Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 224: Crazy Mahjong (II)

"Bang, ha ha, ha ha, it's okay, His Majesty was embarrassed and won again." Don't look, such a mad man is naturally Cheng Fairy, others are not so arrogant in front of Li Er.

"Your Majesty, five laps have already been played. It's too late for this day, and you should see if it should be dispersed." Let's take it as soon as possible. Today, Cheng Fairy has good luck, and she has more than ten hands together. When to wait, you have to know that playing Mahjong is the same as fighting. Since it is taking advantage, and even the future is uncertain, it is better to retreat and let others go.

"Lao Cheng, Cheng Fairy can't do it. You win and leave. Then we lose, come here, it's still early, and play two more laps." Wei Chi is silly, you Cheng Fairy took it Qian wanted to leave, how could there be such a good thing, so he caught Cheng Fairy.

The other is Li Ji. Like Cheng Fairy, he was considered a wise man in the early days of the Tang Dynasty, but instead of being entangled with Cheng Fairy, he directly lied to Li Er's flattery. Even guilty.

"Your Majesty, see how polite the two generals have said. Otherwise, Your Majesty will make a decision and see if it should be disbanded or continue playing." This old fox kicked the ball to Li Er, wasn't it just such a game Well, you are so ridiculous.

"Otherwise, you keep playing, Wei Chi. If you do n’t have any money, you can temporarily get some from you." I was tired of resolving disputes for you at Chaotang. I wo n’t let you resolve the disputes at the poker table. Isn't it just to make Mahjong easier for Xuewen to make? Although you lost money, can you see that your face is red and red? It is good to spend money on a play.

Li Er had even watched the drama on the side. Whether it's a real fox or a fake fox, really stupid or fake stupid, anyway, it didn't cause Li Er's resentment. Instead, Li Er watched the show. A few people couldn't make a fuss.

"Haha, haha, okay, the learning of the text is well done, reward." So, Yang Heng got some rewards from Li Er. "Your Majesty, are you still so happy that you have lost so much money?" Changsun also came to make fun, just to make Li Er more happy.

Sure enough, Li Er was even more proud of himself. "What, compared to the money given to these ministers, I can still make money. Let them go away happily and the other two disappointed. Naturally I just transferred some contradictions, and I did n’t need to worry about how much they were rewarded. "I did not expect that Li Er was an old fox. He would have to reward the ministers’ money separately, which was won by one person. , The other two did not, and you should not bother to think about how to balance the rewards of these ministers and generals. Naturally, these are things like ordinary rewards, not some merit, and other merit rewards. Be the emperor. It ’s not that easy. Everyone has to take care of it, and even give them some rewards every so often. It ’s like an old donkey. It ’s been a long time. If you do n’t give it some grass, it wo n’t move. The same is true of these ministers and generals. It's not easy to live a mediocre life. If they want to work, they need a whip and a carrot to wait, but now that there is mahjong, everything is resolved.

"Ha ha, ha ha, tomorrow I will let the grandson Sun Aiqing, Qin Aiqing, Fang Aiqing come to play mahjong together. I don't know how Fang Aiqing's jealous wife will deal with the old house that was late." Li Er was very dark. Potential, after playing Mahjong with the generals, he even mixed up Wenchen and the generals to play Mahjong.


"His Majesty, the minister did not dare to obey, and the minister also wanted to persuade His Majesty not to play Mahjong anymore. This mahjong can be disappointed. Moreover, with gambling surnames, many families will be ruined." This is Wei Zheng, very Do you have a vision that you can see so far, but Yang Heng told Li Er long ago that his family was ruined. Is that an ordinary family. Will these ministers ’families have their homes destroyed, naturally it wo n’t, now play first However, it cannot be popularized. Now these mahjong can only be used as high-level playthings. According to Yang Heng, there are some more popular playthings in the mind.

