Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 239 Visit (1)

The construction of the academy is quietly underway. At this time, Li Gang actually has few things to do. For those children, only those teachers can take care of them, and Li Gang is only occasionally given to the children in the intermediate class. We explain an article, and the extra time is accompanied by Yang Heng to play nearby. .

Relatively speaking, Sun Daochang and Yuan Tianmao were slightly busy, but not too busy. Sun Daochang found a few medicine boys among the children. When someone came to seek medical treatment, they would help to get medicine. It ’s too complicated for them to help. Or, these children are not good enough. They can only be temporary assistants. Sun Daochang is still observing. He must choose his disciples. This doctor But for people's lives, it must be prudent, not only careful, but also responsible, even super strong understanding and observation ability, so that in history there will be the emergence of famous doctors, that's it.

Yuan Daochang and Yang Heng didn't want him to find out the descendants of astrology among the children, but he hoped that he could teach some talents in astronomy, so he was the saddest one, his astrology and bones It was not understood by Yang Heng.

"Come, Xuewen, the old man asks you, there are often sounds in the mountains, and black smoke comes up, especially Sun Daochang often enters the mountains. Is it your place?" Finally, Li Gang discovered the mountains Things up.

"Well, yes, this is my place. It is a research place for me. I can study some more advanced things. Otherwise, I ’ll take you in for a visit. I have n’t been in it for a long time, and I want to know what ’s inside. What has happened. "

"Yeah, it's just that the old man wants to go in and harvest some herbs." "I won't go in that old way. What can be interesting to the old man in it?" Yuan Tianyi said boringly.

"You really don't go, Yuan Daochang, but there is something in me that might be beneficial to your starry sky observation." Yang Heng seduced Yuan Tianzhang. What would be good for Yuan Tianzhang. Yang Heng is talking about a telescope, but Colorless transparent glass hasn't appeared yet. How can there be a telescope?

Naturally, this was a surprise for Yang Tianyuan for Yang Heng. He arranged for people to buy some translucent colorless crystal people at a high price, so that the three Taoist leaders were polished, and he even matched the three Taoist leaders. The purpose of several gemstone craftsmen is to create a monoscope to attract Yuan Tianzhang, otherwise he finds that Yuan Tianzhang is likely to leave. This famous power is not Yang Hengji. Can be retained with a set of immature boxing techniques.

"Hurry up, let's go together!" Lao Yuan finally moved his heart and was able to better observe the starry sky, which is also an important job for him.

"Changle, Madam, Yuzhang, you are coming together." Looking at his three girls, Yang Heng also called them together, while other children have begun to distance themselves from Yang Heng. It ’s not that they do n’t want to be close to Yang Heng. This change in status has made them feel inferior. This is not something anyone can control. If they do n’t have inferiority and are not arrogant, then one or more of them are out of them. Yes, it is possible. As a result, Yang Heng didn't find one, and the only thing was the existence of such a stranger. Maybe it was the young lady who absorbed the entire Yang family ’s aura, so this one appeared?

Just like the empress in the future, why is there no empress-like character in the Wu family? There is also the old Li's family. Except after Li Er, he is the most powerful emperor in later generations, and he has not caught up with half of Li Er. It must be said that the meditation is already doomed.

A group of seven entered the mountain. "What is this brother-in-law, is it the vine that I brought? Isn't it right? There aren't so many grapes in our garden?" Because Sun Daochang went directly to his medicine garden. , So their first stop is naturally a good seed base, but the most attractive is the grape seedling, but the grape has not yet yielded, just a green grape seedling in the field, can be recognized from the leaves The grape seedlings came out, which made Yuzhang a little excited, even Changle was very excited, but what is the use of this? They eat some every year. Although they are delicious, they do n’t produce a lot, especially this For a few years, the grapes did not produce much.

"Haha, this is not your credit. Didn't you find out how many grapes there are at home, but you brought them here. Here is the credit of the housekeeper. The housekeeper made it from Gao Changguo. Wait for us next year. There will be grapes to eat, and there will be wine to drink. Let me tell you, this wine is much better than other fruit wines, but it has the disadvantage that it is easily intoxicating. "

"Ah, really, we will have wine to drink, and a lot of grapes to eat, which means that Yu Zhang can eat a full meal, not as stingy as Father Huang, only give Yu Zhang a few grapes a year Eat. "Yu Zhang said with a pout, from which we can see how seriously the grapes in this palace have been degraded. Now Yang Heng remembers it, as if the grapes in this palace were passed into the Central Plains during the Han Dynasty. The later grapes were introduced after the extinction of Gao Chang. It seems to be called horse milk grapes. I do n’t know if these are the so-called horse milk grapes. There are also bunches of flowers with the grapes in the palace. What will happen after grafting? Yang Heng is looking forward, but it is foreseeable that there will be a small amount of grapes and wine next year.

"Ma'am, what's wrong with you, don't talk, don't be so restrained. In front of the brother, we are our own family, without any restrictions. Just talk and laugh, and in the eyes of the brother, you will always be the brother of the brother. Girl. "Suddenly, Yang Heng found that the young lady just looked at the seedlings with two eyes and did not speak. Even her image was changing towards the image of Changle.

"Brother Heng, the young lady will always grow up, and she will marry the royal family in the future." The young lady said worriedly, even if Li Gang was a little unhappy on the side, how could you Yang Heng like this?

"Don't care about those. Your image appears in front of other people, not in front of your family." "Don't look at me, I can't control it." Old Li Gang twisted his head, betting.

"I said, Professor Li, you have to change your temper too. This old-fashioned face and ethics are not suitable for being in front of the family. They need to be lively in front of the family. This is the parental name of the child. You ca n’t Change this celestial name. "

"I, I, am I really wrong?" Perhaps long contact with Yang Heng made Li Gang slowly accept Yang Heng, so when Yang Heng spoke, he immediately had an idea and thought he was wrong. .

"It's not that you are wrong. You can see that these little beasts can coquettish or even play around their parents. It's a dog giving away. When it sees its mother again, it also coquetts, you said, This person is not as good as a beast, so I think that the etiquette's family part should be changed, not only with kindness and filial piety, but also with pets and troubles. This trouble is coquettish, and pets are the favor of children. It's not coddling, it's a distinction. "

Yang Heng can't say anything profound, but these general common senses still exist. What would happen to a family if it was dead-hearted, naturally it would easily cause things like father and son to look at each other, even the pure West The responsibility of the method is how much I grow you up, and then you forage for yourself, just like a beast.

"Well, brother Heng, I'm still the younger mother. I will never be stern in front of your brother and father and mother in the future. Brother Heng, you can say that younger mother can also taste these grapes and wine. "The younger mother tucked Yang Heng's neck coquettishly, and Li Gang frowned on the one side. The man and woman were unacceptable, and what topics like the seven-year-old different seats appeared in his mind, but he could still bear it Go on, because he remembered what Yang Heng said just now.

In fact, it ’s boring to say. It ’s all about family. If your daughter is holding your arm and you feel her little peach in your arm, do you want to set up a flagpole? The pirate-like beast-like things, and your reaction should be that your daughter has grown up, and it is time to fly, happy, and sad, not a flagpole. This also applies to mothers and children. (To be continued.)