Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 234: The Idea of ​​the Academy

The incident of the beggars has finally passed. At this time, it has also entered the May of the six years of the Great Tang Zhenguan. Although Li Er and Yang Heng are so frustrating, the officials did not find any clues, so there is nothing wrong. Sparse up, things just passed so calmly. .

At this time, it ’s time to go back to each family and find their own moms. The beggars should beg and beg, and the establishment of such a beggar is not very useful, that is, it plays a weak role in the beggar's personal safety and life. It ’s just a role, but no one usually holds a beggar as a toy. Who would be bored to kill beggars to play, so the result of their brain heat is to add an information network to Li Er. When the beggar was established, Li The second is to benefit the most.

But the gang members didn't get nothing. At least everyone had a red belt. Each of the elders mixed a wine gourd. Yang Heng can provide them with a gourd wine every month. That's it.

What is Yang Heng thinking about at this time? In the past few years, too many things have happened. He feels too tired and needs to take care of it. But why is he so tired?

Finally, Yang Heng came to the conclusion that there was no one around him, no one shared some things for him, and he had to do everything himself. Maybe someone said that there wasn't a young lady. Wrong, it was the young lady who covered Yang Heng's eyes. This is a feudal society. Yang Heng dare not let the young lady do something. This is her younger sister. Naturally, she needs to be well protected, and because the young lady moves around in front of Yang Heng all day. It didn't make Yang Heng realize that it was time to train talents. Besides, the tutor in the family couldn't do it, it really didn't work, and I didn't know that such a person had come from China.

But where does this talent come from, naturally it needs to be cultivated by itself. How can it be cultivated? It is on your own, that is covered with iron, and how many nails can be hit. College, yes, it is the college. The big words flashed through, that is, academies, private academies, this is definitely a good place to cultivate talents.

Now that you have an idea, let ’s move quickly. The first is to choose a site. Naturally, the site of this academy must be selected in some places of interest, but Yang Heng doesn't want to be too far away from home. Outside, the place is also beautiful, but it doesn't have much fame, but the combination of the academy and the research institute is definitely the best choice.

The college that Yang Heng needs is not only used as an educational institution, but also to carry out some research in physics and chemistry. This is really a college, even to the level of some famous foreign colleges and universities in Yang Heng's previous life. To achieve the integration of education and scientific research, it can be said that Yang Heng's ambition is still quite great.

However, there is one more thing, is it able to recruit qualified teachers? This is somewhat unexpected, but Sun Daochang can't let it go. This is a professor of medicine. There is also Yuan Tianzhang. Don't let it go. He can be a professor of astronomy. He knows that this is his specialty, despite his expertise. Another identity is the master. .

The third one, the third one is temporarily absent, which is the former teacher of Yang Heng's family. Yang Heng also wants to quit him. He has some mistaken children, so Yang Heng has to act as the third professor candidate. However, there is one thing that is to ask for leave with Li Er, at least two years of leave, these two years will not be in the city, or in other words, will not give Li Er what to do.

"What, the academy, what is the academy." "The academy is not a thing, ah, the academy is something, hi, it's still wrong, the academy is a place for teaching and educating people, or a place for doing some mathematical medicine and research on grids." Yang Heng explained patiently that he did n’t want to let him go because he did n’t want to let him go. Why? Although he did n’t often call Yang Heng to relieve him, Yang Heng would solve some things for him every time. Yang Heng is gone, what to do if there are some more difficult problems, this person is afraid of relying on the surname. Look, this historical Ming Jun even made Yang Heng, the traverser, spoiled.

What is habitually bad is that Yang Heng is too boneless in front of Li Er, but he is not a courtier and can solve many things for Li Er. Sometimes Li Er is lazy and does not want to handle it by himself. , This is not the case.

"Your Majesty, you see, this Sun Shenyi's medicine is good, but he doesn't have an apprentice, and the meaning of the minister is to let him pass down his medicine, so will there be more Sun Shenyi? Yes, when some ministers are seriously ill, His Majesty can let people go to the academy's academy to invite Sun Shenyi back, so that His Majesty will not have the sorrow of losing the Minister. "" Yeah, your Keming. "Said Then Li Er became sad, who was Ke Ming.

"You do n’t know who Ke Ming is, who do you know about Fang Xuanling? Ke Ming and Fang Qing are the left and right hands of the uncle, but unfortunately, Ke Ming passed away early, so I lost one hand." Oh understand Now, this Keming is Du Duan, Du Ruwen, is Du Ruwen already dead? Ah yes, it seems that Du Duan also died early in history. No wonder Li Er was sad.

"But fortunately, Li Wenji is still there. Thanks to you, you left Wen Ji for Li." Who is Wen Ji? Yang Heng was still a little confused. He left it. It must be said that it was Sun Siyi's thing. It seems that Sun Siyi has treated an extraordinary person.

"Why, you don't know who Wen Ji is, I say you, even if you are in the small circle that you have always wanted, and you don't want to come out, even if Wen Ji is unknown, he is Li Gang." "Li Gang, Ah, that Prince Edward poison, he is alive. "

"Well, what are you talking about, what is Prince Poison, Prince Poison? Is it okay now, but this old Li Gang has asked for many times with you, want to go to the office, you still lack a professor, then let old Li Gang I ’ll be a professor in your academy, pass on the will, and remove all the duties of Lao Ligang, send out a double serving of silver glutinous rice, etc., retain his grade of one product, and allow him to serve. ”I did n’t expect Prince Yang Heng to say something. The poison made Li Er think a lot. Although he wasn't obvious, he still murmured in his heart.

No, I can't let him stay in the chapel, but I can't let him go back to the countryside, so I remembered letting him work as a professor at Yang Heng. This is the purpose of Li Er.

"This old Li Gang, since returning from the death the year before, has always wanted to pay attention to him, it seems that he is really old, but you must treat him well, and you cannot treat him as an ordinary professor." " Yes, Chen understands, that is to say that Your Majesty has allowed Chen's vacation. "Yang Heng asked tentatively.

"Yes, let's get out of the way. Also, bring your little maid and Yuzhang with you. When both of them entered the palace, they became little demons in the palace. It ’s a headache. ”Yang Heng could n’t help but grin, who is Yuzhang and his mother, that is the most proud person at Yang Heng, and even learned a lot of things, although they are somewhat indifferent, but It's not something that the professor in the palace can deal with. You don't know what it is. You still ask us, since you will, don't ask us.

They are all mixed up, but the professor was unable to make a pair on the spot, while the other students cast their feet on the five bodies admired by the young lady and Yu Zhang. One who can memorize the original book, but just don't understand it, the other princes and princesses neither understand nor memorize it.

Li Er now has some resentment against Yang Heng, even the grandson also has some resentment against Yang Heng. You can see that Yu Zhang and Changle ’s healthy body are all gone, especially when Li Er and his grandson listen After Yuan Tianzheng ’s latest assertion on Changle, it was even more joyful. You must know that Yuan Tianzheng ’s assertion was extremely accurate. Therefore, at this time, their attitude towards Yang Heng was mixed with hatred, and I do n’t know how to do it Now, Yang Heng will leave when he takes a leave of absence. In this way, Yang Heng easily left Changan City. (To be continued.)