Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 216 Directors Keeping Secrets

Looking at the bidders in the audience, Yang Heng was a little stunned. The officials of Datang were so rich that he could see it. Although the idea of ​​the auction was made by Yang Heng, the stewards did the specific things. .

The stewards have formulated very strict entry rules, that is, people who do not bring the name cards of the host family can not enter. Although they are all characters of the family manager, this post belongs to the host family. If a businessman enters That is also quite related to the main family. He is also regarded as a member of the official family.

In addition, Yang Heng was deeply grateful to be able to listen to the opinions of Xiaoniang and Yuzhang at this time. If it is really started, maybe all the glass will be shot today, and even the price of glass in the future will not be up. To say that it is the Tang people who understand the Tang Dynasty, it is the Aboriginal people who understand the Tang Dynasty. Yang Heng, an alien soul, always carries some thoughts of later generations. Some ideas are fresh, some ideas are weird, but some ideas are related to Datang was out of place, Yang Heng decided that he still had to understand Datang well and not let people treat it as an alternative.

Looking at the money in the hands of officials, Yang Heng can also understand that although scholars and farmers are in business, they are ranked first and business is at the bottom. Keshi ’s homes have their own business operations, or they may have agribusiness in their homes. There are three kinds of occupations, and the worst is agriculture. Although they are ranked second, the second worst is the occupation of work. Instead of being the last person, commerce is a profession that is second only to scholars. Shang did not have the opportunity to join the ranks within a few years, and farmers had the opportunity. In this way, who is good and who is bad, how can they say clearly.

However, this class of scholars is the best, but it is affirmative, that is, there are people in the family who do business, and no one will blame them, and they will not even hang on as a businessman.

Yang Heng is just feeling, he does n’t want to change this reality, even he is still fortunate, fortunately he passed through in time, otherwise it will be difficult for him to hang up as a blacksmith, even though he has the ability to change, But it also wastes a lot of time, doesn't it?


"Brother Heng, you said that we made glass out of sand and sold so much money. No one would say that we are unscrupulous merchants." Xiaoniang asked Yang Heng worriedly. Now Xiaoniang has started to care about her reputation. You know, she is now the future princess, and she should be concerned about her reputation.

"Little sister, do n’t worry, you did n’t see that your brother-in-law took a lot of work to make this glass, and the brother-in-law ’s investment is quite a lot. Do n’t say that it was burned out with sand. If anyone has an opinion If so, they burned themselves. "Yu Zhang had such insight, who did she learn from? Li Er doesn't seem to have such an economic mind. Maybe he has seen a lot of things around Yang Heng. This status is different, his education is different, and his vision is naturally different. Although the young lady knows a lot, she is a devourer. Memorizing it without any understanding, that is, studying in the palace for a long time, just memorizing it and leaving before the commentary.

"Well, sister Yu Zhang, you know so much that you are almost catching up with my brother Heng as a kid." Well, are you exaggerating Yu Zhang or hurting Yu Zhang, but fortunately, Yu Zhang also knows her At least she couldn't burn glass, make cement, or even use wool. "Well, yes, I must study hard to catch up with my brother-in-law." I took this compliment as an inspiration. It can be seen that whether it is between loved ones or good friends, the IQ has plummeted. It is no wonder that some people will be hurt by close friends, even by close love. This is why they are unprepared or their IQ is down.

"Brother Heng, why do you want so many people to join, will they tell them that the glass is burnt with sand?" "Ah, I don't understand this, I have to ask my brother-in-law."

"Butler, what do you think?" Yang Heng didn't have the bottom of his mind, but the housekeeper did a good job of these things. Since some old guys sent annihilators to Yang Heng, the housekeeper would also arrange some of them Careful, even inside the palace, there are acquaintances who report to the air.

"Xiao Langjun, you can rest assured that those Langjun are also very tight-mouthed. When glass was not made before, they couldn't talk about it. When the glass was sold at a high price, they would not even say it. This is their own property, not even their parents said. "

"Don't tell the secret, don't tell the secret, ..." This is something that the second goods people thought about while they were sleeping, and some people were tempting them, "What's your secret?" "You can't say, you can't say, the general is terrible, It ’s terrible. "Well, they hooked the secret with Yang Heng when they were training them, and if they wanted to say something, they might wake up.

"Isn't it a secret about glass." "Glass glass, what is glass, ah, the glass is related to the instructor, ah, instructor, instructor I was wrong, I should not say, who are you, why should you attack the instructor? Come to set my words, come, pull me out and chop. "When mentioning Yang Heng, they became irritable, and even a few spies were chopped directly. No matter who the spy was, they did n’t even check it. He cut it, but Malley.

"Come here, come here, killing people here." Self hypnosis is so powerful that he didn't know that the person in front of him had been chopped by himself after waking up.

"Lang Jun, this is what you asked us to cut. Why don't you remember?" The guards were helpless. You asked us to cut off people and pretended to ask us what was going on. They really misunderstood them. Lang Jun.

"Ah, I let you chop it, that's my taboo. In the future, I will let you chop people, you can continue to chop, regardless of whether I am dreaming or awake." The second goods said casually. The human life is very light in his hands, and the person killed, as long as the housekeeper goes to the local county to say a word, it can be dead under his sword, naturally it is not a powerful person, it is a powerful person The spies were chopped, then they would only consider themselves unlucky. This is because the spies are not good at learning, even if they catch the spies.

This is also the only thing that makes Yang Heng's abdomen defamatory. In this era, as long as it is a person with some power, he will not take his life seriously. If he cuts it, if he cuts it wrong, maybe Li Er just punished them. .

"Second boy, give your glass recipe to Lao Tzu to store it for you, so you will lose it." "No, this is my property. I can't give it to you. Otherwise, you should go to the school and learn the secret recipe. "In a word, I gave it back, gave the old man a follower, and asked Yang Heng to ask, who can come out? Yang Heng said that if the two boys were to participate, let the two boys to participate. No, "Forget it, you still have to collect it yourself, you can lose it if you lose it." The old man said helplessly.

"Hey, just rest assured. Just now when I was sleeping, someone came to listen to the news and let my people hack it." "Well, hacking is good. If you have such vigilance, I will rest assured. "This kind of thing is staged in various families, but why don't these homeowners ask those technicians? Not to mention this, they just cut that technician, and he won't say it. Before they studied, Yang Heng made them take a strong oath. The matter was only told to Lang Jun who participated in the matter, and not told others, otherwise Yang Heng would give them a good look. Naturally, they did not know that Yang Heng was not going to kill them, but They saw that their own Lang Jun was very afraid of Yang Heng. Then Yang Heng must be more powerful than Lang Jun, even the homeowner. Therefore, this confidential thing is given as such. The spies will look for them to listen to. It is not possible directly. Yang Heng naturally has his protection measures. Li Er will not go to the boring one. If Yang Heng catches his spies, he will not show them how to Makes Li Er very lost of.

Managers, there is no need to worry. Managers are only responsible for some financial issues, and there are some contradictions and disputes. They don't care about technology, even if they don't have the opportunity. Yang Heng also warned them. (To be continued.)