Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter Two Three One One Out

Regarding the matter of the sword, Yang Heng handled Li Er very satisfied, especially one of his daughters became the leader of the martial arts league, which made him very happy, he was happy, naturally Yu Zhang was not happy. .

Why? Li Er recalled Yu Zhang to Gongzhong, and the grandson was responsible for the secondary education, but fortunately, Changle was spared because she was already married to a wife. Why do you want to call in your mother, the mother will become the princess in the future, and naturally you need to educate in etiquette. Moreover, the mother also has a title of grandfather. It is better to hold it in the hands of the royal family. This is the power of public opinion.

Yang Heng was quieter, so he would have more time with Changle, but he could n’t be together for a long time. Why? I ’m afraid to cause Changle to do it, which is not possible. He didn't want to see a flower-like girl die in front of him. Forbearance, forbearance. In this way, Yang Heng invented more time.

But some people don't make him comfortable, or even let him be idle. What's the matter? In recent days, he found that some beggars started to gather more in front of his door. Perhaps Yang Heng's teaching was more in place. When there were beggars, people would come up with some leftovers and hit them. At this time, Beggars are not the beggars of Yang Heng's past. They were a profession. They were not just stutterers. The two were in order to make money. They both make money during the day and spend it at night. Naturally, some look like Real beggars, but they are not beggars, they are artificial beggars. This is a group of poor people. They are abducted by some fake beggars and some children are processed. This processing is to break their legs. Or, it ’s because of an interrupted arm or even some other disability. Then they asked them to pay for money. There are still people who supervise. If they talk nonsense, they may disappear. The door is opened and closed. In the eyes, there is no suffering master who will not care, even if there is a suffering master, they will come one by one.

The beggars in front of them are real beggars. Naturally, they have fights with each other. Sometimes they fight for a broken temple, a cave, or even bite a dog.

At first they also took the leftovers from the hands of people, but in recent days the beggars have started to increase, but instead of taking leftovers, they pointed at Yang Heng's home outside the door.

"Xiao Langjun, you still don't want to go out first, I don't know why some beggars are gathering at our door lately." "Well, beggars gather, and you just send them some leftovers, that's what I need to tell Are you guys? "" No, Xiaolangjun, we left them with leftovers. After giving them leftovers a few days ago, they will leave quickly, but these days they should not leave any leftovers. We When they took out the leftovers, they even put their hands behind their bodies to drive them away. They didn't leave. They just shook their heads and asked them nothing, and they didn't talk. "Yang Heng was a little confused.

"Did you hit them?" "No, Xiaolangjun, we can swear to heaven, we absolutely did not hit them, nor did we scold them. We are all subordinates. If you do n’t buy Xiaolangjun, We may be like them, how can we look down on them and bully them? "Indeed, most of these subordinates were bought by Yang Heng from the market, and some of them sold themselves without food, and the real There are not many people buying it, so there is a large part of which there is really no way to be a beggar.

"Well then, let me go out and see." "Xiaolangjun, don't you, we have already told the martial arts, or you will go out when the martial arts come." "No, they will not be against me. "Yang Heng faintly has some new ideas in her heart, just waiting to be verified.

"Well, this elder brother, this is your Xiaolangjun, isn't Ma Yang Xuewen?" "Well, yeah, ah, no, no, let me tell you, don't be against him, or he will be rude." This subordinate is just so unnatural to say that he wants to lie. Is it obvious that Yang Heng came out?

"Yang Yema, Yang Xuewen has come out, brothers, come on." "Why, do you really want to deal with me, I tell you, I'm not easy to mess with." Yang Heng was shocked, even put up a Huang Feihong's classic action comes.

That is, with one hand facing forward, one hand facing back, one foot forward and one foot backward, if you look sideways, it seems like he is hugging someone. "Come on, come on, Oha."

"Oh, as expected, he can martial arts. This is how to see the dragon in the field, to see how beautiful and powerful this action is. If a wild dog comes up, he will twist his head off. Quick Come on. "

Why are you doing this? "Come on, come on, all come up and see how I strangle you." Yang Heng waved in front of him and threatened them. "Ah, oh, meet the master, ah, meet the master." Well, it seems that they have listened to the book too much, spit on Yang Heng, and then knelt down and started to scratch their heads.

"What are you doing, what are you doing, don't be rude to us Xiaolangjun." The people didn't look good, and all came over. "Okay, you go down, they're not rude to me, they're poisoned." "Ah, poisoned, then we'll go to Sun Shenyi." "No, no, they're listening to the little lady's book It ’s poisoned. ”But fortunately, their books were all heard. Spitting didn't spit on Yang Heng's body, but spit on the corner of his clothes, or even on his shoes. This is not poisoning, is it? What symptom, they thought Yang Heng was the gang's helper, and even wanted Yang Heng to set up a gang? But it was bad for Yang Heng to be disgusted, and he couldn't turn his face. You must know that this book was written by him. If he turned his face, he would break his rules. Who knows what these beggars will do in the future?

"Okay, the ceremony is complete, please help the Lord to take the seat." Here, the beggars have learned something different, and they did not know that a broken chair from ** was brought up and Yang Heng sat up and talked about this chair. Naturally, it is also a masterpiece of Yang Heng, but it is only a temporary game, just to sit comfortably, let the carpenter in the home make it, and then feel a bit ugly, so he did not continue to do it, Yang Heng felt these things It's not worth studying, because there are similar things in this era, that is, the names are different, even the styles are different, but the functions are the same.

Beggars, ah no, it should help the people put their chairs on the ground full of sputum, and let Yang Heng do it. This is the holy place, and Yang Heng was looked at by the disgusting head, What, these sputum marks are too disgusting, and I do n’t know if there is any infectious disease. After returning, people must cook some garlic roots and eat them, and let people spread a message to Sun Siyi, and come back to him to see if there is anything wrong. Infectious disease, because he found that some sputum is yellow, which is too disgusting, even the key person is disgusting while holding the key.

"Everyone worships." Yang Heng just sat down, and the beggars in front of them bowed down. What is it? Li Er doesn't have such a big score. How can he have such a big score, I just wanted to say that you do n’t want to. Bye, Li Er hasn't agreed yet. But think about it. If you say that, I don't know what the beggars will do next. I still suffer, and I will explain to Li Er later.

"What, Yang Heng organized a beggar with the beggars outside, and quickly called him." This, Li Er was so anxious that he didn't even call Xuewen, and he didn't even say anything.

"Your Majesty, Ichen thinks that this is a good thing. Also, Xue Wenma is not an innumerable person. He will definitely report to His Majesty." It seems that Li Er is not only a good man like his grandson. .

"Then, okay, I just waited for Xuewen to report. You go down first, wait for me to call you, and you come out again. I'm really tired. There are so many things about these sons. Xuewen is related to this boy. Is it good or bad to keep him? "Li Er said exhausted. (To be continued.)