Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 224 Visit (2)

"Xiao Langjun, you are here, and Sun Shenyi is here, are you here? Who are these?" When Yang Heng finished talking, the old farmer came up to see him. .

"This is Sun Daochang. You already know this. This is Yuan Daochang. This is Professor Li." Yang Heng just said a few words, and he did not explain too much to Yuan Tianzhang, but he explained it as Yuan Daochang. And did not say that this is Yuan Tianzhang, otherwise it will not cause onlookers.

Just nodding his head, even if this person is finished, the old farmer also started his explanation, "Xiaolangjun, this is the grape seedling you gave us last year. After a winter, this year it has grown even better. Seeing that this situation is not unexpected, just like Xiao Langjun said, it will come out next year. I am also looking forward to what this new fruit looks like. "

"Well, look at something else." "Okay, Xiaolangjun, go here. This field is rice. According to your arrangement, because this place is a bit small, we all give these grains according to the flowering period. Separate planting, so that the situation of bunch flowers will not appear. There are some other varieties of rice, we are a bit far away, they are cultivated by artificial pollination, and now only three or four generations have been carried out. Research has not achieved too high results, but the cultivated yield has increased compared to the yield of the control field, "" The conditions of the control field are the same as here. "" Well, it is the same According to the experiments of the directors, the color of the reagent on the two sides of the land is the same, and the amount of fertilizer used is the same, so we think it is exactly the same. "

"What Taoist, what is the reagent?" When Yuan Daochang heard this, he interrupted, and he naturally cared about this Taoist affair. "This, Yuan Daochang, I'll introduce you to a few Dao masters later, but those Dao masters were introduced by Sun Daochang." "Well, yes, it's just a few liar, I just watch They pitifully rescued them from the villagers. It seems that it really helped a lot of learning. "Old Yuan was discouraged when he heard that, Yang Heng laughed secretly in your heart, don't you care Anyway, after seeing you, it will surprise you.

Continue along the field, "Does this wheat grow well?" "Well, yes, Xiaolangjun, compared with the wheat in the control field, the wheat in this field obviously feels that the ears are larger, and The wheat kernels are also very fruitful. It should increase the yield by 20% compared to ordinary wheat. "" What 20%, Yang Heng, there are such good wheat seeds, why don't you report to your majesty? No, I will write a table immediately Zhang Shangzhen. "Li Gang shouted excitedly. When he said about rice earlier, he didn't respond because it was some rice seedlings, not yet grown into rice, and here it was mature wheat, even earlier than the outside field. It ’s been more than half a month, and it seems to be ready to harvest immediately. Also, when he found the wheat, his eyes straightened. What kind of phenomenon is this? The wheat grows so well. It ’s definitely more than that. It ’s possible that more than 50%, or even one, is wrong, but Li Gang is wrong. Here, there is plenty of fertilizer and water. Naturally, the output is higher than those outside. What Yang Heng said to the old farmer When sufficient water production, that production in the perfect state.

"Go, let's make a fuss. Our Xiaolangjun's ideal is to be qualified if the yield per mu is over 1,000 kilograms. This is not enough. Why is it worth saying and how to alarm the emperor."

Well, Li Er turned out to be a bun, and was sprayed by an old farmer, but he was not unhappy. "What you said is true, what about the old man who sells to you," naturally, this is aimed at With what Yang Heng said.

"Go, what are we Xiaolangjun asking you for such a bad old man, can you farm or water?" Old Li Gang was once again despised by the old farmer, but he was still walking forward happily. However, Changle Yuzhang Xiaoniang and others listened to the misty water. If they wanted to say something delicious, they might jump up, but what kind of food was produced, as if it was far away from them.

"Brother Heng, it's so boring here. What's in front of you?" "Mother, the three of you also listen well. As food, it is the same for anyone. Without food, you will starve to death." Yang Heng said solemnly to the three of them.

"I see, brother Heng." The young lady put her tongue out playfully, even Changle nodded apologetically to Yang Heng.

In fact, for food, these are the two types that need to be studied. The other ones are not the key points, but it is not that they are not important. It can only be said that these two are staple foods, and then there are some fruits and trees. There are some melons.

Above is Daochang Sun's medicine field. When Yang Heng talked to them, Sun Daochang had already gone to see his own medicinal materials. Some of the medicinal materials were to be picked by the old farmers, and then brought out by him, and the old farmers were prepared here of.

"What is this?" When they came to the next place, everyone was shocked by the thick stone house. What needed such a strong house?

"This, you will know when they develop it. This is a weapon that benefits the country and the people, and it is also a magic weapon. But if we do n’t make it, let foreign countries make it first, then our country will suffer, so I had to let the man-made work out first, but how would you explain that you would not understand it? When they make it, you will understand. "" Does Your Majesty know that you are developing this thing? "This is Li Gang, his first concern Even if the emperor Li Er knew or did not know, since it is a magic weapon, then it is better to be in the hands of the royal family, or else what will happen to the world and will it be chaotic again?

"Professor Li, rest assured that His Majesty is not very clear about this, but he knows that I am developing something. You see, there are many secret agents under His Majesty. I will tell you if it is not His Majesty's secret agent, I will destroy them one by one, I can let them walk around! "Yang Heng said proudly.

"Here, do it for yourself, but don't let the old man know that you are doing things that are not good for the people of the country, otherwise the old man will not bypass you." This is a very upright courtier, and Yang Heng admires this place Therefore, he did not hesitate to give him the position of deputy captain, and it is no wonder that some of the passers-by had a good relationship with him.

"Dongjia, you're here." The three chief ministers were finally late. They also heard someone report, and this came out. "Ah, you are not you, not Yuan. You disciples salute you." In the words, the three Taoist chiefs knelt down respectfully and gave Yuan Tian a three-headed respect. Yang Heng was a little jealous. I control what you eat, what you drink, and I teach you knowledge. Why are n’t you right? Have I been so respectful?

"What are you?" This one also suffered, but Yuan Tianzhang did not know the three priests. "Senior, naturally you don't know us, but the warlocks and priests in the world don't regard you as a senior?" Yeah, Your reputation is the loudest, and the loudest is your face-to-face ability. Natural warlocks and fortune tellers all want to treat you as the ancestor.

"Let's all get up, follow the study of Wen Wen, he will teach you some knowledge, and even his knowledge is much more useful than mine." Yuan Daochang said lightly, indeed, in the period with Yang Heng In the article, apart from his fortune-telling ability, he didn't know much about Yang Heng, but he was broken. I want to leave. Yang Heng still has good things to seduce him, so he can only do nothing. I stay here and make cattle and horses for Yang Heng.

"Yes, senior," the three of them again respectfully shook their heads and climbed up. "Dongjia, is there anything wrong with you here? Yes, that thing has begun to take shape. Do you need to look at it." Here, do you still have my Dongjia in your eyes?

Well, I'm not jealous, not jealous, you just have to work hard for me. (To be continued.)