Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 219 Successful Cocktail Party (1)

"Dear shareholders, guests, brothers and sisters, me, Huzi is fortunate to announce here: Royal Building Materials, Datang Color Glass New Year Reception will now begin."

The tiger has already been practiced, or it has been cut out. Even if Li Er is present, he is also a host with a good voice and will never snore.

"Music starts." There is no first or second. I went directly to the topic. There were a few children on the stage. They played the piano, the strings, and the strings. The tune is cheerful, festive, and also the music that children usually interact with more often. What is better, let's call the New Year.

"Clothes." With the sound of music, people's moods are also cheerful, especially when they see a group of children pulling hard on the stage. This situation can even make everyone feel better than listening to The music of Qu Zhenger Ba Jing is coming.

At this moment, the voice of Hu Zibu Cai re-emerged, "Hey, hey ..." Why do you come to the rhythm of this march, the result is a group of maids stepping on the rhythm and holding a plate to the table Come up, yes, yes, the pace of the maids was very exciting to the generals present, what is this, neat steps, neat posture, some army marching feeling, they still like this mouth, if people If they are less, they will not like this scene, but they will like some graceful bodies. When there are many people, it is natural that the rhythm of the army should be more conspicuous.

Moreover, these maids are not trained, and only this rhythm can get them to go together, one by one, and then stepping on the point of the rhythm, it is best to learn, if you let them dance in classical dance poses When it came out, it hadn't been done for several months, and it didn't even look good. Holding a plate in your hand, twisting your ass, and turning your waist would make people worry about whether they would throw the plate. Understand.

It didn't take long for all the tables to be full of vegetables. At this time, the shareholders were not yet seated. They were standing on the side to welcome Li Er's arrival, and even chatting with Li Er.

"Guests are invited to the table." Hu Zi made a classic posture of bending down and reaching out to invite people into the stage. "Your Majesty, you can enter the seat." Yang Heng also told Li Er, and there was a row of maids on the side. They were responsible for bringing the guests to the seats, although they were still not trained. However, they can understand the clothes of these guests, and they can arrange the guests' seats according to the clothes. Naturally, this seat is the most honorable in the seat where Li Er is.

"Ignite a fire." Why, what kind of fire does the brazier on the side burn well? The guests were a little confused, because at this time there would be one less table at a certain distance in the entire square, and a brazier was burning in this position. Here, Yang Heng is the best charcoal. There is absolutely no smoke, no carbon monoxide is produced, but it is not so absolute, but the amount of carbon monoxide produced is less, plus it is placed in the open air, no matter how many braziers, no one will have any feeling It can only feel warm as spring.

Light a fire. When they found that the maids came to their table and lit a small brazier in the middle, then they knew that there was a brazier on the table. Yang Heng was too considerate, To keep them cold, a charcoal basin was placed on the table.

But they thought wrong, and then the maids picked up an iron shelf, set it on a charcoal basin, and put a small iron pot on the shelf. This is what a friend guessed. This is To eat hot pot, Yang Heng originally planned to make these iron pots and sell them for hot pot, but the front was busy with cement, even brick and steel bars, etc., and then it was glass. I forgot these hot pots. I used it today, and I can make a publicity.

"Boy, what is this, wouldn't you let us use this to warm up the bar?" It's Cheng Fairy again, you can't slap Li Er's fart like this, you see that Li Er doesn't know your feelings and is still looking at you Rolling his eyes, it means that I do n’t know how to ask about something. Besides, if I do n’t ask, Yang Heng will explain. He does n’t explain. Do you know what you are doing.

"Oh, General Cheng, don't worry, you'll know when you wait. These maids were specially trained to give us dishes." What the training was, but some guidance was only given temporarily, which only shows Yang The maids in the Heng family, as well as the maids in the Princess House, have better quality. As long as you point out, you can understand what this is doing and how to do it. You must know that they are doing some chores. When it comes to these fires, it is natural. It's very easy, and it's also because of the little girl. For a long time, the little girl likes to be a little teacher for them, teach them literacy, and even count and learn math, so the quality of these maids is naturally much higher.

At this time, Hu Zi no longer hosted, but instead stood on the side and directed the children on the stage to cooperate with the audience and play various music. It was heated and soft for a while, although there is no fixed score, but It is very comfortable to listen to. This is a prelude. Once the banquet enters the formal stage, they will take off the stage and give the scene to the scene. It is also free to play at various tables. .

Just when Cheng Yao was scratching his ears and scratching his cheeks, the water in the pot was already boiling, and the maids started to put some vegetables, meat, tofu, etc., and even salt, seasoning and other things in it.

"Dear guests, here are some salt, here are some seasonings. This is the public chopsticks. You can put your favorite vegetables in it, or you can let the slaves put them. By the way, Xiao Langjun said, this is called hot pot." The mystery is solved, Cheng Chengjing knows it on one side, how to use this thing, but at this time Yang Heng can not only use hot pot, naturally there are other dishes on the table, so the table looks a bit messy, Yang Heng originally wanted to make a turntable, but time was too late, so he had to arrange three to four waitresses beside each table, otherwise he would serve dishes for the guests, and there were several dishes in front of the guests. The dishes that come are naturally placed in these dishes, and the tables are large enough. Each table is six guests. There are about ten people by this table, but it still looks a bit empty. If there is no hot pot, Yang Heng really I don't know how to fill these big tables.

"Alcohol." Suddenly, Hu Zi shouted again on the stage. Although it was abrupt, the guests liked it. They were worried that there was no wine, because they didn't see a wine jar at the scene. People were embarrassed to ask, even Cheng Yaojing hadn't had time to ask because of the hot pot.

"It's fragrant," the scent came before the wine arrived, and everyone was sniffing. How is the wine warm? It turned out that Yang Heng poured the wine into a large bowl. The guests saw it, but I did n’t know what it was doing. With the lid on it, the taste of the wine could n’t escape. As soon as the lid was opened, the taste of the wine came out naturally. At this time, two maids at each table rushed to Weng's side. They wanted to bring the wine over.

"Your Majesty, how do you drink this wine?" Yang Heng asked Li Er very politely and said, "Anyway, I am just an ordinary guest here." What I want is you.

"Pour the wine, let's raise the glass together. For our common cause, dry this glass." Then, Yang Heng drank this glass of wine in a sip, and the other guests were also unambiguous, and they also drank this glass. Wine, but fortunately, these cups prepared by Yang Heng are not large, that is, they can be filled with three-money wine. This is the small wine glass that was specially made by the magnetic kiln after he brewed the wine.

"Leave your second glass to your Majesty for your sake!" Yang Heng brought the first glass of wine. Naturally, he can no longer carry the second glass. You must know that Li Er is here, although Li Er said that He is an ordinary guest, but if you listen, then take it for granted. He is always the emperor. This first cup can be said to let the master speak first. This is a courtesy. The second cup is for the honorable people to speak. It is also a courtesy. This is also something that Yang Heng thinks about himself. This high-level wine has been brewed, and there is no supporting wine culture. At this time, no matter how the arrangements are made, maybe this arrangement will become a habit in the future. (To be continued.)