Mixed In Early Tang

Chapters 243 and 223 have their own gains

"Everyone, this is the first batch of fire sickle. It is very convenient and dexterous, but it is relatively simple. If someone thinks it is not good, you can go back and make a bag for packing. I will give it here Provide a small piece of magnet, and a small piece of iron, so that you can use the magnet to seal it. If anyone ca n’t, you can ask Changle to ask, and this tinder, you all know what is made, then You need to do it yourself, and if you burn the charcoal with ramie sticks to ignite the fire, the effect will be even better. "

When Yang Heng was talking, some people couldn't wait to practise lighters. Although it was a preliminary exercise, it was soon burning, with a smile on his face, "Not simple, not simple, this It ’s great. It ’s easy to light up at night. It wo n’t go out. You have to walk in the dark to get dressed. ”This is what Li Gang said. Maybe there are fewer people in his family. Some things are not done. Then it ’s due diligence. If the lights go out at night and the subordinates do n’t know, it will be very troublesome. It ’s just that the subordinates know that finding fire at night is also very troublesome. In the homes of ministers, the lights are usually at night. Darken it, but don't dare to turn it off. When you get up, just pick up the wick and it will light up. The fire source is also buried with things. Generally, the fire source is not picked at midnight. Most of them It ’s daybreak and it ’s still cooking. If the fire is off and the lights are off, you need to borrow the fire from a neighbor ’s house, especially on a rainy day. It ’s even more difficult, sometimes in the street. Many people who came out to borrow fire, this has fire Old Li Gang is naturally very happy, and he was not happy for himself, but for the whole of mankind and happy, such a small thing, so that people truly have a convenient source of fire.

This is Da Confucianism. Da Confucianism must have the pride of Da Confucianism, and it also has the mind of Da Confucianism. They have the world in mind.

For Yuan Tianzhang, his gain was to discover that Yang Heng did not lie to him. There is really a more convenient tool for viewing the starry sky. With this tool, he can better observe the starry sky, judge some astrological signs, or make him His astrology has taken it a step further, but may have disappointed him. The so-called astrology is not what he thinks. Everyone will bear a star on his head, or the emperor will not bear a star. Maybe he will change from then on. I'm a galaxy naturalist.

For the three women such as Xiaoniang, in fact, there is not much gain. These things are far away from them, that is, Changle. Now in Yang Heng's house, she has not come to power as a housewife. Everything is still in the housekeeper's hands. Naturally, she Just relax.

And the most unsuccessful is Sun Daochang. He entered the mountain once a few days, observed his medicine garden, and even picked some mature medicinal materials. This time he came in purely to accompany Li Gang and Yuan Tianzhang. The fire sickle is only a It ’s just a small harvest. There is no fire sickle. When he goes out, he also carries a bow for drilling wood, and some igniting items, which are stored in bamboo tubes. In fact, Sun Daochang used a bamboo tube with a lid.

"Xuewen, what does it mean for you to take us to visit this valley?" After the crowd came out, Li Gang felt that Yang Heng must have his intention, instead of simply showing them around.

"Well, yes, I definitely have the intention. Professor Li, you do n’t think that there is only Confucianism in learning. Anything is learned in it, such as farming. The knowledge is supported by the experience of old farmers. If pure nerds come to farm, they will starve to death. But with these experienced old farmers, they also have accurate weather knowledge, soil knowledge, and even fertilizer knowledge. After breeding and breeding knowledge, we can increase the yield of grain without starving the world. Therefore, farmers are also a great existence. To say that the first thing he can't do without farming is farming. What would happen if there was no farming? "

"What will happen? I don't know how to plant. Although there are farmland, there are even a lot of them. The farmers who can cultivate them are their farmers. Without these tenants, they may starve to death." Old Li Gang nodded in response. Although there are fields in his home, and there are not many Zhuang households, he did not go to the ground himself, that is, to land, which is also the same as Li Er, to make a look for the descendants, even for the sacrifice of God See, in fact, what would he plant, it would be nice to be able to sprinkle the seeds in the field, not to mention this kind of field is also a series of work, what kind of farming, fattening, fallow, autumn harvest and other things, he It would be nice to be able to talk about this process. It would be better to push it by yourself, especially in other ministers' homes. If you leave the tenant farmers, or even the farmers, they will starve to death. For a country, if you leave As for the farmers, who depends on to farm and to defend the country, it can be said that these things Lao Ligang had never thought of before, only this time after visiting the research base of Yang Heng, With this knowledge, it turned out that this farmer was put in the second place, but they were a little bit aggrieved, but they did not put the farmer's supply in the second place, or even put the farmer's supply in the last place. In their eyes, maybe they are scholars, businessmen, and peasants. You must know that businessmen are in an important position in the homes of some ministers. They all rely on money to buy everything, but they do n’t know that money is not full. If Without farmers, there would be no food. Without food, they would have no money to buy.

"Why are there more fruit trees than grain research?" "Fruit trees, naturally for eating, and for winemaking. We must know that winemaking wastes a lot of food. With these fruit trees, fruits can be used. When you make wine, you can even make highly colored wines, which not only have the aroma of fruit, but also the strength of white wine. "

To say that Yang Heng is far away, maybe in history, there is no shortage of food in this period, but Yang Heng came. Although the yield of food has increased, people's life expectancy and birth rate have also improved a lot. It is said that the increase in food is not enough to keep up with the increase in the number of people who eat food. If we do not consider the issue of food now, we will consider it after the food problem emerges. It is too late. You must know that Yang Hengke does not have the ability to increase the output of food. It is not bad to increase it by several times, but the population will increase exponentially with the improvement of medical and health care, especially Li Er, and he still does not follow Yang Heng's suggestion, so that women will be after the eighteenth. When pregnant, he still has the decree to marry and give birth as soon as possible. He would not expect that this child would also increase in avalanche state. If Yang Heng was watching some women die and give birth, Yang Heng would not bear it, so he would do it as soon as possible. Sun Simiao will do the same for universal medical treatment. Once Yang Heng ’s reputation as a college is spread, maybe Sun Dao ’s apprentice will be like this. Like increased avalanche, this place can not find a good successor, the whole Datang, the successor that can do more to go.

"Professor Li, don't ask anymore. I know you want to care about the released devil. For this matter, there are good and bad sides, but in general, there are many good sides and bad sides. Less, and the bad side is for foreigners, you do n’t feel sorry for those foreigners, I do n’t treat them as sincerity, you know, when you are strong, they will be cheeky and do n’t want to shoot However, once you are weak, they will tear off their hypocritical masks to deal with us fiercely, so in my case, I would rather see them extinct than have mercy on them. "Yang Heng said directly In other words, he hated foreigners quite a bit. He could not wait to exterminate all the people except Datang, and there would be no foreign bullying of the Chinese in the future.

"And that steel, don't you think that we need a lot of steel to make weapons, tools, and even use it as a building material, will our Datang be stronger?"

Yang Heng's remarks caused Li Gang to fall into deep contemplation. It was obvious that Yang Heng's statement might be some fallacy, but he could not refute him. (To be continued.)