Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter Twenty-seven

In the end, Yang Heng reached an agreement with Yuan Tianzhang. Taijiquan can be taught to Yuan Tianzhang. He has the right to modify Taijiquan, but he must give feedback to the modified boxing method. .

Yuan Laodao quickly agreed. In his eyes, it seems like how much cheap it is to make, but Yang Heng feels that he has made a cheap, but he only remembers a few simple and unformed tricks. He has forgotten the way of boxing, but he has advanced the appearance of Tai Chi by hundreds of years.

"Brother Heng, why did you teach watermelon boxing to Austrian Taijiquan, that old woman's eyes are so annoying." "Well, yes." Yu Zhang nodded straight, even Changle also seemed to nod his head silently. It seemed that they all hated Yuan Tianzhang, but they actually hated what he said about Changle.

This is how things happened. Naturally, Tian Tianyuan was also very active. From time to time, he would come to discuss with Yang Heng about the improvement of Taijiquan. In this way, Yang Heng and others learned some real Taijiquan. Later generations of Taijiquan, authentic Taoism, so the young lady's martial arts went a step further, and even Yu Zhang also learned something, Changle may have learned, but she was embarrassed to practice in front of Yang Heng, so Changle, a Yang Heng ’s closest people do n’t even know what Changle ’s ability is, but in the end, Tai Chi is still used for fitness. He even added some elements to adjust the body. What does it mean to adjust the body? This is an improvement made by Sun Laodao. That is to say, there are already three versions of Tai Chi, one is Yang Heng ’s original version of Tai Chi, one is Sun Lao Dao ’s Tai Chi, and the other is Yuan Tianyi ’s improved Tai Chi, which is still being improved. However, at this time, the ancestor of Taiji was Yang Heng. Although the Taoists already had some ideas, didn't they not form a boxing method? Yang Heng smiled. The more lice do not bite, the more debt they are worried about. With more plagiarism, my skin is thicker. Who is afraid of anyone? Is it possible that someone jumped out from later generations to bite me, but Yang Heng's thoughts began to change.

When Yang Heng exchanged Tai Chi with Yuan Lao Dao, there were some changes in Chang'an City. What is it? Naturally, it was something that the young lady provoked. In her spare time, she went out to wear in some bustling restaurants. Men's storytelling started, so in the restaurant began to appear some artisans learning the storytelling of the little girl.

But no matter how they learn, or they ca n’t reach the essence of the little girl, after they have inquired carefully, they know that the Lang Jun who comes out and talks from time to time is actually a little girl, as if the little girl is very kind, so they meet The group came to look for the little girl to worship.

"Brother Heng, what do you think, I have also become a grandfather, and this folk will have the legend of my grandfather grandmother." The young lady and Yang Hengxian posed, as it is, the young mother saw Yang Heng With the name of an ancestor of Taiji, I was a little jealous, so I went to storytelling at the instigation of Yu Zhang, just to earn the title of an ancestor.

"Meet the ancestor." Well, it is worthy of being a cottage with storytelling, so quickly came over and began to meet the ancestor. "Giggle, this is my ancestor. Let's get up. Remember it later. Before telling the story, promote your ancestor. Don't weaken the name of my ancestor and don't lose the face of our industry. Let ’s go back first, and come here every two days to come here to learn the art of the half-hour with my ancestor. ”“ Strictly abide by the ancestor order, but ancestor, do we want to rank? Brother ... "These people have to be inch-to-inch, and they are also ranked. What kind of brother, are you still pig-aware?

But if you think about it, that's right. Although they are not masters, they are ancestors, but there are no other people above them. They belong to the second generation of descendants, and they can be regarded as ancestors. They do not rank. How can the child succeed!

"This, I'm not inferior. You should study it yourself, and then report it to me." Well, the young lady has learned Yang Heng's tricks of shaking hands. Don't you want to rank? It is irrelevant to me even if you play your brain.

"It's the ancestor, and we'll get out of the seat next time, but the ancestor, please give us the name of our martial art." What the young lady said even brought the martial art out.

"This, let me think about it first, and you will have a name when you come next time." This was not what Xiaoniang didn't expect. These storytellers had to create a martial art separately. I do n’t know if Li Er was happy to know it. , Still unhappy.

"Brother Heng." Well, you have also learned Changle, does this voice bring such a high degree of sweetness? "Well, wow, talk well. If you talk like this again, I won't help you." "Well, you are biased, and Chang Le 嫂嫂 is not against you when you talk like this, I hate it when I say that, then I will change it. Come back. "Talking, talking, she remembered, as if they were coming from a husband and wife, but Yang Heng's sister, and they are all older, if you talk like this when you were young, you are coquettish, so big After talking like this, it's a bit immature, which will cause some misunderstanding, so the young lady's face is a little red, and it is rare that she feels embarrassed and blushes for the first time. "Say, what the hell is going on?"

"Brother Heng, I want you to ask Your Majesty, is it okay for me to establish a martial art." I blame myself. What do you usually tell my little lady to do? It's impossible to attract your name.

"Okay, okay, I'll ask, but I'm worried that Your Majesty will object because of your identity. The storytelling identity is too low." But Yang Heng thought wrong.

"Haha, haha, okay, it's your uncle's daughter-in-law who knows how to share the worries for her uncle. She is the grandfather, and she's going to name it quickly." This Li Er not only agreed, but even returned Give it a name, what is called quick mouth door, but this is also very professional in this martial art, storytelling, is not just relying on a mouth, called fast mouth door, although it is awkward, but it is the most suitable.

"Oh, Brother Heng, that's great, thank you so much, Your Majesty even gave up the name, which saves me a lot of thought." The young lady jumped for joy, but Yu Zhang beside him was unhappy. Why, my mother is a grandfather, she still has nothing, little child, just like climbing companion.

"Yuzhang, don't you be upset? Otherwise, I'll give you an elder position to do it." It's been a long time playing together, and my mother saw why Zhang was unhappy and knew why.

"No matter, what elders, I will not be a storyteller, I will get another ancestor to do it." I have the ambition, but what special skills do you have for you to open a school, Yang Heng is not optimistic about this of Yu Zhang idea.

"Well, you can do it. Let's think about what else we can do. Otherwise, Brother Heng, think about it for us." This, how did this fire burn to yourself, your things, you I did it myself, but although Yang Heng thought about it, he couldn't help it.

"Well, okay, okay, okay, I will help you think about it, and make Yuzhang a patriarch." Yang Heng is somewhat perfunctory. Maybe Yuzhang will forget this stubble, or let Changle persuade him. .

"Well, sister Yuzhang, you can rest assured, my brother Heng promised, he will definitely do it." The mother is quite confident in Yang Heng, but can this school be established casually, if one Okay, let's not let Li Er cut it.

Yang Heng didn't expect that the young lady had found a problem for herself. Think about it, think slowly, when you think about it, and when. Let Changle persuade you at this time. Obviously, Zhang Yuzhang will not. Unhappy, if she's not happy, and I don't know what Li Er will do, it's certain that she's not happy.

A few days later, Xiao Niang announced the name of the martial arts with a few apprentices, and even the professor really started to use some means of storytelling. Soon after, the storytelling industry appeared on Datang's land. (To be continued.)