Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 223 Crazy Mahjong

"Hit," "eat," "Oh, take money and get money. Brother Heng can play like this ..." At first I thought he was a master of mahjong. As a result, the people who played cards didn't understand the rules. However, this mahjong is really attractive, especially Yang Heng only taught a few basic terms, so that several women not only have the fun of playing mahjong, but also the fun of designing rules, and even the fun of remorse.

"Two," "touch," "wrong wrong, I should make three shots." "Nothing is impossible. This is a big husband with no regrets. How can you do this? You have to know that this is a loss. "" Why not, this unbranded husband is talking about men's affairs, and we are all some little women who naturally have the opportunity to repent. "" Ah, you are so skinny that you do n’t play anymore. "" Wow, wow. "The cards on the table immediately shoved down.

"If you don't play, don't play, who is rare, huh?" Yeah, they broke up with each other.

"Yuzhang, good sister, shall we play one round and another round? I am not skinny, it ’s okay to be skinless." Within a quarter of an hour, several people came together and continued to play together. .

These are the older girls in Yang Heng's family. Now they have become the focus of everyone's attention, but they are not concerned about the mahjong.

"Good sister, let's play for a while, let's play a lap too, just one lap, it won't work." "No, we haven't played well yet, and the rules haven't been formulated yet."

"What rules have not been formulated, you only know how to regret it, and then regret it again, fight, do not fight, do not fight, go back and forth between fights, what rules are formulated?" A few dolls mumbled away, no way, who made people And, don't mess with it, especially the little mother, that is unreasonable to them, except for Brother Heng who thinks that no one will give it.

Yuezi just passed by day by day, Li Er gave him a long vacation in order to get Yang Heng back home to have fun, that is, when the things were made and when they came back, do n’t go up. .

But that day, Yang Heng's good son passed, Li Er arranged for someone to summon him. "Your Majesty, do you have anything to do with the minister?" You have to be reasonable, and you can directly ask Li Er to ask what is the matter.

"What things, you promised to do anything, have you forgotten them?" Ah, no, just watching the little girls playing mahjong, and even watching their interaction, even forgetting Li Er's affairs, but this can be can not say.

"Your Majesty, it's almost the same. Now Changle and Yuzhang are making the rules, and the minister doesn't know what materials to use now?"

"Materials, you can say that as long as you have them in the palace, you can take them away." Well, Li Er is also very generous. In fact, Li Er got the news, saying that Changle, Yuzhang, Xiaoniang, and the girl were all day. Fun, sometimes even noisy, red ears, but quickly, even faster than the days in June, these girls are so addictive, so lively, then he and the ministers Playing together is more coordinated and lively. So this is the reason for generosity.

Soon, Yang Heng followed the management of the internal library to the internal library. The white ivory, good materials, and dozens of them. "Horse horse, there are dozens of ivory. You took it all away. How did the slave explain to His Majesty?" "How did your Majesty tell you not to order it? Let me take it casually. Besides, I will take it all. Have you taken it, haven't you seen how many there are, there are a lot left? "Yang Heng quibbled.

"What's left a lot, there are only a few thin and small ones left, but how can slaves explain to His Majesty," said the eunuch with a sad face.

"See you in a hurry, this is not my use, but to make things for Her Majesty, why do you want to stop me from making things for Her Majesty?" Yang Heng asked aggressively. "Dare, dare, you take it, you take it." "Still, keep looking, what else is good, oops this is also good, take away half." What is this again, it turned out to be some jade, to say Jade is actually not a good thing to do as a mahjong. It is the same as wood. It can remember some patterns behind it, but it can be done for some girls to play back, and naturally it can also be sent to the grandson. It is estimated that it can accompany The grandson is playing Changle Xiaoniang and others.

"Okay, okay, Ma, you can take it, take it." The eunuch was crying and embarrassed. There was no choice but to let Yang Heng take these things from Neku. Yang Heng was really rude and took them directly. Even Li Er's face was not facing.

"What, let him take away, what, there are still some bad ones, this kid, alas, who let Aaron agree to him." Li Er listened to the report, shook his head helplessly, although Unwilling, but can't recover it. To say that these properties are better than the exchange of feelings with ministers.

"Come and come, everyone, hurry up and give those mahjong to your brothers, you can make new mahjong, but I have good materials here." As soon as he entered the door, Yang Heng found that his mother and others were still playing mahjong. Shouted, now it is better to make Mahjong for Li Er first, otherwise he wo n’t be able to account for so many things.

"This is, this is something in the library of the father's emperor. At the beginning, I wanted the father to be willing to give me nothing, husband, how can you bring so much?" Changle was surprised, although she was A very favored princess didn't look for Li Er to get things. "When did you find your Majesty for these things?" Yang Heng felt incredible. If Chang Le was married, he asked Li Er for it. It should not be given.

"I, when I was young, once went to play in Neku with my father, but the father didn't give it to me." "Oh, that's the case. If you want it when you get married, I think your majesty shouldn't I wo n’t give it to you, but it ’s just how much, but an ivory can still give it. ”Indeed, at that time Li Erguang had to think about the price and not the price, even Changle ’s dowry was a bit sloppy, and no baby was accompanied. I just gave some land and houses, and some copper coins. I did n’t go to Neiku to find any consignment items. No wonder this time went so smoothly. Maybe it was to compensate Changle.

"Well, I see. When I get married, I must go to Neiku to search for it. Otherwise, I won't marry. Let the emperor be anxious." Come on, it seems that Yuzhang has also experienced this kind of thing, with Li Erjin After going through the inner library, nothing was coming out.

"At first I looked at my sister, and I followed it. Father Huang didn't give it to my sister or me, hum, it's so unfair, I gave you so much to my brother-in-law." Yu Zhang went on to say, so it turned out At first, Yu Zhang went with Changle. At that time, she was younger. Naturally, Li Er wouldn't give it to her, but Li Er would be guilty in the future and make you stingy. Yang Heng secretly thought that this time brought a big trouble to Li Er. When Yu Zhang got married, if she remembered, she would evacuate Li Er ’s internal library. If she did n’t evacuate, she would also let Li Er The second heartache is a long time. Who asked you to be generous and let Yang Heng go in the inner library and choose it by yourself, but you have to remember it, you must not expose it. This is because of your own reason, that makes Zhang Zhang have this idea. Otherwise, Li Er will not hate Yuzhang, but will hate Yang Heng.

"Sister Yuzhang, you ca n’t do that. At that time, we were still young, and we just felt fun when we asked for it, but we couldn't cause trouble for the father and the mother. The father and the mother were enough for the court. We can't let them have more heart. "" I don't care, anyway, when I get married, I will go to the father's inner library to choose more things. "" Okay, okay, but you don't want to Your brother-in-law, come back with so many things, how many pairs of mahjong do you want to do, don't exhaust us. "Changle will really look away, but also, let them make two pairs. The craftsmen did it. The two pairs were jade to the grandson, and one pair of ivory to Li Er, and that was all right. (To be continued.)