Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 233: New Beggars, New Structure (2)

"Haha, haha, it's interesting, it's interesting, what kind of help song, but just a bunch of beggars, what, and professional songs, what are their professional songs, will not be uncles and grandmothers, brothers and sisters do well, stutter Right, haha, haha ​​.. "

It can be seen that Li Er has considerable trust in this dark guard, and even exposed his naughty side. "Well, drunk song, this study is really cost-effective, even the good wine is taken out, I want him a little wine, he can't bear it." You want a little bit. You have to drink a few jars of wine for the elders of the beggars, but how much do you want, a few cars, or a few cars. I can do it every year. How much wine is produced?

"What else, what proportion do our people occupy?" The other Li Er didn't care very much, what rebellion, etc. He had enough troops and enough generals, and he would generally not be afraid. The most important thing is Li Er has a big enough heart, he can tolerate some people, so he can win a part of the people's hearts. Only the brain disabled can think of him, but his son is one of them. How can this be explained? Perhaps it is explained by the cause of the Buddhist family. If there is a cause, there is a result. Li Er and his elder grandson If they are clever, then their son may be stupid, that is to say, all of them are taken up by them. Then God ca n’t get used to it, so they take the cleverness of their son.

"Well, his beggar did not follow the settings in the shooting sculpture, but with new settings. What are they? No wonder he asked the elders to drink, it seems that is for this matter." Li Er suddenly realized, this Yang Heng has always been stingy, naturally this is Li Er's idea, if you have a few cars and a few cars, then Yang Heng will naturally be stingy, or you will have to move the house to Li Er .

"His Majesty, now he has only arranged for the law enforcement elders. He is responsible for the gangs in the entire North, as well as the gangs in the fourth part, but he does not know where these gangs are. He did not say, this is also the main After the rights were allocated, there should be no rights to be allocated, and the minister returned to report. "

"Well, okay, okay, even if the kid has the heart, he can let the uncles directly grasp a quarter. What are the specific places in the north? Oh, here, is this kid guessing or by chance, he knows Korea? It was my heartache, and I gave this place to my people. It seemed to guess that he would hit Korea in the future. "

"Your Majesty, when did you decide to hit Korea, when did you decide not to!" Li Jing came in from the outside. "Haha, pharmacist, come here. You are here. Just analyze it with me. We should When is the best time to fight? "Li Er didn't know what Li Jinglai was doing, so he naturally had to fight with Li Jing.

"Your Majesty, you still have time to study Korea, but it is still far away. Our national strength is far from being reached. Now something is happening outside. A group of flowers called out to help out, and the minister wanted to send someone into it. No one can go in, and I don't know if they will do anything detrimental to His Majesty. "

If Li Jing didn't know that Yang Heng was related to these beggars, it was a nonsense. He came here to give Yang Heng the eye drops. The reason for the incident was naturally because of the last incident of Hong Fu, and the last time Fu Hong was lost. When they lose their faces, it is naturally that their three heroes have lost face, and it is also his face that Li Jing has lost face. He is not only one of the three heroes, but also the husband of Hong Fu. When her husband came out, Li Jing could not find revenge on Yu Zhang. Naturally, Yang Heng of the church Yu Zhang hated it. This time when he heard about the beggars, he did not give Yang Heng any medicine.

"Hey, haha, pharmacist, you ’re on your mind, and you are all in your possession, but I still want to thank you for your pharmacist, ah, by the way, it seems that there is no biogas installed in your house, I ’ll give you a car Bronze coin to make a biogas digester. "" The minister thanked His Majesty for grace. "Originally, it was to give Yang Heng the medicine, but Li Er sold it. Li Jing was really depressed. What is this? This Yang Heng has to be the first to go everywhere. I should have been a pig's foot originally, but how could this kid be grabbed by Yang Heng?

Rest assured, Li Jing is not a crossing. You must know that at the beginning of the entire Tang Dynasty, he was the only one who played the war. He would naturally be in a good mood and very proud. Counting in the sky is the best for him, but he was given by Yang Heng. It's very depressing to grab the show.

At this time, Yang Heng, he was already assigned the functions of other elders, and passed on the elders. This is an important position, but he also has no ** good pass, but still needs to follow Yang Heng to learn, so he did not do the pass Elder Gong, first became Yang Heng's first student and the first student in a beggar. Not only must he learn martial arts, but also some knowledge of writing.

There are palm bowl dragon head and palm stick dragon head. The two of them, Yang Heng, need to train them to become cultural instructors, and let them learn martial arts and culture with the elders of Chugong before performing their errands.

The four major **, Yang Heng is the strongest at present, how can he need ** to protect him, but can't live without this position, so keep it, and these four major ** are sent by Li Er Yes, let them follow Yang Heng, so Li Er can rest assured that the four of them are four other than Li Jia, and their task is to protect Yang Heng's safety with Yang Heng, so Yang Heng will be so happy. .

The other four sub-rudders have not been established, and the four beggars in the team have not been identified. However, Yang Heng first arranged the responsible staff. The former Yang Heng and other elders were all far away. The specific affairs still need special people to take charge. The Quartet in the southeast, northwest, and north are now called the East Division and the South Division ... The principal is Yang Heng, the head of the orientation department, who promised that they would change them to a certain opportunity. The rudder was called the rudder master at that time. They are all eight bags of elders. Although they are also called elders, they are general secretary elders, and there are four other secretary elders, that is, the captains of the Guanzhong four team, which means that eight of them are equal.

If you want to say how the bag is divided, the helper and the two deputy helpers belong to the ten-bag elders. They do n’t need the bag, and the ten bags will become bagless. In fact, Yang Heng wants to change the bag. But the elders liked this arrangement. Nine bags, how prestigious, you can ask for more if you beg, but Yang Heng expressed doubts about this. You are an elder, but your business is not very professional.

To help the public, Yang Heng used the differential voting system and the one-vote system with the lord. When there is a big doubt or contradiction, Yang Heng can use one vote to decide or reject, otherwise Yang Heng will only have one vote. Yang Heng has adopted three types of meetings. One is a way for all the elders to meet with the gang leaders. This way, there are nineteen people meeting together. The second is the nine-bag elders meeting. Or an eight-bag meeting, and these two meetings may have one gang leader or deputy gang leader to participate, or three gang leaders to participate together, so that there will be a difference in votes, and no abstentions will occur. If anyone abstains, that is If you are irresponsible, you can directly fire the elders. You can quickly select an elder from the seven bags **.

Seven bags **, even the other ** below have not been provided with bags, they are all bagless **, in Yang Heng's words, they are still in the trial period, if they fail, they will be fired. Help, reduced to peripheral **.

Now it can be said that the top of the beggar gang has been established, but all the bottom layers have no construction. Yang Heng doesn't want to be too hasty. It is these elders Yang Heng that feel a little hasty, but it is uncertain and unsuccessful. Just use it first, and the construction of the basic beggars is about to start slowly. They are all beggars. As long as they have arranged their own jobs, the work place will become a temporary one, and there is no need for grassroots organizations.

Intelligence work, that's the matter of Li Er, Yang Heng will not need to make arrangements temporarily. (To be continued.)