Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 20 The Successful Cocktail Party (2)

"Zhao Kehu Hu Hu, Wu Houxue Xueming ....." When the guests started drinking, the children on the stage actually recited the poem, and even accompanied it with music.

But Yang Heng wasn't happy about it. Why? This is a poem he was excited to read when he fought for his father's fame. He even remembered his mother to this day. Something that was casually spoken out, but when the young lady asked for her opinion in Huzi this time, she even told the poem, and the children's last names were all right. She only said it once. A seven seven eight eight.

Suddenly, Yang Heng felt that there were four beams of sight coming at him. Two beams were extremely incomparable, the sight of worship, and two beams were like a knife. Do n’t guess, Yang Heng knew who the sight was. Yes, first of all, he turned his eyes to the place where the woman was. He found that Changle was whispering to the young lady. Although Changle was talking, but her gaze was on Yang Heng. Naturally, there was worship in that sight. ** Why, because she heard this poem made by Yang Heng, naturally she has such a look.

Who is the other two, naturally Li Er, he also found Changle's eyes, and then looked at Yang Heng, he already knew that this poem must be related to Yang Heng.

"Xuewen." "Ah, Your Majesty, you call me." "Well, let's talk about this poem. It seems that I mistyped you. It should not be Xuewen, but Yunwen. "Your Majesty Xie." "Well, what are you thanking me for?" Li Er was a little confused, and speaking, He was still torturing you, what did you thank.

"Your Majesty, didn't you rename the minister to Yunwen? That's why the minister thanked him." "Ah, it doesn't matter, the word is given. How can I change it casually, and besides, I have already said, this time He came here only as an ordinary guest or as a shareholder. "

You do n’t want to change it, I do n’t want it yet, Yunwen. This is an unlucky egg. It is said to have been burned to death. Although his surname is Zhu, but my surname is Yang, it ’s all about domestic animals. You can't scold yourself, but you are also an emperor, but you are also a horse. Although the level is much worse, it can be regarded as a royal family. It is absolutely unlucky to change it.

"I said, Yunwen, hey, hey, I've been taken by you into the ditch. How can you call it the word" Yunwen ", where did you copy this poem from?"

"Ah, Your Majesty Shengming, let you know at the first hearing that this was not made by the minister. It is said that this poem was made by a person named Jiuxinxian."

"Speak well, why haven't you heard of me?" You naturally haven't heard of it. He is the offspring of Prince Yin. If you let you know that Prince Yin has such a good offspring, you will Wouldn't the offspring of Prince Yin be destroyed now.

"His Majesty, this immortal in wine is an unborn alien, no one has ever seen him." "So, how did you meet him, are you better than him?" " No matter, no matter how can the minister compare with Shixian. "Well, Shixian's name came out again.

"You will be a fairy in wine and a fairy in poetry. What is his name, maybe I have heard of it?" Well, well, I have served you, I will tell you, you will find Go and see if you can find out the unborn Li Bai in advance. "His Majesty, this wine immortal, or Shixian's name is Li Bai. If you want to say his poem, it's a pen and a storm, the poem becomes a crying ghost, or a hundred poems of Li Baidou wine, a restaurant in the history of Chang'an Sleep, the emperor ca n’t come to the ship, claiming that he is the wine fairy. That ’s how the name of the wine fairy comes. ”What do you guys look at me for? Also plagiarized.

"Well, Xuewen. Whose hands are these two poems from, narcissus, or something weird?" "His Majesty, he is a good friend of the minister, surnamed Du. It ’s time to stop him. According to legend, he may be starved to death. ”“ Okay, okay, your grandma is still so big to starve to death, Yang Heng, tell me if he should guilty? What is it? "Li Er got angry.

"Your Majesty, Your Majesty, it was the minister who was wrong. There was no Li Bai, no wine immortal, no poet immortal, and no friend who starved to death, Du. These poems were made by the minister himself, but the minister just didn't want to join the ranks." Yang Heng immediately fell on his knees, and if you don't listen to the truth, you have to talk nonsense.

"Ha, ha, okay, I really have a good son-in-law and a good horse. You will be a Hanlin bachelor to you later. Why, you don't want to." "Well, ah, no, thank the Lord Ron." "What a mess , Where is the word Xie Zhuo Long En, but I like it, ha ha ha ha. "

"Your Majesty, this feast." "Go on, go on, you go on." Is Li Li happy for Yang Heng, or Changle, and married a civil and military son-in-law, neither, but for himself I am not happy that I have selected a talented person, but that I am happy that I will no longer have to be laughed at and choose a son of Tian Shenu as a horse.

Tian Shenu, of course, is a curse, in this case it means that Yang Heng's father is not high, or he climbed up from the identity of a farmer, with only a handful of strength, and no other talents, they are all killed I do n’t believe that Yang Heng will train soldiers, and can also compile some outlines for training. They all think that Li Er may have passed on to Yang Heng, otherwise why no one else would. This is a typical manifestation of superiority, but They couldn't think of Yang Heng crossing through, otherwise Yang Heng and his dad really were the kind of powerful stupid big man.

Today, regarding these poems, Li Er naturally will not believe that there is any immortality in wine, what Xiaodu who starved to do, but he made a half-poem while keeping Yang Heng, the son-in-law he chose. Be regarded as talented people, the family status can be left aside, drinking, right to drink, celebrate.

"Come, ladies Ai Qing, let us drink open today, and also, we can't just drink a bar so coldly, otherwise we can have a wine order, what kind of wine order is feasible, a word order, or a word order If you can't do it, maybe these two wine orders can be made in the school text, you big bosses can't do it. "You have begun to show it, but some people also hold Li Er's stinky feet, you must know these painless and itchy displays It is better to hold Li Er's stinky feet. Besides, who is Yang Heng, but their gold master? Whether it is cement and other building materials, or luxury products such as glass, they are all under Yang Heng's hands. If Yang Heng covers up a little, they will not be able to make a fortune. Although Li Er's rewards and Pulu are also generous, they cannot always use rewards and Pulu to live.

"The ministers really ca n’t do it. Only His Majesty and Xuewen have this talent on this table. Otherwise, His Majesty would like to have a separate wine order, or just use the traditional wine order. You ca n’t learn it quickly, right? ”What about your festivals? By the way, you do n’t have festivals already.

"I know you guys can't make it, or come to the simplest, guess, study, what do you have in the palm of your hand?" "Ah, yes, yes, yes." Yang Heng I was looking at Li Er and these old guys for fun, but I didn't expect anything about him.

"Get it soon." Li Er urged, there are some snacks, naturally there are a lot, and today Yang Heng prepared lotus seeds, winter melon seeds, watermelon seeds, pine nuts, sweets, fried rice, etc. Wait, maybe it ’s in the hands, it ’s only lotus seeds, winter melon seeds, watermelon seeds, and pine nuts. These wo n’t get a handful of oil in your hands, is n’t it, and sweets will be sticky in your hands? You need to know this time. Sweets aren't wrapped in beautiful candy paper. Oh, yes, it's a good idea to make candy, and it's sweet candy wrapped in candy paper. This is where I think about it.

Guessing it is very simple, just hold a few snacks with each hand, let the opponent guess the odds and evens, or the type, guess the right partner to drink, guess the wrong one to drink. …… (To be continued.)