Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 226 About Tai Chi

Although Yuan Tianzhang was scared away, he finally came to Yang Heng's home again with fear, but this time he came with his apprentice Li Chunfeng.

"Hey, Yuan Daochang, here comes the helper." When Yuan Tianzhang entered the door again, just when the little girl was waiting, Yu Zhang started to laugh at it, because the last time Yuan Tianzhang ran away was really funny. You must know that Xiaoniang and others did not know why Yuan Tianzhang fled so badly. They did not know that Yang Heng was killing at the time, but Yang Heng was shocked at that time, and Yuan Tianzhang's sensing ability was too strong. Yang Heng only slightly moved his mind, and he felt that he had to be convinced. Something from Yuan Tianzhang also made some sense. Is there really a fortune teller in this world, not a liar?

When Yu Zhang asked this question, Yang Heng felt that during this time, Yu Zhang had some bad learning, and even laughed at Yuan Tianzhang. "Um, this, Princess Lao Dao really had a problem that day, just to find this apprentice to come with Lao Dao. Come, Chun Feng has seen His Royal Highness Princess Yu Zhang, His Royal Highness Princess Chang Le, learn to write horses, and the princess." It seems that Yuan Tianzhang came this time to prepare the investigation of the people in Yang Heng's family. In fact, there is nothing to investigate, just to check which one is Cha Xiaoniang.

Li Chunfeng was in his thirties at this time, and his fame had not reached the heights in history, so he still needed to salute these juniors, and this time it was Yuan Tianyi's master who had something to ask Yang Heng.

Although Li Chunfeng didn't have any high fame, but with the temper of his master, he even learned how his master first saw Yang Heng and others, and began to look at each other, and looked at everyone up and down. Even the eyes were curious, even longing, as if the ghost had seen a beautiful woman, and the alcoholic had seen a beautiful wine, his eyes began to shine.

"Master, what are you dragging me to do?" I saw Yuan Tianzhang pulling Li Chunfeng's skirt on the side, meaning you don't want to watch it, Li Chunfeng didn't respond for a moment, and even whispered it.

"Master, how did I tell you before I came here, you have to be orderly here, don't you mess up." Yuan Tianzhang blame Li Chunfeng, and even apologized to Yang Heng, "Learning, sorry, sorry My apprentice, I'm too obsessed, please forgive me. "" No wonder, no blame, so that the disciples will be more successful than Yuan Daochang in your future. "I apologize and I will also compliment you, but this is the fact, It is true that Li Chunfeng's future achievement will be higher than that of Yuan Tianzhang. We must know that future generations have a lot of his mathematical interpretation.

"Haha, where, where, the bad guys are a bit naughty." It's naughty, not as obsessed with academy as you are, as well as arithmetic, etc. It seems that Yuan Tianzhang explained to Li Chunfeng before coming, don't give it away when you get there If you look at people, do n’t talk nonsense. It ’s even more dangerous to see Xuewen than to see His Majesty. You must know that His Majesty also respects Daomen, but this study seems to have any opinions about Daomen, even saying that he has It may be that the old man was drawn by a knife at this time, but the investigation was clear. The emperor was very serious about this stallion. He killed himself and others, and even hit a rake, saying that since he and others would count, how could he not escape this? It's bloody disaster.

Indeed, Yang Heng thinks this way. When the teacher and apprentice say something that is not good for Yang Heng's family, maybe they will be chopped on the spot. I don't care if you are Li Er My favorite, or Li Er. And Li Er will not treat Yang Heng for these two people.

"Please in the director, please in the inside, Changle, you can play. I will accompany the director to see what the director has to do, come and serve tea." These are all bulls in the door, and there is no harm in dealing with them.

