Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 22 The Birth of Mahjong

Since the crossing, Yang Heng has started to consider livelihoods, then children ’s education, then health, and then the military. The emergence of various money-making projects has not considered some leisure. Something, but Li Er now has a request. Well, well, I didn't want to take it out, now I have to take it out. .

What is this? Naturally, it is the invincible weapon of the traversor. Mahjong has been. In the past, including Yang Heng, he had a lot of opinions on Mahjong. There was once a saying that one billion people gambled, and one hundred million was dancing. Yes, but in my mind, are there any good entertainment items, but there is no computer playing, let alone playing mobile phones, chatting, playing cards, there seems to be no more attractive than mahjong, what else, marine chess, etc. Chess games, as if there were any chess in this era, the rules of Go are different, but they are also very similar. They are even too slow to play, too boring, not as exciting as hemp in the future, okay, That's it, Mahjong.

Call the uncle first, let him make a pair of wood mahjong, let the children practice the rules first, why do they practice the rules? There is no way, Yang Heng had hated Mahjong in his previous life, so naturally he would not play Mahjong. Then, there is such a phenomenon. Yang Heng knows what those dozens of Mahjong cards are like, but how to play them is still confused, but it is easy to say that the rules are made by people. Let the children make them first. A simple rule, others will slowly formulate the rules, especially Li Er, and the eldest grandson. They naturally need one person to formulate a set of rules, and even Yang Heng thought it out. Li Erqi's rule is royal gameplay. The rule that Changsun said is the queen rule, and they will naturally feel very fulfilled when they hear it.

"Xuewen, this is one hundred and thirty-six wooden blocks you want. This is really a waste. What good can such a good piece of wood make such a few blocks?" This is the uncle. He always talks about something before it comes out. In fact, there is no real idea of ​​non-cooperation. He just wants to talk about it. He knows that Yang Heng will not do some boring things. After a while, this has become a habit, and Yang Heng just smiled at him, "Uncle, wait until you know, once this thing is successful, there will be your name."

"Well, I'll go now. If I don't find me, then I'll go." Hearing here, the uncle went away happily. He lived for that poor reputation, as if he couldn't live without it.

"Brother Heng, this is the new toy you said, but what fun are these wooden blocks? Do you want us to learn to move brick walls?" There is no place for the young lady, she is just beside Yang Heng. Humha is a second general, but there is no second person, so before the young lady gets married, she will be used as two people, one will be a hum general, and the other will be a general. It's okay for someone to say something like this. After the young woman gets married, Changle will take up this responsibility. It has no practical use, just to show Yang Heng's sense of accomplishment.

However, the young lady said it well. Did n’t the future generations call mahjong move bricks? "Well, good young lady, you guessed it very well. This game can also be called move bricks. Later, the name of moving bricks is provided by your young mother. "Brother-in-law, what about me, what about me." That, Yang Heng forgot, and now the younger mother has a friend or follower, that is, Yuzhang. Now she is playing with the younger mother. Together, once there is a place where the young lady appears, there will definitely be Yu Zhang. Even her chance to find Changle is not very much. What a shit princess is not interesting to play with the young lady, which makes Li Er very It was resentful to Yang Heng. He even married one of his daughters and abducted a daughter, but for the time being, it was okay, and he didn't find any relationship between Yangzhang and Yang Heng, otherwise Li Er would feel very shameless.

"You, you can also name it, that's your special name for Yuzhang." Yang Heng joked with Yuzhang. "Well, okay, my mother said to move a brick wall, and you only took the move brick. That ’s not to say that it ’s a wall. That wall is n’t finished, or it ’s called Lei Great Wall. Well, yes, yes, Yu Zhang is so talented that he even came up with such a connotative name. ”Lei Great Wall, Great Wall, you are so talented that you do n’t have to boast yourself. Yang Heng also has to boast that Zhang is too talented. The two names in later generations are called Xiaoniang and Yu Zhang.

"Okay, it ’s called the Great Wall, created by Princess Yuzhang." "Oh, okay, brother-in-law, you are so great, I like you so much." Do n’t doubt, this is just a child ’s mantra, Yang Heng peeked Changle glanced at and found that Changle did not respond, but was relieved when he was happy for Yuzhang. This is awful, it is awful. If Changle misunderstood it, it ’s not good. You must know that Datang ’s surnames are all independent. And most of them are vinegar jars. This is especially a character represented by Fang Xuanling's wife Lu's. He would rather be poisonous than let Fang Xuanling marry a little wife. By the way, this time it is not called a little wife, but is called 媵 妾, But it's just a name, it's still a little wife.

"This is called Mahjong, and there are three ways to play it. One is called playing mahjong, and the other two are called moving bricks. One is called Great Wall. Moving bricks is the name of the young mother, and the Great Wall is the name of Princess Yuzhang. That ’s it, but this mahjong is not ready yet. We still need to sculpt a pattern on it and call the girl personally. Her painting is good. Let her sculpt the above picture. You are carving other Patterns. Or what patterns do you research for carving yourself. "

In fact, the girl can sculpt the bird's pattern. Other patterns can be carved by everyone, and these wooden blocks are well polished by the uncle. They are all of the same size and even very small. It's smooth, but these wooden blocks ca n’t be used to make mahjong. Let the children play. If they can be used for gambling, the marks on them are too obvious, mainly the texture of the back. You must know that the texture of the wood is different. There are various types of wood blocks. The texture of the wood blocks is fine, sparse, and even scarred. Yang Heng's plan is to use this sample as a sample after it is made. Whether it is carved by the young lady, or by Changle, or by Yuzhang, that will be the standard in the future. It cannot be changed. In fact, this is another way that Yang Heng shoots Li Erma fart in disguise.

"I sculpt four-dimensional characters. If you draw a good circle in Yuzhang, you can sculpt the package. Changle is more relaxed. If you sculpt one piece less than us, you will sculpt two to nine. The sister is a chick. It ’s white, and it ’s fine, but we do n’t want to carve it now, we need to find some wood to practice and then go up. ”

The young lady issued an order, and she knew Yang Heng's habits better. Since Yang Heng had them sculpting, Yang Heng would naturally have it, so practice it better and carve it up.

Sure enough, the young lady knew Yang Heng better. Since Yang Heng asked them to sculpt, it was naturally for them to keep their names. In the future introduction, their names will exist. 4D, Yang Shu carved, Yang Shu is Who, that is naturally a princess, and even a queen. The bobbin and the rope are sculpted by two princesses, while the others are sculpted by girls. Who is the girl and Yang Shu's sister? The girl is the least famous in this area, but the thing she sculpts is the most beautiful. When spring, summer, autumn and winter, plum orchid, chrysanthemum, cat, mouse, cornucopia, and wild are added, the girl will also be carved.

Now let ’s use the simple 136 chapter cards. If possible, Yang Heng will slowly add those remaining cards, but these Yang Heng will not use the simplest and will not use them. I had no choice but to explain some terms to the little girl, Changle Yuzhang Niuzi, such as bump, eat, bar, listen, and etc. For the others, let the four of them study it on their own. Oh, right, how can this be done without the dice? This one does n’t have to be done by your uncle. You can find it with a small piece of wood. (To be continued.)