Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 217 Yuan Zheng

"The old year goes by at night, and in the early spring, every day comes." The old year passed, and the new year came again.

"Children do n’t care about things, they sing until dawn." Although the children of the Yang family have more sensible children, they are even more lively. Now they have not just rested after eating dumplings, but have grown up to rest Since then, they have been performing their own shows. At this time, they no longer need someone to watch, but they are entertaining themselves, and even the children are playing games. This is exactly the previous sentence. poetry.

But Yang Heng didn't have the mood to have fun with them in time, because Li Er had previously notified Yang Heng to let him follow the uprising on the day of Yuan Zheng, saying that Yang Heng had a word at this time. Now, it ’s an adult, and naturally needs to bear some responsibilities, and in this heaven, although there is nothing serious, it is only the Spring Festival congratulations, but Yang Heng also needs to be familiar with each other, is n’t it, and also need to let some foreigners The envoy officially knew Yang Heng. The glass trade also required Yang Heng to negotiate with these envoys. In fact, this was also proposed by Yang Heng and Li Er. For foreigners, do n’t earn white money or earn foreigners. Some, when the glass's secret was really made public, Yang Heng had an excuse to explain to those who bought his glass.

What's the price for foreigners? It's more than three times the domestic price, otherwise don't buy it. Yang Heng's pricing in this area is very decisive. The matter of face, whether domestic or foreign, is particularly liked. If they are given a low price, maybe they will not buy it yet, making them difficult to buy even at high prices. Does that make them look good?

Just like Li Er, in order to save face, someone pays you an iron needle, and you have to give them back a gold needle. This is all reasonable. Face kills people.

Several countries will compete between face for the amount of glass purchased. You know, at this time, Yang Heng has screamed out the propaganda slogan. What kind of god-sent glass, God ’s gift and other words have also come out. If you do n’t buy it, it will look too cheap, just buy less. It is also a price drop, and for some domestic customers, Yang Heng has also adopted a purchase restriction method, that is, officials can only purchase the amount of glass required by the main hall according to the level of the product. Other places, then I am sorry, do not sell In fact, Yang Heng is for the sake of less trouble in the future. If this secret is shouted, the two goods will be sad.

However, if Yang Heng sells these glasses to foreign envoys at a high price, they will make domestic officials feel more comfortable. If these envoys complain, they may anger them, or by This anger has opened up territory for the court.

"A piece of colorful sunset greets the dawn, and ten thousand red candles move in the spring." The early morning of the first month came, and today is a good day. It is a sunny day. Maybe God knows that Yang Heng is attending the Chaoyang Association for the first time today. Rarely a sunny day was released on Yuan Zheng's day, and the morning glow also appeared. In response to this situation, a morning glow welcomed the dawn.

But at this time, although there was a morning glow, the street was very dark, so there was a poem of 10,000 red candles moving in spring, and officials went to the main hall of the Ming Dynasty with red lanterns.

In fact, there is no need to illuminate in the glow at this time, but this is a lively festival, a festive festival, this red candle red lantern is still needed, so the name of the city of fire in Changan remains.

How did the reputation of Huocheng come? Naturally, the officials had such a reputation when they went to the North. After five drums and two drums a day, the officials would go to the chapel. It was three to five in the morning. Between points, this time is still night in any season, so at this time officials go to the dynasty and can only hold the lantern, and the daily dynasty will be officials who need more than five grades in Changan. It is going to face up, so at this time, the lights on the upside will make the entire Chang'an City become a sea of ​​fire, and this is the name of the city of fire.

Today, why is there a sunrise, but the time of the meeting is later than usual, there is no major event in the North, just for the congratulations, and today, officials from other places in Beijing must also go up, so the time will be late Some, and the other is that officials take one night old, especially those older officials. You don't want them to rest for a while. Is this a good day or a day for them?

"Boy, come here." Although Yang Heng didn't go to the temple for the first time, wasn't he enrolled for the first time, didn't he? After this arrival, he stood there looking around. Where should he stand? It ’s useless. Why are there so many ministers? It seems that there are many civil servants in Datang. Where is that general and where is the general?

As Yang Hengdong looked around, Cheng Yaojing called him. "You are from the Wusan officer in Sipin, not too low, you stand behind the old man." Immediately, Cheng Yaojing pulled Yang Heng behind, Yang Heng looked around and returned, Although this old fairy is relatively high-level, it seems that it is not his turn to stand too far ahead, or Li Er does not want to see him, he is in the middle, and no one cares about him. How did Yang Heng know? This can be seen from the color of the clothing. The Tang Dynasty stipulated that officials with more than three grades served purple, and officials with more than five grades served Fei, and Yang Heng was also considered as more than five. Cheng Fairy naturally wore a purple official uniform, but there were a few people wearing crimson official uniforms around him, and that naturally showed that he did not stand in his place. All of them are dresses, so these generals are the same. Yang Heng is the reason why he ca n’t find a place. If it ’s normal, he will find a place, because the generals will face up in armor. found.

"The great nation is courteous, the Wanbang Dynasty Yuanzheng." After the civil and military officials have stood in position, the envoys of the nations have also come to the temple, and they are wearing various costumes to the temple, Yang Heng is tight. Stare at them and see which ones are fake envoys. It is said that in this era, there will be many fake envoys coming to Changan to cheat Li Er's reward, but Yang Heng finally gave up. In that case, it ca n’t be seen, but Yang Heng is sure there will be fakes in it. Otherwise, how can there be so many envoys of the country, but despite being fake, Li Er does not want to break through. You must know that this shows him The prestige of the four worlds, if two or three bird envoys are coming at today ’s congress, is n’t it a shame for Li Er, the emperor to be face-saving!

… “Wish Her Majesty a Blessed Life and Ankang…” The Chaoyang Conference began. Today, the main purpose is to make a flatterer. How can you make Li Er shoot happy? Today, the officials will not shame the scenery and give Li Er something to say, otherwise they will It was boring.

"Xue Wen, come to the front." "Ah, yes, Your Majesty, you call me." Yang Heng went to the chaos unexpectedly. After Cheng Fairy poked him, he knew that Li Er was calling him. This, Why is there something about him.

"Dear Qing Family, this is your love, Yang Xuewen. From today, Xuewen will officially go to the hall to participate in the DPRK. He is here to introduce him formally to the Qing families." What does it mean, Li Er said, this is One of my favorite horses, you don't need to ask him for trouble. Today I will let him show up in front of you. If there are people who will target him in the future, I will be welcome.

It can be seen how important Li Er is at this time, Yang Heng has even done this kind of thing at the Korean conference, even Cheng Chengjing stunned while he was on the side. How did this kid get into the eyes of His Majesty? A lot, why do you like this kid? It seems that this kind of thing has never happened. But it appeared here in Yang Heng.

At this time, the military attachés couldn't figure it out, and the civilian official was indifferent, because Yang Heng didn't have too much contact with the civilian official, and only had some dislikes with the grandson Wuji, but would it care about other people's affairs, naturally it has nothing to do with other people? Already.

Some people are also paying attention to Yang Heng, the ambassadors. It is necessary to pat Yang Heng's fart well. What benefits may he get from him, but they think wrong. Although Yang Heng Not an old fox, but if he was a foreigner, his eyes would not blink. (To be continued.)