Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 236 The Establishment of Yang's College (2)

This house stone is regarded as the population of the academy. After passing through the house, there are a lot of green mountains and green eyes. There are several sparse thatched houses in the mountains. This is the classroom of the academy, or a place for teaching and puzzles .

It is a thatched house. This is just the appearance. If it is really anatomy, it is a red brick and red tile house. For the effect, Yang Heng hanged such a layer of camouflage on the outside, that is, entering the room, which is also antique. It does n’t use the structure of concrete plastered walls. The appearance of thatched house, and the interior of thatched house, is the only thing to match. The wall is covered with pieces of wood, which looks like the original wooden house. The ground On the top, there are wooden boards without any decoration, and then some straw mats, so that a great Confucian can teach here with a few ** to solve puzzles. By the way, there is nothing to say, that is the bookcase by the wall, there are some bamboo slips in the bookcase, and some scrolls. In the front of the professor's seat is a low case with a writing brush, pen holder, ring, paperweight, and There is a book on the side. If you say that this place is too rude, you may be wrong. This is the important place of the academy. The students who can come here are the top students of the academy. They can reach this place. The place indicates that they have been recognized by the great Confucians, and Yang Heng also wants to make it a sacred place in the minds of the students.

To say that thatched cottage picks students, but it also picks professors, and only highly respected professors can come here to teach, and the number of thatched cottages increases with the increase of professors, but it will not decrease. If this professor Passed away, then this is the professor's life exhibition hall, and the place where his ** came to meet.

At present, there are three such thatched houses, one for Sun Laodao, one for Yuan Tianzhang, and one naturally belongs to Li Gang, but now there are professors and students do not.

"Xuewen, you have invited us here. What do we teach without students?" Sun Laodao first attacked. "Lao Dao, if I have not listened to you these days, I don't know how many patients can be cured." "Okay, okay Now, Dao Sun, and you two, do n’t worry. The academy picks professors, but the academy does n’t pick the students. Although there is no teaching, it ’s the basic thing, is n’t it, a few of you? Go to the regular class first? "

What is an ordinary class, but it is slightly better than the Enlightenment class, but these are also hungry. "The ordinary class is also a success, let ’s teach it first." "Well, the old way is also good at finding a medical successor." " I am poor, I am poor, I am good at poverty, whoever owes it to you is poor, but if you have a good note, it is OK to collect more money for the poor. "

Well, these three people let Yang Heng cheat into the house in this way. In fact, Sun Laodao knew some of them. The younger brothers and sisters of Yang Heng and even the children of some nearby villagers are now studying in Yang Heng's home. But after Yang Heng chased the Enlightenment teacher away, now there is no Enlightenment teacher in the family, and it is estimated that they are teaching this part of the people.

This really made Sun Lao Dao guess right. The pedigree of Yang's family was originally in Dad's house, but later Dad was not at home, and his mother couldn't control it, so he rushed here to Yang Heng. You are my son now, and I will be the son of Lao Tzu in the future. You brothers and sisters, whoever you care for, my father is so overbearing once.

However, this dad is also telling the truth, Yang Heng is his son, and even centuries later, some people will mention Yang Heng ’s words, and he will not say that Yang Heng is not Yang ’s son. This is doomed, even It is doomed to be related by blood, and it cannot be changed, and it cannot be changed in any world.

"Several professors are here. Originally it was ethnology, but after a while it will not be. It will be used for other purposes, and ethnology will not be called ethnology. It will be with Yang's Academy. These children are ordinary classes. I plan to build the academy into a comprehensive, academy of various stages, there must be six classes of enlightenment class, ordinary class, junior class, intermediate class, advanced class, special class, and several of you After that, they will be professors in the special class, that is, those cottages. "

The enlightenment class is the kindergarten level of the previous life. The ordinary class is the level of grades one, two, and three of elementary school. These two classes only learn some literacy, recite classics, and numeracy, but the general class adds some basic explanations. The elementary class is the level of the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. Students can write simple articles, and can also solve some equations in arithmetic. Even in the first three stages, as long as they are children of the Yang family, it is a must-read. Yes, even their own Zhuang households are also required to read. After finishing the elementary class, the professor will give advice, whether to continue reading or find something to do, naturally, according to their wishes, it will be repeated for one to two years. Year, still go to intermediate class.

In the intermediate class, Yang Heng's plan is to let the children reach the level of being able to take the imperial examination. That is to say, after the intermediate class comes out, they can leave the academy or travel to the world or participate in the imperial examination, which means that their knowledge has been It has reached the high-end level of Datang, but it is only high-end, not famous. If you want to be famous, you have to wait for them to come back from a study tour, or to become famous in the imperial examination system. The talents needed by the department, they can study while studying some things, such as grids, chemistry, and even some advanced knowledge of arithmetic, that is, some people here start to choose their majors, and there will be people Enter the thatched house mentioned above, and carry out the top Confucian, medical, and even theological studies. Naturally, there may be more academic subjects in the future, and there may be children who have reached the level of professors and have their own teaching in the special area. A place for business confusion.

"Well, it's good. There are some good seedlings in it. I want it from my husband." "Yeah, I need some from the old man." "No, Sun Daochang, you can choose a few as your medicine boy, I know this doctor It is a very difficult profession. It is the best to learn from a baby. Professor Li, which ones do you like? Pay more attention to them. When they are older, they may even reach a certain level of their studies. At that time, you can have a two-way choice, but I can give you a privilege, that is, you have the opportunity to choose your children first, and when there are other professors, they can't grab you, but you can't force your children to follow you. "

Yang Heng's worry did not appear. These people did not oppose them to study in it because there were a few girls in it. This is a good phenomenon. Unlike the teacher in front, they are not good at teaching, but they also abandon it. Woman studying inside.

"Changle, Yuzhang, Xiaoniang, what kind of eggs do you guys make, based on your level, do you still have to learn with them?" Suddenly, Yang Heng found three whispering hiding behind him.

"We, we just heard that there are several seniors coming, so we also want to come to the class. We need to know that while in the palace, Professor Li only taught to Prince Edward." Changle replied timidly.

"Don't worry, don't worry, if the three of them are really willing to learn, don't you have any junior class, intermediate class, can you let them enter the junior class, or the intermediate class to study? I think there are children who can reach the junior class, advanced Class, right? "Li Gang interrupted.

Fortunately, Li Gang is not so pedantic, or after he walked away from death, this state of mind has changed and cannot be said. "Master Li, what you said is true, ah, great." The three little girls jumped up with laughter. They knew Li Gang's ability, and they would naturally be very happy to learn under Li Gang's hands. What an amazing thing it is, my mother recently feels that her knowledge is not enough. Although rote memorizing something, I can still recognize it and read it together, but I do n’t know the truth. This is very embarrassing. She used to recite something and thought she was great, but now her thoughts have begun to change. (To be continued.)