Heng determined that to change this situation, the first thing to do was to Starting from protecting the forest, he wanted to make the steel forest and the green forest coexist.

Although Yang Heng's idea is a bit off-topic, he is really doing it. First, the use of coal and cement, then the use of steel, and then the use of glass. If large pieces of glass appear in advance, perhaps the consumption of trees Will be even less.

Some people may ask, what is the relationship between the use of glass and trees? It is naturally related. Although the wood consumption of doors and windows is very small, it is still consumed. The rich use good wood and the poor use poor wood. , It will lead to a large reduction in the consumption of wood in doors and windows, naturally reducing the waste of wood, coupled with the use of cement and steel, the roof will also use less wood, who would not like to make a flat roof Then, in the summer, you can drink and chat on it. You know, now that Yang Heng has made the floor, even the roof insulation layer has been thought of, even the camp orders have been changed, maybe in In the near future, buildings with apartment names will soon appear in the city. This will save a lot of land. Natural officials will have villas in the nearby mountains and rivers. With villas, the environment will also be the same. With protection, you have to know that there is a villa in the green mountains and green waters. That is a very artistic conception, even a poet would like it. But this needs Yang Heng to guide. (To be continued.)