"Ai Qing, don't worry, don't worry, since you don't want to play, that's all right, this mahjong will be given to you. Why, don't you want to fail?" I let you hold on, I let you I used the old cricket to brush up your reputation. Aren't you against Mahjong, then the cricket will reward you with a pair of mahjong, depending on what you do.

Li Er also ca n’t rely on his grandson to calm his anger. He knows that Wei Zheng ca n’t be killed, and that Wei Zheng is a stubborn stone in a stinky and hard thatched pit. Well, since you are a stubborn stone,还 Isn't it possible to use your feet as a step, this mahjong is made of ivory, it is a valuable item, depending on whether you want it, do n’t say one thing, or say another thing, whether you keep it is a saying, throw away or A statement, even if it is sold, there will be a statement.

"Um, thank you, Xie Xie." Between the sums, Wei Zheng made dozens of laps in his head, and finally decided that it would be better to accept them, otherwise everything would be finished.

"To spare you like a ghost, I still drank the old lady's foot washing water." Li Er thought proudly, uh, that's not right, this shouldn't be ridiculous. Why is the old lady? Speaking out like this, the old lady will be the old lady, anyway, in your heart, Li Er will laugh at himself very much. If he is a passerby, he will sing a proud smile in his heart.

Naturally, you should smile proudly. This Mahjong reward is needed, but who is the first one, Li Er still has no idea. Right now, Wei Zheng was hit on the muzzle, so you do n’t want to play mahjong, let you Take me every day to make a name for you.

"This is, Mahjong, Lao Wei. You really have to appreciate His Majesty, and today you don't need to scratch your head at home to think about when you will play Mahjong with Your Majesty, when will you return to the original, old house, who else? Whoever, we will go to Lao Wei's house to play Mahjong tonight, and see if I will not give you a killing Quartet. "" Well, this, "" Why, Lao Wei, you wo n’t recognize your old brother. " Well, do n’t you just use your mahjong, or else it ’s not enough for us each to borrow some of your mahjong. ”Who are you, you ’ve gotten down all day to make a name for yourself, but you get the benefits, this But mahjong made of ivory, although it is said that ivory is not particularly precious, but this is the reward of His Majesty.

"Um, okay, okay, then I'll wait and see." Let me admit it, I don't know who gave Li Er such an idea, my reputation, it's just going down. Wei Zheng had to knock his teeth and swallow.

With the first reward, naturally the second and third rewards will soon be available. Within a short period of time, the top executives of the entire Tang dynasty, but every night at home, the sound of rubbing mahjong, as well as bumping and eating Voices came out, there were laughter, frustration, and sprouts to avenge, even in the palace, and it was divided into two parts, one was Li Er summoned the ministers to play mahjong, and the other was The grandson and the harem are playing mahjong, and even the harems are playing with Li Er tonight, but you won, and you do n’t have time with Li Er, why, too tired, all night Playing Mahjong all night, are there any other thoughts? Shengsheng turned Li Er into a monk.

"Oh, it's not done, Guanyin, you can play with you, and see if I've lost a lot of weight." "Yes, Chen Ye also think so, isn't her sister not accompanying her? Chen Xun went to investigate their responsibilities, and even treated His Majesty like this. "The grandson also pretended to be confused. Who should let you have so many harems, wouldn't you be jealous? How about these? Heaven ’s eyes are blessed, and the body is suffering, but Li Er is also grateful to his grandson, “Guanyin, it ’s really hard for you. You have arranged your sisters to take care of you in turn, so that you can be with you in the future.” He didn't even know who lost and who was to accompany him, but the grandson deliberately lost. To know the jade mahjong used by the grandson, she knew what kind of back and face mahjong was, and that was a good thing. Daughter, good son-in-law.

"Your Majesty, the Emperor has a purpose, and I want you and the queen mother to go with him to play mahjong tonight." "Um." The two of them patted their foreheads at the same time. Li Yuan would really look for a chance. (To be continued.)