"Study texts and horses please also come in." Since there is a need to be more polite, at this time Li Chunfeng's curiosity turned to Yuan Tianzhang's body, "When did the master have such a side, when he met the emperor, He looks like an expert outside the city. He looks really small now. "

Isn't it? Yuan Tianzhang really looks a little low-key, even a little humble. One is that he needs to ask for help, and the other is that he was scared by the cold neck last time. This Yang Heng seems to be somewhat horizontal. But dare not mess with it, who knows what the consequences will be if you mess it up. If you really kill them, it will only be two less warlocks for Datang, but for them both. He said that not only was his face lost, but his face was lost, which is why Yuan Tianzhang put his identity very low. It has also changed a lot in front of Sun Lao Dao, and it is not as good as before. It feels like that although they didn't have high toes before Sun Laodao before, there are still some who feel good about themselves.

But now it is not. Sun Lao Dao seems to be Yang Heng's friend. If he offends Sun Lao Dao, will it also cause Yang Heng's resentment, and how can he not see Yang Heng ’s future fortunes and fate? Yet. This adds another unknown, so it is better to keep a low profile in front of Yang Heng.

"Look what you see, I haven't done well behind the master yet. Is there still your seat here?" Suddenly, Yuan Tianzhang found Li Chunfeng's look. He was angry for a while, and explained to you before he came. Don't mess here Why do you have to mess with me, if it wasn't for me to stop fast, maybe this time both of us, the teachers and the disciples, would run away and flee, and Yuan Tianzhu also inquired, Yang Heng is strong with strength, so if Yang Heng is If they are not allowed to run away, they will certainly not be able to run, they have no time to go to the world.

"Yes, Master." Li Chunfeng obediently stood behind Yuan Tianzhang. "Haha, haha, Yuan Daochang, don't you be so severe, is this Brother Li, right? Sit down, try my tea and see how it differs from the tea outside. Maybe Yuan Daochang doesn't like these rough teas. . "

"This ..." "What, what, now that Xuewen has spoken, you haven't sat down. You have to learn this time, but it is said that the tea in the scholar's home is good, the wine is good, Sit down and taste it soon. "Taoist, naturally not those ascetic monks, without too many taboos, naturally want to drink tea, drink wine, eat meat and eat meat, even the wife can marry A few, this is also the performance of their natural way, do not care about everything, and the feeling of caring about everything.

"Yuan Daochang, you are here for the watermelon boxing thing. I told you that the real name of this boxing method is not called watermelon boxing. The watermelon boxing is used to coax children and the real name is called." "What is it." Yang Heng even sold Guanzi. He found that Yuan Tianzhang wanted to sell Guanzi. Since you are here for this matter, although Yang Heng does n’t know why, he can hang his appetite. I raised it first, and then came to a halt from the middle to see what you could do.

What to do, anxious, watermelon boxing, the name is really a coax, but this content is not coaxing the child, he watched Sun Lao Dao for a few paragraphs, he felt itchy, and wanted to learn from Sun Lao Dao, but Sun Lao Dao However, he said that this was Yang Heng's. He also learned from Yang Heng with a cheeky face. He could not pass it on to others.

This is what Yang Heng didn't expect. This Taiji was plagiarized from later generations. It is not complete, and he does n’t look like a baby. Sun Lao Dao taught it when he wanted to learn, while other villagers thought the main family did n’t teach. I ca n’t learn it, so I did n’t learn it. The children learned it. These villagers told the children not to pass it to the host family. This can even be regarded as a heirloom. Naturally, the children will not pass it on. It's important.

"Well, let me tell you, the name I gave it is Tai Chi, how do you look at it?" "Okay, it's so good, it is in line with our Taoist thoughts, ah, Yang Yima, the old way is just inadvertently watching After Sun Lao Dao was punching, it was not Sun Lao Taoism who taught us. "Yuan Tianzhang explained, oh understand, Yang Heng naturally understood when he heard that, what kind of boxing techniques in later generations seems to have been stolen, we must know these Boxing is a secret thing, and Yang Heng naturally understands this. (To be continued.)