Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 251 Immature Directors

The three directors did their best, and Yang Heng did his best. Although no colorless glass appeared, they created various colored glasses. After Yang Heng's processing and splicing, they made beautiful pieces of various colors. Glass pieces. .

What Yang Heng didn't expect was that this glass composite was welcomed by many people. This is why the glass factory was established in advance. After the glass factory started production, Yang Heng was finally relieved. These directors were too relieved. Anxious, in order to make money, even when the glass has not yet been produced, the shop opened it in advance.

What Yang Heng didn't think of was that after the glass was produced, Yang Heng's tone didn't relax. Why, a group of directors almost got into a fight, why are they all vying for the production first? The glass that came out was taken home for installation. I wonder whether it was glass or glass.

"I ask you, I'm the chairman, can I take some glass to dedicate to my father's emperor?" Yu Zhang said arrogantly, "Cheng, Cheng, Cheng." Well, she was not allowed to take it first, and who should take it first, so a few pieces of glass were ordered by Yu Zhang first.

"What do you call me?" "Sister, sister, you don't have to ask, you can also take a few, we can take the rest." No way, who would let everyone call the mother-in-law as the elder sister, then Let the mother get a few pieces first.

"I, I, I do n’t need it. I do n’t think you should either. We are doing business now, and there are many buyers waiting outside the store. How can we give the first batch of glass produced first? Take it? Maybe the glass produced in the future will be better? "Niuzi still has such insight, she even knew that the future production will be better. But, the technicians are working hard to improve it. At this time, the three Taoist leaders have detached themselves from the project of stained glass and concentrated on the study of colorless glass. According to Yang Heng, this colorless glass has many uses, and can even make a tool to observe some details. So that they can observe what turmeric and other things can change color, you know, their main business is still Taoist, they are still thinking about alchemy through the alchemy, although they are liars, but they are also Taoists Taoist priests have the conviction that they finally cultivate the Fairy Avenue.

I want to repair the Shenxian Avenue. Yang Heng can just lie to them to do more things. Transparent glass, this is a long process. This is mainly because Yang Heng also forgot what materials need to be removed. When the transparent glass came out, Yang Heng was anxious, but the three Taoist chiefs were confident. Since Yang Heng could bring it up, he could really make it.

"Your share is not necessary, but you can't leave Lao Cheng. This next copy should be mine, right?" Cheng Er, even learning his father's appearance, played a rogue.

"No, Cheng Er, why do you want to say first? It is also our family. You must know that the master of literature has been promoted by my master." Well, you Wei Chi Xiaosha, this is what you want Why do you take glass, but the number of copies of this glass is too small, and Yang Heng set it as two pieces, just inlay two doors or two windows, so naturally everyone uses two pieces as one Share it.


In addition to the two previous copies that made Yu Zhang and Xiaoniang go, as well as the girl's withdrawal, everyone even argued, no one was allowed, and the managers on the side were crying helplessly Laughing, who made the output of this glass relatively small, "Lang Junjun, otherwise, let's ask Ma Ma to judge, who can take it home first?" Finally, a smart manager remembered Yang Heng, but why not let Yu Zhang judged with his mother, they have no qualifications at this time, but they got two glasses first.

When Yang Heng received the news, he was a little bit crying. What are you doing now, doing business, to make money, not to spend money.

"Mother, don't ask for your share. At present, we don't need to install any glass windows or glass doors." "Yes, brother Heng." Although Yang Heng's excuses are not reasonable, she still listens to Yang Heng. Besides, there is really no way to arrange these two pieces of glass in the house. Where is it in Yang Heng ’s house? This requires the young lady to give it. Where is the father? It seems that it should be provided to the princess first. They are all furnishings, which is really bad. Processing, this is what the mother thought, but this is actually their limitation. This is doing business. How can you use it yourself first? If it ’s cheaper, it ’s better to say that it ’s expensive. Use, it is easy to make people doubt the true value of these glasses, if it causes doubt, it will not sell well, you know, as a luxury product, it is not a necessary item.

"Well, now there is one more glass. You are all bidding. Whoever pays more will be the first to win. Well, let's put it in the store for public auction." Yang Heng finalized the auction and it is now the New Year. It's close now, just a few years ago, these glasses were inlaid in a prominent place to show richness.

"Eh!" Everyone sighed, and Yu Zhang took the glass to give Li Erxian filial piety happily. I don't know what kind of filial piety it is, it is a display device, and it can also be used as filial piety It's really a little girl.

In fact, Yang Heng asked Yu Zhang to take it away, but also let Li Er advertise it. Although they had visited a lot in the store before, they did n’t know how to use it, and the specific effect was not known. If the price is too high, it may not be There will be many people to buy it, but if Li Er first uses it, and if Li Er only installs two of them on a house, it seems that this house is limited and nondescript, then Li Er will definitely use the money to buy More glass has finished the house.

Sure enough, Li Er asked Yang Heng to calculate. Where did he put the glass on the door on the palace where he received the minister, and even the door and the door frame were remade? This is also Yang Heng The glass door made according to the later generations is very earthy and tasteless, but this thing is fresh and it doesn't make people feel ugly, but how do you look at it awkwardly, glass doors, checkered windows, It seemed very uncoordinated, but Li Er invited some ministers over again, and made him look inferior.

As soon as Li Er had a clever move, the eunuchs quickly dismantled those windows. The natural excuse was that the windows were still being made.

In the imagination of the ministers, the auction of the glass officially started, and Li Er hated the palace temporarily and temporarily closed it. He was no longer here to receive the minister. The excuse was that it was being renovated. Why, no glass? He also arranged for someone to ask Yang Heng to ask for it, but Yang Heng directly determined that if he wanted, he would go to the scene to shoot.

Spending money, Li Er naturally did not do it, so that the children can give him a few more, and the output of this first furnace is also here, it is really embarrassing to ask, then wait.

When it was available for auction, what Yang Heng didn't expect was that an accident occurred. The glass was shot at a reserve price. Yang Heng made some mistakes. This is not a future society and society, but a feudal society. The merchant is Those who are not qualified to sit on an equal footing with the officials, naturally they dare not come to the auction site to make an actual auction, and the officials will naturally not even make an auction. This is a matter of great wealth. If you let Li Er know that they are rich, I do n’t know how Li Er will remember them. Yang Heng is very fortunate. Fortunately, Xiao Niang and Yu Zhang are opposed to not using a penny to start the auction. Their reason is that if some people do not bid together, what should I do? So, in the end The pricing is a one hundred consistent starting bid.

One hundred, for the poor, naturally a lot, some families can not make so much money in their lifetime, but for some senior officials this is a small money, they calmly held up a brand, this is a new way But they also have their tacit understanding. They would rather fight for speed than show richness. After a card is raised, others will immediately drop the raised sign, and the person in charge of the auction has no experience, otherwise he The price should be raised quickly, and the last one even said that any one holding a card let him go for the auction at a high price. This rule is left to Yang Heng to explain. (To be continued.)