Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 28: Huashan's On Swords and Masked Women (Part 1)

"Check it out. What's going on with this so-called Huashan sword?" Li Er was talking to the air in the room. What does it mean? This can also be self-explanatory. Who else do you need to answer? .

"Check it out, Your Majesty," a voice suddenly came from the shadow, and it seemed that it was Li Er's protector. "Some rangers in the city, and some rangers in nearby cities are gathered in Chang'an City. They will come to Huashan to discuss their swords, so that they can rank in order to see who is the best." Here, these rangers It started, but they still want to rank. Do they also want to find an ancestor to come out, this is not easy to find the ranger's history, but it is too long.

"Why did they have this party?" "Her Majesty, they made this decision after listening to some of the storytellers in the inn restaurant."

"Au, what is the book?" "It seems to be called Shediao, there are some gangs, rangers, and the five people with the highest martial arts were decided on the top of Huashan. These rangers originally thought of going to Huashan, but After someone has been there, I don't want to go there anymore. That place is not for people to go up, so it was changed in Chang'an City, but the name has not changed, what is the name of Huashan Nonsword. "

"Why can you call these rangers any swords, give them a fight, save them from messing up in Datang in the future." Li Er ruthlessly.

"Your Majesty, the minister thinks it is impossible, and the minister is also selected by the Majesty from the Rangers. These rangers are not bad people, and there are some official children. They feel fun, and they joined the Rangers after practicing a few hands. Naturally, there is no shortage of people in the muddy waters, who may be provocative, but such people are always a minority. If they are known by these rangers, they will not have a good life, let alone, although these Rangers have fights and fights in Datang, but most of the time they will not affect others. "I don't know who this is, so he was so distinguished in front of Li Er.

"However, I have heard of Confucianism, Confucianism, and Chivalry. How can you explain this?" "How to explain it, Chen insisted on what he said." "Well, you have to deal with these ranger affairs. It's all right, don't let them mess up in Chang'an, or even anywhere in Datang, can you do it? "" Chen can't. "This one was so happy that he rejected it directly.

"Why?" Li Er was very curious. Your martial arts are good. This is why I made you a dark guard, but you can't handle it.

"Under your Majesty, there are several people who can't deal with them, and they don't want to listen to the official opinions. But they are also unwilling to oppose the government. The minister thinks that maybe one of the three heroes of Hongchen will deal with it. Better."

"You're talking about Li Jing's wife. If it doesn't work, it won't work. She won't work." Li Er directly denied it, not even the reason, but he could guess it without saying it. He is still very taboo about Li Jing. It will be difficult for Li Jing to master the power of such a ranger. "Nachen thinks that the person who wrote the shooting sculpture should deal with it. Since he can write these things, it shows that he still knows the rivers and lakes."

"Well, you go down, I have my own care." "Yes." Then there was no sound behind.

"Yang Heng, Yang Heng, this is what happened to you again. What do you want to do for you, and Yang Shu, come here, pass on your will, and let Yang Heng control the swordsmen in the city. Give them to your men. "

"Well, let me handle the Ranger, what Ranger, why don't I know?" "Brother-in-law, I know this, I know, or let me go, maybe I can get a seat in the martial arts alliance." "Yu Zhang was excited when she heard this. She had been scratching her head in the past few days. She wanted to participate in this discussion of swords, but she was also afraid of what her father said, but she would let her brother-in-law handle it. Isn't this an opportunity?

"Ahem, you really dare to think of those people, Rangers, a lawless bunch of characters, what fun do you have for a little girl, and I don't have enough confidence to handle this. "This Yang Heng is a little self-confident. If there is no legendary qigong secret strength, beating cows or mountains, there are really few people who can deal with him. You must know that he has the inherent advantage is strength, and then One advantage is that it supplements the defects in Taijiquan, which is even stronger than the original one. The third advantage is that he has trained first while he trained those puppets, and he is better than those puppets. Training is more difficult.

"I said brother-in-law, you don't know about it now. Since we changed Taijiquan during this time, I obviously feel that my skills have improved greatly. I used to be unable to beat my mother, but now I still ca n’t beat my mother. , But I have been able to persist for a while under her hands, and the little mother has tried with your disciples, she can deal with them five or six, naturally I compared with them and they let me, just There is no comparable surname. "Yu Zhang said proudly.

"Really?" Yang Heng turned to look at Changle. Changle nodded gently, at this time Yang Heng really believed it, because for Changle ’s body, he also let Changle practice Taijiquan, even some of the efforts of Sun Lao Taoism. Now if you do n’t want to let Changle be, He can also take three moves and five moves. At this time, Yang Heng didn't think of it. In order to keep fit, some martial arts women came out, but this book is not written for martial arts. If these heroines are wronged, they can only be a housewife, but this is the highest level of housewives.

"Well then, you can go up and deal with this matter, but with the young lady to accompany you, I will protect you on the side. You know that I have recently learned to use my finger skills." Yang Heng said proudly.

What kind of fingering skill is just the finger strength and accuracy that are practiced when playing glass balls, sometimes brothers and sisters will find him to play glass balls, and sometimes Xiaoniang Changle and others also look for him to play glass balls, but where does Yang Heng come from? Time to play, I had to win them with the fastest speed, but this, instead, aroused the interest of younger brothers and sisters, and even the younger mother Zhang Yuzhang and others, and I like to find Yang Hengbi to try, such a martial arts hero It was born again. This time it was a hero with a finger-stroke, similar to Dong Xie.

In fact, for Yang Heng and Changle, even for Xiaoniang, Yu Zhang, and others, they are all accidental things. This is mainly because Yang Heng is good at physical training, but it does n’t matter if culture is poor. However, the body must be strengthened, so a group of monsters have been created. This is also Yuan Tianmao's confusion about Changle. First, Changle is now 13 or 4 years old, but it has not been developed, even Yang Heng intends not to develop before her twenty, but after careful consideration, she can be 18 years old in advance. In fact, for women, developing too young is not a good thing but a bad thing, but it has a great impact on the body. Especially for these women with congenital genetic diseases, Yang Heng has done a good job in this matter. Without development, there would be no birth and child rearing. This protects Changle ’s body. According to the status quo, Changle There should be no problem in living in their forties, but if the woman is not old, it is not good, and it will cause yin and yang disorders. You must know the female surname, or the mother ’s biology. It is a strange creature, the need to protect the body, but also to longevity coordination of yin and yang, hard to serve it, otherwise there will be disease-ridden.

This is a bit far away, just to say why this martial arts master will appear in Yang Heng's house, but rest assured that there is no one in this family who wants to be a martial arts hero, that is, Yu Zhang, In order to have the identity of a grandfather, now I have to retreat, and it is not bad to have an ally to do it, it is just fun for children. (To be continued.)