Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 237 Establishment of Yang's College (3)

The arrival of Li Gang and Li Er's inscription quickly spread the reputation of Yang's Academy. In this way, there were some small and well-known Confucianists, and the great Confucians came to the teachers who were recommended as the Academy. .

These new teachers, in fact, are not very famous, or even have little reputation, but they came from Li Gang's reputation. He was a teacher of three princes in two dynasties, and now he still Holding the seat of a prince.

But after Li Gang's appraisal, they finally decided that they can only reach the level of the intermediate class, and they are average from the enlightenment teacher to the intermediate class teacher. There are two people in each level. Therefore, Yang Hengle is just right. These classes have been completed, Li Gang, and Sun Daochang, Yuan Tianyi. They can also relax a lot, and occasionally can give a lesson to the students.

"Learning, how do you arrange this, what do you like." "How do you arrange, since Professor Li you have identified as a teacher, then take the class according to their ability, Master Li, Song Song, they will be enlightenment class. The teacher is good, my thought is that these classes now let two people in one class, and the two are taken in one class. After a long time, they will determine the division of the master, the assistant, Zhang Shi, Liu Shi, ordinary The teachers in the class, Master Wang, and Master Li are the teachers in the junior class. Teacher Sun and Teacher Xu are the teachers in the intermediate class. They are also divided into master teachers and assistant teachers. These eight teachers are all teachers of literature. And math, as the enlightenment and ordinary stage, let the young lady play the role. When a student reaches a certain level, she can also act as a math teacher accordingly. At that time, the young lady can break away, and Yuan Daochang is the teacher of the elementary class first. I naturally assume the math in the intermediate class. Sun Daochang can teach some fitness and medical knowledge between the classes, so that students can simply determine some common medications, and even help Sun Dao. Some herbs picking, Sun channel can select the appropriate length from the inside when the pro ** ** pass. "

Yang Heng said so much in one breath that everyone didn't have any opinions, and even if it was passed, "However, there is no place for my husband to study the text." "Well, I haven't said it, as if I said it You can go to any class to explain some books to them, and even teach some things to these teachers, and I want you to be the deputy dean, that is, the dean, this dean, that is, the academy. Of course, the dean is mine, not to say how good my level is. This academy belongs to our Yang family, and it was built by me. The dean of this academy is naturally mine. Professor Li, you Any comments? "

"Okay, it's up to you." Li Gang agreed quickly, and he knew that the deputy chief was already the best result for him. He wanted to be a professor. Heng even asked him to manage the academy. In fact, you can know without considering that Yang Heng is so young now that it is impossible for him to stay in the academy or to manage the academy all the time. It is on him. In fact, he is still willing to manage and can use his strengths. Although he has taught three princes and two have not been regarded as emperors, this one is also a little mysterious, but this is not him. For reasons, he was at ease.

"That title?" Now that he has taken the leadership role, it must be concerned about some things. Although Yang Heng did not give him a division of labor, he also knows that he needs to take care of everything. "Title, it's still below middle level. The teacher is good, we are not a knock-in here, and we ca n’t call any assistants. The advanced class is called the doctor. This must be coordinated with the court. After having a separate study cabin, you can talk to Professor Li. Like you, they are called professors. Although this is an official position in government, I would still like to call you professors, such as Professor Li, Professor Sun, Professor Yuan, but Professor Yuan and Professor Sun still like me to call them Taoist Illness does not affect calling them professors, and teachers can usually call surnames plus teachers, such as Teacher Li and Teacher Xu. "

"Well, it's okay to do this, but don't mess up. We are in an era of ritual education. Naturally, this name must be determined. Don't mess up." Li Gang left happily and returned to their temporary residence with the teachers. Communication went.

And Yang Heng's affairs are not over yet. First of all, he has to classify these children with his mother, Changle and others, and set the level. However, he can't rush together, regardless of the level. Now the college is completed. It should also be formal, although there are no fixed classrooms, but it is now possible to learn in Yang Heng's home first, and it is not too late to move in after the school building is built. In the end, these children are still like white paper. People, I do n’t know what green mountains and green flowers, birds and flowers are the most suitable places to learn, and they are the most poetic places. As long as you can learn knowledge, where to study is not enough, as a college, it will not become If there is not a good environment, how can we make this Huaxia No. 1 academy famous, and why is it No. 1 because according to Yang Heng's research, whether before or after, Yang Heng is now the first to start, first of all One of the personal academies was established. Naturally, this academy is the first, and even the court never had it. The academy academy, as the name suggests, is naturally based on books. Yang Heng intends to establish some library building in the mountains, and from the whole Datang, and even some alien, or even abroad to collect some books, and built the largest collection of full-Tang Court, let this veritable academy.

Although Yang Heng is very confident, he must also take it seriously, otherwise he will be educated in the same study tours as in history, but that is contrary to his original intention. It must be known that some educational institutions in history are likely to be converted into academies. However, due to various reasons, or between genres, they did not become academies in the end, and this is a pity.

Moreover, Yang Heng understands that the academy is not only an educational institution, but also a place of cultural heritage and creation. Yang Heng can proudly say that cultural heritage and creation are both present, let alone education. What to do is to accumulate various accumulations.

"Here it is, right here. Build a stone wall. Remember, the cement can be used, but you have to deal with the gray mouth, don't show it, it needs to be strong, and it should be natural." Yang Heng is here Command to build a wall. Naturally, this is not a courtyard wall, but a propaganda wall. It is a wall that wants to echo the door stone on the left. It looks very coordinated, and there are some advertisements on it. Yang Heng will let people The words "Serious and Lively" are carved on the top, and in the middle of the sign stone and the advertising wall is a gate. On both sides of the gate are two high gate posts, which also need to be built with stones. Yang Heng plagiarized a couplet. The Shanghai United League is the sound of wind and rain, the sound of reading, the sound is in the ears, the Xialian is the family, the country, the world, and everything. Horizontal batch, no, I remember so many, and there is no place to write horizontal batch, right?

As for the door, Yang Heng's idea is a bit non-descript. He intends to adopt the iron railing door of the later generations. This seems to be a combination of modern times and ancient times. Isn't it natural that others can't understand it? Form, and then arrange a small door on a door, which usually enters through the small door, and on a large occasion, the double iron door will be opened, and a house will be built behind the stone wall. This is used as a concierge. If someone visits, there will be a concierge report, or check the identity of the person, and then determine to go in and report it, as if someone directly entered it, or where to arrange the person.

In this way, the general layout of the academy is in place, but there is still a courtyard wall. Yang Heng is considering it now. The door stone at the gate and the advertising wall have already destroyed the harmony of this place. Does a circle of courtyard walls make this place even more destructive? Yang Heng was a little hesitant, but there was no courtyard, and he could not prevent outsiders from entering the academy from other places, and even some interested people might enter from other places. But think again, even with the courtyard wall, it is only to prevent gentlemen from being small. Facilities for people, then it is best that Yang Heng decides not to use the courtyard walls. More patrols can be arranged, and even more nearby villagers can be launched to let them monitor any outsiders. This is more reassuring. (To be continued.)